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CONTRIBUTION · 27th October 2011
Brad Pollard
Iím running for election in Area C because I believe the public wants a responsible and committed representative that recognizes the promise of the entire electoral area, but also cherishes our independent and unique culture. Area C includes the following communities:

Jackpine Flats
Lakelse Lake
Copper City
Kitimat Village
North Terrace
New Remo
Old Remo
Gossen Creek
Dutch Valley
Kleanza Creek

Over the next three years, several important issues will be debated that directly affect the daily lives of Area C residents. A few of these include the Forceman Ridge landfill, management of MK Bay Marina, intensive industrial developments, a new hospital in Terrace, new sewer infrastructure, and continuous residential development.

Having served 3 years on the Regional District board, and currently as its Vice Chair, I have followed the initiation of many of these developments. Working on the Solid Waste Plan Monitoring Committee has given me a regional perspective on all waste management issues. I initiated a trial project that explored the best ways to reduce material entering the waste stream that has helped guide future approaches.

I have also served as a member of the Marina Function Committee that provides direction on the MK Bay Marina. This facility is in a stage of transition and further decisions must be made to get it back on track to meet its original intent and control financial expenditures.

Another issue that I am passionate about is the way forest harvesting is practiced in Area C. Current practices allow large areas of very young forests to be harvested, some directly adjacent to communities or the Skeena River, leaving large amounts of waste. I recognize that a small amount of fibre export may be good for local forestry operations, but our area has the highest export rates in the province. I have worked with a committee to develop guiding principal for second growth harvesting and will continue working towards improving communications and planning such that rural property holders donít wake up one morning to find a new clear cut as their neighbour.

My vision is to work toward building a region that is environmentally sustainable, economically viable, and socially equitable. To this end I will continue supporting waste reduction measures, developing a local food policy, and will work toward forging better relationships with the First Nations in our region.

I believe that I can work with area residents as both a catalyst and a buffer. As a catalyst, I can ensure that the board spends tax dollars in a frugal yet compassionate way. As a buffer I will filter all new proposals from the perspective of maintaining the quality of life we all share.

For more information you can contact Brad at 250 638-0027.
Not All Area C Candidates From Lake
Comment by Brad Pollard on 16th November 2011
Hi Les

Just wanted to point out that while Doug and Alan are from the Lake, my property is in North Terrace area.

I think the real issue with the Forceman Ridge site is that there has been a lack of public consultation since 2002 and new information has come to light since that time. I think the people in Area C, and the Lake specifically, would just like to be part of a more open process about the site sellection and design criteria to protect a very important regional asset.
Comment by les watmough on 12th November 2011
All the candidates for area c are from Lakesle lake, all of them have a "dispute" with the Forceman Ridge site. All of these candidate are poring household sewer into Lakelse LAke .

Les shoot me.
School bus.
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 29th October 2011
Education is at the top of our priority list, at Kitsumkalum. It is funded via the Indian Act, which we intend to keep.

Our people are steadfast when it comes to freedom of choice(s) regarding religion, politics, education and sexuality. We have just been freed, and I think future generations of Tsimshian are going to love the Canadian rat race. Many already do.

The Indian Act provides us with choices, as to which schools to attend. The government finally bends, and I think we have made it. We weren't supposed to survive. I know that. Many native politicians do not seem to appreciate that fact.

RDKS candidates, I am tooting my horn wherever possible in efforts to give rural, private school students the same access to bussing as public school students.

Candidates (4) for area C
Comment by blocky bear on 29th October 2011
I believe there is scheduled meeting for all the candidates at the Mt Layton Hotsprings meeting room November 8. Please be prepared to answer questions about the deplorable fact that all the pools there are closed. I would ask that the other 3 candidates if they are aware do likewise. Heads up boys n girls!d.b.
Dutch Valley stupidity
Comment by Mr. Peters on 27th October 2011
Anyone dumb enough to build in a river bed deserves all the head aches they can get. Why the hell should we waste tons of money to try a redirect a river which is running its natural course, you guys were the nut cases who decided to build in the middle of dam river, what part of that seemed like a good idea.
Candidate Pollard
Comment by Dr. Bruce Bidgood on 27th October 2011
A solid platform for Area C of RDKS.
quality of life in dutch valley
Comment by James Wold on 27th October 2011
I am going to try and be objective about your comments here. You have been sitting on the regional district board for three years and you do not even mention the biggest on going problem in area C. flooding from the kalum river in Dutch Valley. The families have had to deal with this year after year with no help from our rep. Allan Lancott who does not answer his phone when I call and does not return my calls when I leave a message,Is this what we have to look forward to if you get elected. I feel that if you are serious about serving on the board you need to come down here and view the problem , call me anytime you can and I would glad to show you around sometime before the election. The problem is getting worse every year.