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NEWS RELEASE · 3rd November 2011
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One of the biggest sunspot groups in many years has just emerged over the sun's eastern limb. The sunspot's magnetic canopy is crackling with M-class (medium-sized) solar flares and seems poised to launch even stronger X-class eruptions. The sunspot, named AR1339, is not yet directly facing Earth but it will be turning toward our planet in the days ahead. Check for images of the behemoth and updates.

well said
Comment by richard on 3rd November 2011
agree,thankyou for that posting.
End of the World?
Comment by Maggie Jo on 3rd November 2011
I gotta check these updates on the sunspot erruptions possibly facing Earth. Very intriguing.

Hmmm...maybe that'll be my excuse in not paying my bills on time this month; adding to the creditors....""There's no point. Didn't you hear?! The SKY IS FALLING!"

Seriously though...joking aside. This really is cause for concern.

However; rather than publishing a mere fear-mongering singled paragraph in this regard, this article was most severely lacking in several publishing mandates: You know..the what/where/why/when/who? IE - what is causing these excessive sunspots in the first place? And where on Earth is it going to hit?!"

And we just get ONE teenie paragraph?!

But then again...if the sky IS falling, no worries. I've been blessed in my life (even though I've personally struggled for years along the way) and can't complain if my life ends tomorrow whether I'm involved in a fatal MVA tomorrow or if the sun explodes towards us next week.

Just that...we ALL have to be "ready to go". You know what I mean? What can one do? It's all good. (That being said...hopefully it's a quick and painless death when the sunspot explosion hits us).

See you all in the afterlife. Or not. (Gulp)

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