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NEWS RELEASE · 28th October 2011
BC Conservatives
John Cummins:

Following the Auditor General's report on the state of financial affairs of BC Hydro, it is clear that the crown corporation is in serious financial trouble.

"Mr. Doyle's report of deferrals totalling $2.2 billion in debt is not simply 'a critique' of the Liberal government's bookkeeping, "said Mr. Cummins. "It is another example of the gross mismanagement of money by this government."

The deferral system is used to move money around within the corporation to make it appear profitable on the books. Since the Liberals took power, deferrals have increased from $200 million to $2.2 billion, with a predicted $5 billion in deferrals by 2017.

"This money is going to have to be paid back. What taxpayers need to ask themselves is how? On the backs of citizens of this province, that is how."

"It is becoming abundantly clear that 'families first' is simply a slogan to buy votes for Premier Clark. Otherwise, why would her government continue with such irresponsible policies that will leave future generations paying for the Liberal government's inability to act with prudence?"
Didn't some big US corporations just do that ...
Comment by bill braam on 29th October 2011
Didn't some big US corporations just do that a few years ago, cause big financial catastrophies and have the leaders marched off to court. Hmmm, hiding debt to make todays' finances look good.
Comment by al on 29th October 2011
talk about sticking a gun in your face, we should all get together and tell hydro we aint gonna pay, they need to realize the taxpayers of BC are the shareholders of this company, they simply work for us. I would like to make an executive statement,
no smart meter for my house, and if you dont like it......youre fired
Smart meters.
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 29th October 2011
A young man from Corex and a representative from Kitsumkalum Housing drove up to my house in a big, white pickup. He was dressed for the job with brand new work duds. Hard hat, protective eyewear, crispy blue coveralls and heavy, steel-toed boots that alerted me to their arrival. She lacked the headgear and the steel-toes, but they both had those florescent, yellow, crossing-guard x's across their, we couldn't miss them.

The purpose for their grand entrance, and all that safety equipment, was in his hands. "Can I help you?" I asked.

"We're here to install this Smart Meter."

"No you're not." was my reply.

I called Corex, and spoke with a guy who only would identify himself as "Mark," although he wanted personal info from me. he told me I could complain all I's a done deal.....don't bother complaining to anybody. " It won't change a thing."

Remembrance Day is approaching, I reminded him. They are both young.
Comment by Bryon Heighington on 29th October 2011
This is what the goverment wants so they can justify selling the rest of BC Hydro. They are seting it up for sale. The Smart Meter is just one of the conditions for the sale. Now the new owner can raise your rates. I urge everyone to stop this Smart Meter program. If you still have your old meter put a letter on it stating you do not want Corex or BC Hydro to change your meter. I placed this letter on my meter and Corex stoped. Here is the web site for Citizens for Safe Technology Society

I have asked the question to the politicians seeking election. What are your thought on the Smart Meter and has your meter been changed.
So far there has only been three that have answered.
I suspect you are right
Comment by blocky bear on 29th October 2011
Anything the Liberal government does is suspect! Maybe they needed the dough for something else? Paying the demmurage on the Olympic party perhaps? I do "know" something, the cost of electricity has risen 30% at our residence over the last 3 years, and we aren`t growing pot.d.b.
"Till debt do we part"
Comment by Maggie Jo on 28th October 2011
"I, Maggie Jo take you... BC Hydro, until DEBT do we part."

(Hmmm...there's gotta be a "pre-nup" around here somewhere.)