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NEWS RELEASE · 7th November 2011
Terrace RCMP
With Winter fast approaching, RCMP Traffic Services will be stepping up enforcement, specificially speed enforcement on our roads and highways throughout the month of November. Drivers are reminded to slow down and give themselves extra time to get to their destination when road conditions are less than ideal.

The Fine for Speeding Relative to the Road Conditions under the Motor Vehicle Act is $167. Vehicles found speeding at 41 Kph over the posted speed limit can expect to be charged with Excessive Speed and have their vehicles impounded for 7 Days.

Also, police will be setting up check stops to ensure vehicles are prepared for winter by having good winter grip tires on them. Those found on the highways with inadequate tires can be fined $107. All-Season tires are not recommended for winter driving.

- Snow tires provided better traction and braking in deep snow

- Snow tires provide greater stability and control on slushy roads

- using snow tires on all four wheels of your vehicle allows for more effective acceleration, braking and cornering.

Studded tires are permitted between October 1 and April 30th.

For information on road conditions contact Drive BC at 1-800-550-4997 or
Comment by ed on 7th November 2011
Here we go again. As far as I know all seasons are allowed as long as the manufacturer states it is usable as a winter tire for example , mud and snow, whether or not it has a snowflake. The tread must not be worn beyond acceptable limits. A strictly snow tire is PREFERRED. Whatever you have be careful, our local road maintenance is terrible, although its not the fault of the equipment operaters as much as their employer.
Are you ready for the snow and winter driving?
Comment by Me on 7th November 2011
Drive safe.......there are bad drivers that will run a stop sign which happens in Terrace 24/7. I notice it a lot more in the horse shoe areas. They do this even in the winter....which causes the driver they are cutting off to slam on their brakes with icy road conditions almost impossible to stop so quickly so you don't rear end the retard. Why aren't the police monitoring this? Also, you have the other dumb drivers that cut the corner while turning onto a street and almost cause a head on collision with the driver that is in their lane. These types of drivers should be fined heavily and taken off the road because they are a real hazard to the good drivers out there. Another type of bad driver are the one's that drive 30 km an hour all around town...really slow drivers are a hazzard to. The average speed limit in town is 50 km per hour unless you are in a school zone and on the highway. But the whole town is not a school zone. There is a happy medium out there....not only will be batteling the bad drivers in icy winter conditions, the pedistrians in Terrace are really stupid too and don't know how to use cross walks, know when to cross the streets when they are supposed to and just dart out in traffic with their headphone/cell phones on and not paying attention to what they are doing.
Comment by SC on 7th November 2011
Those found on the highways with inadequate tires CAN be fined $107. All-Season tires are not recommended for winter driving.

Whats this can be? Is is illegal to drive without winter tires or not? Also, what is it with those signs on the Kitimat Highway? I thought that Quebec is the only province that it was LAW that you had to have winter tires?