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NEWS RELEASE · 15th November 2011
Cael Geier for Terrace Youth
Hazelton Skateboard Park Pictures added

Welcome to Round 3. Voting for Round 3 ends on Wednesday, November 30, 2011 at 12PM ET.

Voting for the Semi-Finals begins on Monday, December 5 at 12PM ET

Budget: Large ($100K - 150K)
Posted by: Cael Geier
Organization: "Build the Park"
Location: Terrace bc
Idea Created: October 25, 2011

Terrace BC is in need of a skate-park. The current facility is very old and was poorly built. It is made of asphalt, which is harsh to crash on and its porous surface holds in dirt, glass, and other things that are harmful to fall on.

Also, this skate-park is in a VERY shady location. It is surrounded by woods and trees in an out of the way location where the only people that drive by are cops looking for drugs. In a more open location where the park is visible to the public it would be much better.

Our current skate-park is not a drug free location, let alone kid friendly place. A new location would allow a younger generation to be safe there and parents would be able to relax when bringing young there. It would help keep youth out of trouble, drugs and crime and lead them into a productive lifestyle of sports and recreation.

Vote Here

Edited - this added November 8, 2011
Some historical perspective. Just prior to the beginning of the new arena, the Skateboard Park was treated with disregard. The Terrace Daily exposed this. The youth have been attempting to get a new Park for 5 years. The have previously identified City property near to the police station as a great location.

On April 11, 2007, the new Terrace Daily website exposed the disregard for this site. See the writing and pictures here at the old archived site.

And then, almost immediately it was cleaned. This was the first demonstration of the power and influence of our medium. It took only two days to have the mess cleaned.**
The Hazelton Skateboard park with benches for an audience
The Hazelton Skateboard park with benches for an audience
Nice to see SOME kids wearing helmuts...
Comment by Maggie Jo on 15th November 2011
Since the RCMP are regularly over at that darkened skate park area in the outskirts of town in effort to seize drugs/ about issueing helmut violations as well. They can make it a "one stop shopping" area.

Sorry...but life lasting head injuries cost our Medical system a TON of money! We sure wouldn't wanna let THAT ball fall; lest our Medical system go bankrupt and is promptly privatized, heh?

Ugh...just the mere thought makes me sick to my stomach.

And then there was that skateboard kid on Global news a # of years back. The news anchor was frantically trying to get out the boy's description after he " slammed it" during one of his skateboard tricks (without a helmut) and was dieing alone in the hospital without any ID; nor any means for the medical professionals/authorities to be able to identy him; nor to contact his family in the interim.

Makes me sick to my stomach. I always securely tape my kids' ID emergency contact #'s into their helmuts - just in case. I couldn't imagine they would die alone without family beside them :(
Comment by R1chard Jenn1ss on 15th November 2011

Good on you guys.

To those who are upset about the City providing capital to MMC:

How do things get paid for?
We can't disable an idea and leave it - we have to explain why - explain the process and offer solutions to enable. If a solution is offered we should take part! vote every day!
WE are the community and we should be one.
Sell the Co-op land
Comment by Shawn ksisiiaks on 8th November 2011
Sell the co-op and use this windfall to get in-kind contributions from the province and federal governments. They seem to be much more receptive to enter into funding arrangments when the city is a 1/3 contributor.

While I recognize the need for a multiuse facility, I think it is much more important to improve / expand on the aging infrastructure currently in Terrace. Recent upgrades to the Farmers Market and George Little Park are examples.

There are a number of ongoing initiatives (eg airport land) that need a kick in the wallet. The skateboard park is another one I would endorse.

Anyone else remember Terrace's bmx track down by the curling rink?
Boredom is in the eye of the beholder.
Comment by Maggie Jo on 8th November 2011
If it is deemed a new skateboard park be in order - perhaps it could be set up in the empty lot by the RCMP/Fire Hall. HA! That might keep the mischief/crime levels down, heh? And those who attend the park for the mere spirit of using it...will feel safer as well.

I applaud any youth in Terrace who strive to make a positive difference in this Community.
These youth deserve our attention and committment in suporting them.

For the others? I must admit that I tire of hearing that kids are so bored that they turn to crime and mischief. You're kidding me right? That's the reason?! Sorry, but there's no excuse for doing so. Why, here's a thought? Do your homework. Pull your chores. Participate in the many school clubs. We even have teen swim nights which are free by the way. Can Tire has a program available for assisting youth in participating in sports they can' t afford. Wanna skate? Get some cheap skates at the arena or thrift store. Wanna fish? There's free rods/tackle at the Tourist Centre. For the youth spray painting around town - join an art club! For the youth starting fires around town - spend time with the Fire Dept.

For adults who complain they are bored too and that there's nothing to do here? Read Stacey's comment on the new group looking at expanding recreation in Terrace. Consider joining up to help. Or here's a thought? Volunteer in your Community instead of leaving it to others to "serve & please us". It's CHEAP. You might be surprised at how fulfilling you might feel from doing so. And I can guarantee your day would FLY BY with no time for boredom to set in.

