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CONTRIBUTION · 26th October 2011
Dave Pernarowski
Question 1 – What is the significant reason you are running for Council?

I like to make a positive difference. I have a passion for community development. My background is in business management, sales and problem solving. I like to help people and am motivated by the satisfaction of achieving this goal. I like being on Council because it gives me the opportunity to create policy that will ultimately make Terrace a better place to live for our children and future generations.

Questions 2 – What issue in our community do you see as the largest hurdle for the success in Terrace?

We need to take action on issues relating to our youth. A community youth centre is needed in Terrace. We have empty schools in the City that could be used to help us accomplish this initiative. We also need a 24 hour youth emergency drop in centre. For me, allowing young people (or anyone for that matter) to live on the streets is unacceptable. Our community will never be truly successful until we’ve addressed these problems head on.

Question 3 – What is your stance on Enbridge, In Favour of, Opposed too or Neutral? Why?

I personally do not support this pipeline project. In my view, the Enbridge Northern Gateway project could severely harm our environment. The risks are just too high. From all the information I’ve gathered on this proposed pipeline, I don’t see the benefit to our region.

Question 4 – The Co-op building is being demolished. What is your vision for the use of this land?

We need to move the development of the former Co-op property forward to a positive result that benefits our community swiftly. I’m in favour of forming a ‘Community Co-op Committee’ with all interested stakeholders to look at how we can:

- Develop the Co-op property
- Identify the funding partners
- Explore grant funding availability
- Determine the best use of this prime downtown space
- Overall economic prudence to be sound with the proposed action plan

This committee would then come back to Council with an action plan and for Council to take action immediately. My vision is flexible, my desired timeline is ASAP. I don’t think it is responsible to tax payers, tourism, economic development or downtown merchants to NOT move forward in the immediate future.

Question 5 – Potpourri? I would ask the question about why Terrace is still not following through on the need to incorporate city-wide recycling as part of our essential city services.

Recycling is an issue that needs a renewed focus. Recycling shouldn’t be a “choice” has to happen. Our community needs to consider recycling the same way we manage regular garbage collection, water and sewage infrastructure and roads. Not advancing our recycling efforts will end up costing us more in the long run if we continue to only debate and study the feasibility of city wide recycling and continue to truck a large percentage of recyclable products to our landfill sites.

My neighbour had a very interesting suggestion to keep curb side pickup costs low. She suggested rotating regular garbage pickup weeks with recycling pick up weeks. Our garbage pickup would be reduced by half. Off the top, no significant extra labour hours or jobs should be required. It is a really interesting idea to explore.

I would like to work with the Council and administration to bring city wide curb side recycling to the City of Terrace. We can’t afford to wait any longer to make this happen.
good stuff Dave
Comment by tom on 28th October 2011
well said Dave, Cheers!!!!
No deal.
Comment by Mr. Peters on 28th October 2011
You state that you are against the pipe line, but yet as mayor you insisted that Terrace maintain an absurd neutral position, how do you square this when the vast majority of people are against this pipeline? The dissidence is mind numbing.

As mayor you had a full term to bring in recycling and did not, why should I believe that you will now do it when you had the chance but did not? Like your self, we compost, recycle plastics, on average we have one small bag of garbage a week and that is only because I have no other option. The truth of the matter is we do not need a new landfill as all things are recyclable.
You should get to know me...
Comment by Dave Pernarowski on 27th October 2011
Hi Rudi,

Yes, I did accept an honorarium to attend two Enbridge Community Advisory Board (CAB) meetings. I realized that it was a mistake and stopped. Paying honorariums is a fairly common way for organizations to help compensate people that must miss regular work to attend their meetings. Even people who were clearly opposed to the project were accepting the honorarium for that exact reason. That still doesn’t make it correct under the circumstances.

I will not be an employee of Enbridge. Employment with this company has never been discussed with me and if it ever was, I would decline. As I’ve stated, I personally don’t think a pipeline running though our region is the right choice for us based on the risks it poses. I also happen to thoroughly enjoy my job with Provincial Networking Group. In my role as a Supported Employment Coordinator, I help people with developmental disabilities find employment in the community. It’s a very rewarding occupation. My employers are very flexible with my schedule which helps me a lot. The position of Mayor is extremely demanding on my time, and I’m often out of town so it’s been a perfect fit to properly manage my responsibilities with the City.

We need to build on the recycling study that was completed at Coucnil's request. In my view the recommendations from that study did not provide solutions to address the issue of city wide recycling. Recycling has always been important to me. My family recycles. We have three compost bins in our yard that we use in our gardens. Maybe what we should focus on is looking at what is being produced with the recycled materials we ship off. Why don’t we create a manufacturing facility and jobs in Terrace that can convert some or all of our recycled materials into eco-friendly products that we then ship off for a profit? We could create long term, sustainable, environmentally friendly jobs. We are a regional hub, a service centre for the northwest. We could potentially have all of our surrounding communities send their recycling to us to process which would reduce their transportation costs as well. Maybe my saying that recycling should not be a choice for Terrace sounds harsh. We should be saying that as a community. Recycling should not be a choice. Let’s find a creative solution now.
Are you for real?
Comment by Mr. Peters on 27th October 2011
You have previously accepted money from Enbridge to attend a Northern Gateway Community Advisory Board meeting, and now we are to believe that you are against the pipe line? There is a pool out there that is betting on how long after you leave office, now or next time, that you will take a job at Enbridge, any hints?

You and council did a study on recycling and nothing happened of it, and now it is a high priority for you to the point were it should not even be choice.

Who is the real Dave?