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CONTRIBUTION · 28th October 2011
c. sandecki
Currently Thornhill has no Building Inspector to ensure buildings are safely constructed, maintained, and equipped with working smoke detectors.
Would you be in favour of employing such a person, and why? Or why not?
Dear Sirs and Mesdames:
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 31st October 2011
Stewart people are Canadians too. Sometimes, they are displaced Terracites. Many of us (not me) have gotten pie-eyed in Hyder, and slept on the way back. Winter is coming, and the road is unsafe. And...

Many people, from throughout the region, come to Terrace for medical, dental, emergencies and shopping. Stewart needs respectful, cheap, frequent bus service. Old and poor people need cheap and clean housing when they come to town for eye operations, births, hip/knee replacements, etc. Dry out the damp shelter, and let these needy, old ones in. Do you see them around town, with eye patches on, etc?
Comment by les watmough on 29th October 2011
At the present time the Fire Department looks after these inspectiojns. This is not the same as haveing because a building inspectors a building inspector has a better mandate and authority . WE have been discussung a building inspector for sometime,.I have not be therre for 3 years, and the issue has not been resolved. Les Watmough