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REPORTING · 28th October 2011
Walter McFarlane
School Board Chair Barry Pankhurst had a special message at the School Board meeting on Wednesday October 26th. He said this issue affected his family.

“A couple of weeks ago, my Grade 8 Granddaughter started doing cross country at MESS and she loves to run. At the competition in Prince Rupert this past Friday, she was there but she had no clue how to do Cross Country running. So she’s running and she’s third place on her second time around and not very far from the finish line, she started to want to throw up so she stopped. She couldn’t move and she’s bent over and a young lady from Terrace, stopped and told her ‘you can’t quit. You gotta go, you can do it,’” said Pankhurst.

Pankhurst’s Granddaughter refused. “She says ‘No, I can’t,’” continued Pankhurst.

The unnamed Terrace girl however, was un-willing to budge according to Pankhurst. “She says, ‘I’m going to stay with you and we are going to finish this race.’”

“Two other kids passed her while this is going on and this grade 12 student, and I don’t know which school she goes to in Terrace, I wish I knew, the girl got Page running again and the girl ran with Page and when Page got to the finish line, she said to the Girl: ‘Thank you, you go ahead of me,’ and the girl said ‘No, it’s more important for you to finish ahead of me,’” said Pankhurst.

He expressed his Granddaughter and family were so touched by this student who took the time to help a student in grade 8. “That is fair play and I hope some day I can meet that girl and thank her. She has made a big impression on my granddaughter and the rest of our family about being fair to other people,” said Pankhurst.

Diane Penner, in humour, stated all the Terrace Students were like that.
Comment by Linda on 28th October 2011
What a touching and encouraging story to read today, thank you so much for sharing, I have a daughter in grade 12 and I'll get her to spread this story, maybe we can find her as she really does deserve the spotlight and some kudos!

We really do have a great bunch of kids here *proud momma grin* and it is certainly nice for them to hear it once in awhile!

Great job whoever you are who helped, and good for you for finishing that run Page!.