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NEWS RELEASE · 3rd November 2011
City of Terrace
The City of Terrace in partnership with the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine and support from Do Your Part Recycling, Geier Waste and Bold Salvage will be launching the Downtown Terrace Recycling Pilot Project starting mid-November, 2011.

This depot will be located on the southside of the Co-op property with access from both Emerson and Kalum Street. The depot will be self- serve, outdoors and open to the public 24-hours a day. Residents of Terrace and area are encouraged to drop off their household recyclables, with all materials cleaned and sorted according to the following list:

Mixed cardboard

Mixed paper

Mixed plastics

Tin, metal and steel

Organics (including kitchen scraps and yard waste material)

Following a 6-month trial period, the project will be reviewed. If it is well received the depot will remain in the downtown core and the need for additional depots locations throughout the community will be assessed.

The City of Terrace and the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine concluded a 4-month Zero Waste Challenge Pilot Project with 130 households in the Greater Terrace Area in March 2011.

Overall community response to the project was positive, however, based on variety of factors including overall participation levels, observed diversion rates as well as planned expansion of provincial Extended Producer Responsibility programs it was recommended that the City hold off pursuing implementation of curbside recycling at this time and explore other options for community recycling.

A benefit of a depot system is the ability to add locations based on demand. This type of system can also be flexible in terms of materials accepted, which allows municipalities to be more responsive when products are added under Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs.
They bins are full to overflowing!
Comment by Maggie Jo on 1st December 2011
What a delight to continually find the bins overflowing with City residents' recycling. ('Even had to call the City today asking if they could empty it so I could put my loot in.)

Gee, we may not have to wait 6 months to deem this is as a successful venture, as it's apparent it is.
eye sore?
Comment by mbw on 25th November 2011
I don't think the bins need be an eye sore. The ones I saw in England weren't. You could even recycle used clothes in one bin.

In Denmark here's how it works for empty cans: you go to the supermarket and buy your beer, pop, whatever. You pay a deposit. You bring your empties back to the store and deposit them into a sort of reverse pop machine and get your money back. Very cool. Your wine bottles go into a big bin in the court yard of your apartment building.
Bottles/Cans are out
Comment by Maggie Jo on 9th November 2011
Exactly my point KK UK when I responded to Stacey when she was suggesting the City collect bottles/cans in this new endeavor as well.

I prefer to go the extra "stone throw's away" to get my own loot back and know exactly where the recycled refund money goes towards - whether it's to my own coffee fund, charities or school fundraising events.
Bottles / Cans are out Reply
Comment by kk uk on 7th November 2011
Maggie Jo
Won't this be next to the Terrace bottle recycling centre?? You'll have to walk / drive 100m but how much more of a one stop drop off do you need to go use it??
New to Canada - completely for it :)
Comment by kk uk on 7th November 2011
We moved to Terrace in February this year and so far have loved it - even with the worst summer ever??
The one thing we have noticed from Europe is the lack of recycling in everyday life. The amount of packaging etc at the dump every time we visit is appalling. We realise that the distances in Canada are a major factor BUT surely the packaging gets transported up to NW BC so why can't it be put in the empty containers that go back to the lower mainland so that manufacturing can recycle their own waste for use again?? The recycling depots in the UK are ALL in or on the outskirts of towns so that they are accessible. They were clean well organised places with everything in ready to go truck containers. I hope this is well received and used - we certainly will be :)
Its about time !!!!
Comment by Debbie on 5th November 2011
I've been driving my recycling over to Kitimat for years .I'm a little worried that this will all end up in the landfill as so much of the cardboard (from cardboard dumpsters) already does now.I compost,recycle and hardly have any garbage for city collection.Lets hope this proves that we have a need for it.Pass the info on to all your freinds and lets make this work.We need it.
car batteries
Comment by terry reinert on 5th November 2011
Coopers used auto parts will pay you for your car batteries. Way to help out with the dilema coopers... and they can tow you out of a jam too
Comment by Linda on 4th November 2011
Alan- you'll get over it, if not OH WELL.

