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CONTRIBUTION · 29th October 2011
Lynne Christiansen
What is the most significant reason you are running for council?

I want to serve the community that has been home to my family for four generations.

Terrace is a wonderful town with a fascinating history, a vibrant culture and a lot of potential for the future. I have many old time friends and new friends and family in this community. I love this town and the people who make it what it is. I want to serve my community in a compassionate, respectful, responsible way. I have found it very fulfilling to serve the citizens of Terrace for the last 12 years, and I would like to continue for another term if the people of Terrace so choose.

What issue in our community do you see as the largest hurdle for the success of Terrace?

The lack of industry. - It is amazing that we manage as well as we do with next to nothing for an industrial tax base. We need to continue working hard to attract industry. I also find that historically, we are left out, in the north west. Often the Provincial Government thinks that they have addressed issues in the north by placing services in Prince George, in the northeast. This is not always helpful for the northwest. Transportation and connections are more convenient running north south rather than west east. Federally, nationally, I think the great divide is urban / rural. We have to work extra hard in this northwest corner to get the attention we need.

What is your stance on Enbridge?

Opposed. It is too much to risk. We live in a beautiful country. I am out there hiking, kayaking, fishing, skiing and the beauty just takes your breath away. We must be diligent in looking after what we are so lucky to have. I don't believe Enbridge has a good track record. I think there would not be a lot of benefit to this community, and even if there was, I can't imagine what would make it worth the risk to damage our environment.

Vision for the co-op land?

I am open minded and very patient to see the co-op property used in the best way to benefit the community. It is a key piece of property. Personally, I would love to see an art gallery, museum, convention centre. I think it would take a public private partnership to accomplish this.

-I think we have not done enough for the "arts side" of our community; not to take away from recreation, cultural events, tourism, business, etc...however I really feel more has to be done for the arts. I feel individuals need to be creative to be healthy and whole and a community benefits from that. I dream of a beautiful art gallery (above ground) that would be a show piece for our community.
-I don't know of any other town our size that does not have a museum. Heritage Park Museum is a theme park and is a wonderful asset to the community, but we don't have anywhere to accept collections and archive material, properly. We are loosing a lot of family treasures, collections and important pieces of our history as our city ages, with no museum. I feel a museum is an immediate need for our community.
-We need a large convention centre. We struggle to host any event over approximately 250 people (unless we use the arena when the ice is off) We need a large facility with wheel chair access. Lack of accessibility for anyone with disabilities is always a problem with large events.

These are very important components for a healthy community; nurture creativity - know your history- and be able to gather together as a community. I think these are components that could work well together under one roof. The co-op property would be an ideal location.

Homelessness, shelters, affordable housing, senior housing, these are all topics that concern me. I have work to help address this issues and seen some improvements, although there is still a lot of work to be done. I think the community soup kitchen and other soup kitchens have done a lot to alleviate problems on the street. I think the city needs to do more to support these organizations who are doing such a great job in our community.

I am very passionate about local food production. I can see a movement coming together to promote local food production and it is very exciting and I'm looking forward to continuing work in this direction.

Spending tax payers money is a responsibility I take very seriously. I am quite conservative when making decisions to spend other peoples money.