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NEWS RELEASE · 4th November 2011
Terrace RCMP
Terrace RCMP are investigating numerous incidents of a man knocking on doors claiming to be looking for someone, and even on occasions entering the residence when he thought they were empty. Terrace RCMP believe that he was there for the purpose of break, enter, and theft.

“If you observe anyone in your neighborhood that is not known to you, be very suspicious of why they are there and what they are up to. If you observe any vehicles in your neighborhood that are not normally observed by you, take notice and record vehicle description, licence plates and person descriptions. Take pictures if you can safely, “ says Cpl. Mike Dame of the General Investigation Unit of the Terrace RCMP.

Terrace RCMP received information of a suspicious person knocking on doors of rural properties. The RCMP attended the residence and spoke with the complainant and obtained concerning details.

Police then conducted neighborhood inquiries and determined that a well dressed, clean shaven, man had been to several of the residences in the neighborhood. The man presented himself with an alibi for being there and spoke politely and humbly to the occupants at the residences where persons were home. Police believe this was to eliminate suspicion that he was there for the purpose of any criminal activity. As a result of the man’s behavior and alibi, several of the residents did not initially call police and report the incident.

A few things to look for:

1. Someone going from door to door ringing doorbells or looking in windows. While there are lots of legitimate reasons to go door to door, there are burglars who use this acceptance as a cover for their true intentions. If they knock and get no answer they can assume that the home is unoccupied. If any of the people go to a back or side yard after ringing or knocking on the door, this is particularly suspect.

2. Someone hanging around a home you know to be empty. Anyone hanging around an empty or vacant house may be a sign of a break and enter in progress.

3. Someone you do not recognize carrying items out of a residence or shed. There are lots of legitimate reasons for someone to be removing items, but you will normally see that the homeowner is there and likely helping. If it is not obvious to you that it is legitimate, you may be witnessing a break, enter and theft in progress.

4. Someone hanging around the neighborhood for no apparent reason. They may be casing out your neighborhood.

5. Unfamiliar vehicle parked at the mailboxes, but they are not getting their mail.

6. Unfamiliar vehicle parked on the street that appears to be out of place or just not normal.

Cpl Mike Dame says, “Get to know your neighbors and talk about what is going on in the neighborhood. This will help you identify people who don’t live in your neighborhood. Take note of what is going on around you. Criminals often look for people on a schedule. If you’re one of those people on a schedule, your neighbors may be able to keep a close eye on your residence for anything suspicious. Lock your doors and windows, use motion lights, and change up your routine. Dogs, alarms, neighborhood watch, and communication are great crime deterrents. If you see anything suspicious, immediately call 911.”

If you have any information about these incidents contact the Terrace RCMP at (250)638-7400 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers by telephone at 1-800-222-TIPS. Or a Tip can be left anonymously online at
Comment by Scared momma on 7th November 2011
Ok thinking now when hydro scans my meter I get my bills within a few day... At least by now. I wish I really looked at him now.
Comment by J~ on 5th November 2011
I noticed a black honda car, newer model parked at the Kozier road mail boxes last week. The car was empty, running lights were on but no one was getting their mail...? I thought it rather odd and looked around for someone with no luck. The car was later gone. After reading this it concerns me even more. Was that person hiding in the bushes or...where were they? We had our mailbox damaged a few weeks back as though someone had tried to break into it. Guess I should call the police.
an easy solution
Comment by Eric on 4th November 2011
Make sure your cell phone is completely muted (ie. will not make any sound). As you're talking to this guy at your door, act like you're checking a text message and take his picture. If he gets nervous or bolts at the sight of your phone being held up, then it's a sure bet he's up to no good. If you get a good mugshot, turn the pic over to the RCMP.
Concerned nieghbor
Comment by CB on 4th November 2011
I think an introduction to my dog would be a great idea - his name is Winchester.

I am also glad to hear that the police know who the culprits are and are paying close attention to them.
"Knock, Knock"........."Who's there???"
Comment by Maggie Jo on 4th November 2011
A few weeks ago there's a knock at my door. The dog starts barking. I holler down for my son to tend to the door, but he wasn't fast enough. So, I tended to the door myself instead. I opened the door...aaaaaaaaaaaand there's no one there. Zippo, zingo, gonzo.


I'll have to start tending to "knock knocks" by going to the window first and "interviewing" the vistor from the window where it's more safe...all the while with one hand on the phone ready to call 911 and the other hand scrambling for my pepper spray and handy-dandy fish bonker.
Comment by Tara Lynn on 4th November 2011
That is perturbing. I'll definitely remember to lock my doors more than usual even when I am home. I am not far from Dover Rd. I hope they can locate the person(s) responsible!
Bc hydro or man looking in window
Comment by Scared momma on 4th November 2011
Ok I live on Scott ave block and like any normal day I was helping my soon in the kitchen. I noticed him by my meter but wasn't sure what he was doing? Did anyone notice bchydro around today?.. I didn't see a car or notice him around the neighbors..

Thank you, made me think after I read the artical
A few more details
Comment by Concerned and uneasy on 4th November 2011
This has been happening in the Merkley Road/Dover Road area in the past few days. It has been happening in other rural areas for a while apparently.

In the incidences that I have heard of, the man is using the name "Tyler" in his discussions. Once, he said a David Tyler was missing from his crew for the past 3 days and he was going door to door looking for him, and in the other instance that I heard about, the man was actually in someone's house and said that he must have the wrong house as he was told to go to Tyler's house and wait for him.

I would like to let this person know that Tyler is not in the area, but be careful, because Smith and Wesson might be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some description!
Comment by Kyle Butler on 4th November 2011
A well dressed, clean shaven, man? That's pretty vague!

Approximate age?
Vehicle description?
How rural? Where?

All this announcement does is spread fear among neighbourhoods. "OH NO! That guy walking down my street is clean shaven and presentable! CALL THE RCMP!"
Happened to me
Comment by Jane Fregin
on 4th November 2011
This is so weird. A couple of months ago this happened to me. It was the weekend that the music festival is on at Harley's, my husband had just left (he was playing) on the sunday afternoon because I was home the window was open and not even five minutes after he left there was a knock on the door at first I just ignored it (trying to take nap) then there was another knock so I got up and answered it. When i opened the door the guy was a little surprised than came up with a excuse why he was there. His excuse was that he was looking for the landlord, he said he had an appointment with the landord. At the time I just wanted to close the door (still half asleep) it wasn't until later that I realized that something wasn't quite right. He had to have seen my husband pull away. But like I said I was not all there. No I did not think to call the police at the time.
Comment by ed on 4th November 2011
I have encountered this myself. When I heard the doorbell , I went and opened the door. There was a man and a women there. Once they saw me, the man broke into a theological discussion and tried to give me a bible. I didn't report it but they seemed a little odd to me.