Brad-maybe find out what and how Tumbler Ridge got their program going and maybe they can give us some tips to share!

t- hopefully this will be the beginning of what can be a full recycling program including batteries (i think Staples was taking old batteries, small batteries from camera's etc, not car ones or anything, if they are anymore I am not sure!)

Amanda- yes what an awesome teaching opportunity for our children, I think it is a win win all around.
Happy Recycling!
Comment by M.S. on 4th November 2011
City Hall and Do Your Part recycling will take your batteries free of charge.
behind finning
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 4th November 2011
Is the Terrace Community gardens. i'd rather food growing there.
Comment by Amanda on 3rd November 2011
Thank you! I will be doing my best to keep this project going. Paying to recycle wasnt really in my budget so in the past I have done my best to buy or use environmental friendly products. I have been trying to demonstrate to my young children ways to better our earth. Recently, my 4 year old has started to collect bottles on our walks to save for 'things' he wants. (Teaching value of money as well. ) I would like to thank those of you who are associated with this project. I hope others will take the initiative to try to teach their children a little about their environment and ways to try to help save or preserve it.
What about Batteries?
Comment by t on 3rd November 2011
I collected old batteries for several years before I brought them down to the Return-it Center in Terrace only to be told - "nope, we don't take em, no one here does" I drove around with those things in my car for months afterwards hoping it wasn't true and eventually I would find somewhere that would.

They were right. Eventually, sadly - I put them into the garbage and I feel guilty to this day every time I have to use one (my work requires it and they have such short life in them it is sic) and subsequently put it into the landfill.

I moved here from Vancouver where you can recycle everything and I DID. At first when I moved to Terrace, I still washed my cans and crushed them even when I put them in the took a bit but I unlearned and began to finally just toss them. I actully stopped buying much in the way of canned goods as a solution.

The biggest part of my garbage is plastic. (one garbage bag a week for household of 3 adults) I try to conserve but it seems the smaller the item, the bigger and thicker the plastic encasement. I though of returning or leaving the packaging at the stores but that still ends up in "our" landfill".

I am really excited to be able to take up my old habit of recycling - it is about time! And as far as the eye-sore; maybe it will show Terrace is just like any other BC city in its bid to be green, ecominded, and clean - a badge of honor not a blemish!
What Eyesore?
Comment by Brad on 3rd November 2011
Tumbler Ridge has a setup like this right near their City Hall, there is no eyesore just 5 nice colored collection boxes.

Posh neighbors VS the "not so posh"
Comment by Maggie Jo on 3rd November 2011

I hear you about putting up with the "eyesore of the run down Co-op property for years"...but to promptly suggest the Depot be plunked onto the South Side in hidden form is deeply insulting to that neighborhood to say the least.

In other words...your suggestion is to remove a potential eyesore from the downtown core to promptly plunk it into an area of town where a # of our poor live who most likely won't put up a fuss about its presence, as they are already consumed with struggling with their own dilemmas; while not being able to have any energy left at the end of the day to protest. You're kidding me, right? Are you by any chance a slumlord?

Why not utilize the closed down schools near the "posh" neighorhoods instead as a Depot area? After all...there's room for growth there. You abandoned classroom can host all the paper products...another
abandoned classroom can host all the tin/metal/steel products...another abandoned classroom, etc etc etc...Get my drift?

IE; The closed down school by Clarence Michiel School? (Ooops pardon me...I think they changed the name of that school. Can't remember what it's called. Uh...Suwilaaks? Not sure.)

Oh right. The "posh" neighbors wouldn't tolerate that in the least; lest their property values decrease and there be a residential mutiny!

