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COMMENTARY · 28th October 2011
Merv Ritchie
In a segment aired this morning on CBC's National News broadcast they reporting on the Occupy Oakland protest and the shooting of Scott Olsen. They bluntly stated he was in a clash with police when he was injured. This is a far stretch from the truth. Olsen, a Veteran of the Iraq war, was more than just peaceful; he stood solemnly, unmoving, unengaged reminiscent of a soldier standing at attention.

CBC portrayed this dignified man as a protester marching and engaged in an active struggle with police. The truth is everything different. As the attached video demonstrates, Scott Olsen was unmoved by the protesters around him. He was most certainly sympathetic to the "Occupy" cause, but was not, as CBC and other media wish to portray, involved or engaging in a clash with the police or anyone else. He stood firm, tall and stately without taking a step.

CBC deserves this man and the public an apology for distorting the truth yet again.

Watch the video here.
Janice P. Robinson
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 3rd November 2011
Thank you for letting us know where your battles against censorship have taken you.

I was actually referring to the Terrace daily and how the editor and/or staff might have censored you.
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 2nd November 2011
The last comment, of mine, censored by CBC was a passionate rant aimed at Indian gang members in Winnipeg, during the time when Air Canada moved its over-nighting staff out of the Raddisson Hotel.....for safety reasons. At the time, 1000 native, flood refugees.....also in Winnipeg were the only other variable.

I was the only one saying the obvious. It's the gang activity making the place dangerous. Air Canada made a reasonable decision. I think some people have to complain really loudly, OR you have to really stick your foot in it at the CBC. I love it.

I encourage all writers to give it a go. I did not seek out "Trusted" status at the CBC. I write all the time, and was sending them my pearls of wisdom a long time before the world was able to tune in.....

I stand for freedom of speech, and it is not as easy as you think. November 11. Cenotaph. 11 a.m.
Re: CBC is not perfect.......
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 2nd November 2011
bilderberg. It's one of the most exclusive and secretive meetings in the world done by the elite. Its so exclusive that the membership list reads like a who's who of elite international bankers, politicians and other heads of industry. It's so secret chances are you've never heard of it.

There's a constant media blackout on the bilderberg group. Peter Mansbridge is on the membership list of the bilderberg group.

There was a very short segment on the CBC a few years ago when the bilderberg meeting was held in Toronto. If the CBC was truly uncensored then Mr Mansbridge would surely have done a special on the bilderberg meetings but he did not.

Janice P. Robinson; Please do tell us what your comments were regarding that were censored. Email me if you like as I would very much like to know what content is being filtered.

CBC is not perfect.......
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 30th October 2011
But it belongs to the Canadian people, and we fight for it, over it, within it....and play in it. Like it or not....the CBC is our front window. All foreign nations become acquainted with us by gawking through our front window.

Communications is my field of expertise. Hello!

I have never been censored by a First Nations publication. CBC censors me rarely. The Terrace Daily censors me a lot, and The Terrace Standard is the champion of censorship, as far as I am concerned. CFNR censors everything except the tides, funerals, 80's rock and basketball scores.

The Kitsumkalum Informer is totally controlled and censored.
Email the CBC directly
Comment by Priscilla Judd on 29th October 2011
I saw several videos - it was shocking to see the police target a composed Scott Olsen. He was not in a clash with a police. He was the target of a direct hit by thugs who were out of control. It was a crime. CBC should be ashamed and apologize to their listeners and to Scott Olson's family.

Email the CBC directly and voice your opinion:
CBC Ombudsman
Kirk Lapointe
Scott Olson
Comment by Karen on 28th October 2011
"Olson likely needs to have surgery to repair damage to his brain and his skull, which was fractured when he was struck with a police gas cannister fired at close range."

This will not bode well for those trying to stop the movement.