Perhaps post a notice on Terrace Daily to the likes of:

"Adult (male/female) bored at home and looking for cost efficient recreation to participate in."

You might get a few responses.

And don't forget to attend the Municipal Forum tonight - Nov 8 at the REM Lee Theatre ,,, 7pm. Perhaps present any "boredom" issues to the Candidates who might come up with suggestions for us "bored" people to keep occupied (churches/bars aside).

In closing...the phrase "I'm bored, Mom" was never recited in my house TWICE after making the mistake of saying it the 1st time 'round...cuz as soon as that was uttered I would slap down a list to "fill up" their day - from pulling neighborhood litter patrol, to providing the kids with a branch and line for the kids to make a cheap/modest fishing rod.

Here's an interesting poem by Jack Prelutsky that I shared with my kids when they were young that "Boredom is in the eye of the beholder." They never complained again. Enjoy the read:

"Today is very's a very boring day.
There is nothing much to look at,
There is nothing much to say.
There's a peacock on my sneakers,
There's a penguin on my head,
There's a doormouse on my doorstep.
I am going back to bed.

Today is very boring, it is boring through and through. There is absolutely nothing that I think I want to do. I see giants riding rhinos, and an ogre with a sword. There's a dragon blowing smoke rings. I am positively bored.

Today is very boring, I can hardly help but yawn. There's a flying saucer landing in the middle of my lawn. A volcano just erupted less than 1/2 a mile away, and I think I felt an earthquake. It's a very boring day."

Get my drift? We bored, cuz we choose to be bored.
This is a long, ongoing concern and needs attention
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 8th November 2011
I just added to the story, links to a report from April 2007 when the City, or some other mean spirited enterprise, dumped a truck load of gravel on the skateboard park. The City might claim to encourage youth but actions speak much louder than words.

Check out the Hazelton Skateboard park. Right on the highway, in the center of town, with seating and a covered concession type area. This community values their youth. We have some things to learn.
Ball Hockey
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 8th November 2011
Ball hockey is fair and reasonable, why don't you gether together some people and also write to the city about it. Maybe you could start a group to fundraise about it, and/or join our facebook group.

I don't think not supporting our youth on their projects is the answer though. I think helping them to focus, etc.. but fundraising is part of it. I think we should not only applaud but support their efforts.
solutions and other needs
Comment by taxpayer on 8th November 2011
First off I applaud these youth for stepping up to the plate to pursue such an endevour, and I agree with many of the downfalls pointed out. However, there are other sporting options out there that have no facility, like a summer time ball hockey court. I would love to see one of the many unused tennis courts transformed into a ball hockey court, simmilar to the one in Thornhill that gets used all the time. This would cater to hundreds of youth and young adults.

Some solutions for the issues could be : install more lighting in the area. Work with local RCMP to patrol the area more often just like they do downtown, add to or renovate the existing facility to make it more modern, and apply a coating to the asphault like the tennis courts have.
I hate to rain on these ambituous youth parade but I can't vote for your petition to build a new one at this time, and I think your estimate of cost is way off. Sorry just my opinion.
It's Not a Primary Concern of mine, but ...
Comment by Roy Harding on 8th November 2011
when we first moved here five years ago, we saw the current skate board park, and the first thought that came to mind was that it was located in such a way as to almost guarantee there would be trouble. It's out of the way, and sheltered from the sight lines of passing persons. Whether those conditions were the case when it was built or not, I do not know.

My children are all grown and gone now, and they were before we moved here - so I don't (directly) have a dog in this fight, but I DO see the issues with the skateboard parks location. Whether the taxpayers of Terrace feel this is a high priority or not is up to them.

As far as the comment regarding recreational opportunities goes - we came here SPECIFICALLY because we wanted easy access to "the great outdoors", I fail to see how this access is detrimental to quality of life in the area.

I'm of an age now that I don't frequent bars, but I can assure you that there are PLENTY of bars, amongst other recreational facilities, in the many cities I've resided in. And I can also safely assure the curious that those who frequent bars to the exclusion of other opportunities will do so REGARDLESS how many other recreational facilities and opportunities are presented.
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 8th November 2011
I have always, prior to ever thinking about running advocated for a skatepark in a better location, open central. We have also had discussions at great length about an indoor skatepark given the weather here.

As for adult recreation, I'm interested in what you need/want. We have started a group looking at expanding recreation in Terrace. There is a facebook group "expanding terrace recreation" I invite you to join or to email me with contact information and I can invite you to our next meeting.
Comment by Roger Dodger on 7th November 2011
While all this election-time concern goes into finding fun things for teenagers who get out of school in the early afternoon and have all summer off, adults are left with recreation choices of churches, bars or "the outdoors." More importantly, recreation for adults will cost money and lots of it. Maybe this is why hardly anyone who finishes school sticks around small towns like Terrace. No jobs, no money, no life.
In the midst of a Municipal Election.....
Comment by Nancy on 7th November 2011
I would hope that our hopeful and current municipal leaders will take the time to vote for these kids, or meet with them to come up with a viable plan for the near future. Good Luck Kids! I VOTED!
ps. Maybe these kids should contact the candidates to get their views on a new skate park? They say they are open for business.