Ooops...pardon me for even suggesting such a thing. Mea Culpa.
Comment by M.S. on 3rd November 2011
With the recent attempted arsons at the Best Western and the George Little House I would be concerned about people setting fire to the contents of the recycling bins to either keep warm or as just a prank. A better place to put them would have been behind city hall so that the fire department is located close by and the police are there to notice any people creating problems. I think the city and the regional district are doing the right thing in promoting recycling, but there are definitely some problematic issues with their current plan.
From one eyesore to another eyesore
Comment by Alan on 3rd November 2011
We had put up with the eyesore of the run down Co op property for years and now we are putting up with the recycling depot there so the tourists can get off the train and see THIS eyesore? Hope I live long enough to see this town get it right. Best place for this depot would have been where it used to be, behind Finning, off Evergreen.
There are plenty of ways
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 3rd November 2011
I'm sure there are many ways that they could manage bottles and cans without someone taking them.
Bottles/cans are out.
Comment by Maggie Jo on 3rd November 2011
If bottles/cans were included in the drop off Community Depot site...there would BE NO bottles/cans for the City to collect as scavengers would promptly nab them prior to the City collecting them.

So, no one-stop um dropping.

No bottles cans etc..
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 3rd November 2011
If the city had included bottles cans etc... if people felt like just dropping them off without a refund IE I would take mine to all one place forgo the deposit for the convenience.

Then the city could be collecting deposits on those to make it somewhat sustainable. It's not a lot but i'm sure it could add up.
It's about time!
Comment by Maggie Jo on 3rd November 2011
I was horrified to learn one of our dumps might be relocated near the lake. Near our LAKE?!

I was involved in a recent discussion about this topic when someone argued..."Well...what can we do? The dump here is getting so full that we have no choice but find another dumping ground."

I was aghast.

I responded..."What can we do?! Well recycle for one! Simply doing that would reduce the tonnage of waste added to the stockpile at our local dumps. And furthermore...why is the City still dragging their feet in not hosting a curbside recycling program and charging the residents in tax duty form in this regard?! Clap clap - done. You don't like it - leave. From reading the RCMP daily reports...a lot of our City residents have tons of money to spend on alcohol. Perhaps they could budget their funds in that "recreational" means to set money aside to pay for the year end recycling tax. We're not in the stone ages - speed it up. If Russia's Peter the Great was alive right now, he'd be utterly mortified to find that in our day and age, our City hasn't been more proactive in waste management. In his tenure centuries ago...he had had enough and started handing out severe punishments to those who chose not to participate in his mandate to clean up the City ridden with garbage. He strove to work hard in being a world leader in waste management and in maintaining roads/bridges, encouraging bldg maintenance fronting the main streets. He even went to the point to decree that residents plant trees along the street! And how many centuries later are we - in the City of Terrace - so behind da times?!"

Yeah...that argument ended quickly.

While previously commenting on what to do with the Co-op property, I had suggested making it a community dump (just that it already looked so bad, so I dared put that out in "jest" form). This recycling depot proposal is a much better idea.

However, here are some concerns:

- Unsightliness in our downtown core
- Will an attendant be on site (especially during the initial educational process).
- Increased patrols by the RCMP
- Scavenger control; lest one incurs a personal injury; hence potential liability claims.
- Increased patrols by the CN Police as the site will be located near the railroad tracks.
- In the absence of an attendant, will educational/liability signage be clearly posted.
- Increased Identity Theft from personal documents/papers/bills that some neglect to shred.
- Will this be another mustering station for the homeless?
- As the depot will be open 24/7, aside from increased RCMP presence, will there be patrols by local Security Companies to ensure safety measures to residents particpating in the program during "later" hours.
- To keep our repeat offenders busy enough not to participate in more crimes, could it be considered that they pull Community Service hours by manning the Depot?

In any event, I'm thrilled with this new birthing process. GREAT idea!'s about time.

See you at the Community Depot.
Comment by Linda on 3rd November 2011
I love it! I hope everyone takes advantage of this, it seems to be a topic often complained about in Terrace, here it is, USE IT!