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Mayor Dave Pernarowski and Kitselas Chief  Councillor Judy Gerow.
NEWS RELEASE · 2nd November 2011
City of Terrace
The Joint Venture and Revenue Sharing Agreements stem from a commitment from the April 19, 2007, Memorandum of Understanding between the parties and further develops the business relationship between the City and the Kitselas.

The agreements encompass approximately 900 hectares of Airport Lands including the Skeena Industrial Development Park and future Groundside Commercial lands at the Airport.

Objectives of the Agreements are to:

optimize return on investment;
foster the development of the regional economy;
attract new business investment to the Terrace area;
generate tax revenues; and
address the Parties needs for industrial lands.
The significant aspects of the Joint Venture Agreement include contributions, conduct of the venture and division of assets.

The Revenue Sharing Agreement is based upon the fairness principle of per capita sharing. The revenue sharing formulae uses the latest Canadian Census Count as the basis for establishing each Parties respective share of the Annual Net Taxation Revenue.

While these agreements strengthen the relationship between the City of Terrace and the Kitselas First Nation, they also bring certainty for investors looking to the Skeena Region of Northwest British Columbia. The City of Terrace and the Kitselas First Nation have uniquely fostered and developed what may become a model for other Local Government and First Nations communities to emulate.

Read the Joint Venture Agreement Here

Read the Revenue Sharing Agreement Here
To the Mayor of Terrace Nation (Pernowski).
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 2nd November 2011
How can Canadians take all these treaties and agreements seriously between and among politicians? I don't care what colour they are. None of the glorified handshakes are based on truth or logic.

Yes, I'm all for helping me, mine, and yours prosper.....but, come on. Have some pride in your nation. Airport lands were/are on Kitselas Nation territory? INAC says so, and there is the representative of the Department of Indian Affairs with the Mayor of Terrace to tell the rest of us Indians and low-lifes what the truth is, and what has been decided.

You people (native and non-native) are suckling off the Tsimshian Nation. At least mention our name while you're at it. TSIMSHIAN.