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NEWS RELEASE · 3rd November 2011
tamara ainscow
1. What is the most significant reason you are running for city council?

It began to irk me tremendously to repeatedly hear that the reason there was a lack of accessible activities for youth and lack of focus on the youth was that the demographic didnít warrant it. As a parent, my childís future is pretty much the most important deciding factor in any decision I make. Ultimately I hope that she will choose to stay in Terrace after she is done school, and I hope she has more reason to stay here than just me, that this city will meet her other needs as well.

So overall, I guess the most significant reason I am running for council is my daughter, my nieces and nephews, their friends and all that they represent: the youth, the future, the wonder and wide open horizons where the world is an oyster and anything is possible because we have taught them that they can do anything they dream of. They remind me that anything is possible and that dreams donít have to be thrown away just because childhood ended, altered perhaps, but not thrown out. They inspire me to not be complacent with that which isnít right and to speak up for those who canít and to make the world a better place just because I can.

2. What issue in our community do you see as the largest hurdle for the success in Terrace?

I have never ventured into the stock market with anything more than imaginary money but I understand buy low and sell high. I understand bulls and bears and I know that if I was to invest a ton of money in any one company, I would do my research and find out as much as possible; I would look beyond the surface Ė kind of like when buying a used car. I know that I would not want to invest in a company that seems to have all the right parts but perhaps two or more factions that arenít working together Ė my point being that if the company does not have all its people together, it would not make me feel very confident about investing in it even though it looks good on a postcard.

I think itís a lack of cohesion in the city that is the largest hurdle: we have all the right pieces, all the right people, all the right groups with the right ideas, we just need to solidify the pathways between them all and find our similarities in what we perceive as being differences. We need to strengthen the cultural infrastructure where needed and develop it where it doesnít yet exist.

3. What is your stance on Enbridge, In Favour of, Opposed too or Neutral? Why?

Opposed: they have never had a pipeline in this kind of climate or terrain before and they have not succeeded in preventing leaks in less challenging conditions; also the pipes they plan on using will be eaten away from the inside out within ten years by the bitumen that is full of abrasives. The research indicates itís not a question of Ďifí there is a spill, but Ďwhení and there is just too much at stake to take that kind of gamble.

4. The Co-op building is being demolished. What is your vision for the use of this land?

As one part of the land is set aside for heritage use, an old style cafe-like place for people to gather at as they used to do in the old Co-op building might be a good idea; the rest can be parcelled up or sold as is for development.

An environmentally friendly housing development could be explored using shipping containers: not only do they end up being cheaper per square foot to build from start to finish; they are virtually indestructible and quick to set up, cutting months off of construction time. Itís an idea that originated during the depression out of necessity to house the homeless and in the early years of this millennium has been used across Europe and Canada to help the planet while making a statement: the shipping containers arenít left to rust at ports or ghost yards, they are reused and can be converted as environmentally friendly as budgets will allow. A small housing unit like this could be a tourist attraction as well. The area could show how the old and the new have come together, how old ideas are new again, that we should never forget our past because sometimes that is where the answers are going to come from.

Google "shipping container homesĒ for more info and images

5. Potpourri

There are going to be 7 different people who will have to come together and talk as human beings should: without finger pointing, anger and passion getting in the way of remembering why they are there and what they are there to achieve. One would hope that City Council is a kind of pot pourri, where one essence does not supersede the others but rather in their distinctness, all blend together for the good of the citizens of Terrace.