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Cassie Campbell watching the performance at NWCC for Hockeyville 2009
NEWS RELEASE · 9th November 2011
Merv Ritchie
Video uploaded to Vimeo for ease of viewing on all operating systems. Click here.

During the Municipal Election All-Candidates forum, I presented a clear and concise vision for bringing economic wealth to the region. How the current economic leaders have failed not only to have a plan or a vision but to not even listen to the advise of those they sought out and paid to provide that advise.

Some wish to claim I am not for industry and development. On the contrary, I am the only candidate presenting a real plan to bring industry leaders to Terrace. I am the only candidate who has not just talked about economic prosperity but has laid out the details of how this will work.

In very real terms I have already proven the plan will work. And I have done this simply by following the advise of the world leaders who came to Terrace to deliver the formula.

Opposition forces, those who have led Terrace through a decade of poverty, resist this vision and fight against my candidacy to lead our community. I encourage you to see things differently. I have attached a video clip of my performance at the All Candidates forum. I encourage you to share this with all those who do not have a computer or do not go online. Don’t listen to others who wish to spread false rumours and don’t let short TV news clips, radio spots or brief newspaper comments reflect my candidacy strength. Judge for yourself.

It was not these leaders who brought the Terrace is Hockeyville 2009 campaign to town. It was Tom Harwood from Smithers and our website, the Terrace Daily. Tom had the plan, we had the medium. See the original notice and how it all began by clicking here. The success of it came to full realization however when Cassie Campbell arrived with her full CBC entourage and attended a dinner at the Northwest Community college. When the Tsimshian Dancers, drummers and singers glided into the room the air became electrified. We won hockeyville that night.

These visitors from eastern Canada had never seen anything like it. One CBC journalist and cameraman exclaimed he never new this even existed. They were all rightly overwhelmed with astonished admiration. This is the one thing we have that the greatest marketing geniuses in the world have told us we needed to identify. Something visitors cannot get closer to home or indeed, anywhere else.

And now we have identified a huge geological feature, the profile of a man looking east over the Rocky Mountains and Williston Lake. An unmistakable image that even the marketing geniuses would be stunned to see any community ignore. We won't just have Canadian industry leaders arriving we will have leaders from every corner of the world.

I am not ignoring this. I am featuring it. I have spent thousands of my own dollars promoting it.

As I state emphatically in the attached video we will have many industries coming here because they too will want to be part of something great. I am not only for industry and an economy, I have the plan to bring it here for the long term. Not for thirty or fifty years but for hundreds of generations.

Join me in calling everyone you know in Terrace and telling them to call everyone they know in Terrace, to vote for a vision for the future. And then have everybody keep the telephone numbers handy to recall everyone on Saturday, November 19 to ensure they remember to go to the Terrace Arena and vote. In fact, if you just can’t wait or can’t make it on the 19th, one week from today, Wednesday, November 16, is another early voting day.

Watch the video clip attached below the pictures and share it. It is about passion, respect and a love of everything, and all life, here in this spectacular part of our small planet.

Click on my ad on the right of this page to read much more.
Cassie Campbell dancing with the Tsimshian performers at NWCC on January 29, 2009.   Note the CBC camera crew to the right.
Cassie Campbell dancing with the Tsimshian performers at NWCC on January 29, 2009. Note the CBC camera crew to the right.
Stikine River Petroglyph rock
Stikine River Petroglyph rock
The profile image we need to use to market the entire region in an international scale.
The profile image we need to use to market the entire region in an international scale.
Skeena River Swimmer, Ali Howard, exits the river at North Pacific Cannery and is greeted by more Tsimshian Nation representatives
Skeena River Swimmer, Ali Howard, exits the river at North Pacific Cannery and is greeted by more Tsimshian Nation representatives
Sigh....Mr. Peters and I agree again.
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 11th November 2011
Mr. Peters, we agree on the extreme importance of bees. We also agree that the Tsimshian Nation and culture is not for sale! We never sold out to the Hudson Bay Company, nor to the Northwest Trading Company. Our nation has suffered greatly since then. Why? Because we do not kill beavers, for one thing.

Stop using our culture to peddle your ideas and wares. The Tsimshian Nation has no history of ever being bought, because we are not for sale! That includes our culture. This message is also for local friendship centres. We don't have to copyright it. Thankyou, Mr. Peters.

Whii Nea ach.
Waap Gitxon, Eagle.
Comment by Jane Fregin
on 10th November 2011
Not quite sure what you mean Manion Denise. Considering there are only 3 posts that have not put their names on it.

Ed Note: and the Tom was Tom Harwood, the man who initiated our Hockeyville venture. His email is attached. The other two we let go because they were just funny
How do we move forward?
Comment by Mr. Peters on 10th November 2011
It is not that I dislike natives, there are some really good people there and some not so good, you will get that no matter were you go or to what cultural group you belong.

My statements of the cultural development of the First Nations was simple an indicative statement of history. It does not make them bad or good, it simply is. I think it is a bad idea to try and build an economic base from that though. Does that mean though that we could not use some of that as an addition to our economic base, of course not. There are some wonderfully attractive site around that have significance to the First Nations, and yes I have visited some of them. I was also very saddened by some of them, having a couch rotting beside a 500 year old cedar tree does not make for good tourist attractions.

Do I think that First Nations and non-first nations could work better together, absolutely. The best way to start this is by starting out as equals, and this is no achieved by one group dominating the other. The Indian act is the worst thing Europeans ever did, it is apartheid by a different name. I long for the day when we all have the same right, benefits, and obligations as citizens of Canada and not some silly tribal view first and then Canadian. I am Canadian first, my cultural tribe is a very distant second.
Comment by Manion Denise on 10th November 2011
I will just never understand why so many people have so much to say yet they don't have the "nerve" to use their real names. That's just cowardly. Not to deflect from the issues or topics, however the one compliment that I can pay Mr. Peters is that at least he has a backbone and uses his real name when posting his opinions on here, even though I normally disagree with him and think most of his comments are out to lunch.
Mr Peters
Comment by Jane Fregin
on 10th November 2011
Somethings never change. Your first comment came as a surprise when you didn't add about how natives didn't have a written language. Well low and behold i guess it was too much because you made sure to add it on the next one lol. Your hatred for natives is astounding but i came up with way that you don't ever have to see or hear about them. Find out where your anscestors came from and go back. In this day and age not many want to deal or put up with racists. It is time we all start to work together and take the good from each other and learn, and not carry on with spreading hate
Dear Mr. Peters
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 10th November 2011
I truly thought you understood the history and culture better than that. Maybe you should take a drive out to Greenville on Saturday and attend the recently constructed recreation center or their new museum. But yes, I am comparing the face/profile displayed by the three major rivers, those that feed every living thing right out through to the north pacific waters as another marvel of nature. It could easily be represented as a Nations Chief looking to the rising sun, greeting the new day or even the new settlers. It is a spine tingling feature when considered for the international marketing of what you so correctly identified as “A Wonder To Behold”.

And this northwest region had a thriving culture with a method of trade and recording history that was clearly defined and lasted thousands of years. There is documented history of the Chinese trading here, peacefully and respectfully, for hundreds of years before the Europeans left their own shores. There is also great documentary evidence of how the first Europeans traded respectfully and recorded the political structure and required trade regulations, establishing a sort of diplomat arrangement. After recording all these details they later began targeting the Royal Houses with gifts infected with small pox and other diseases effectively wiping out the best leaders and government centers. It was an effective use of germ warfare.

Today though they are recovering, we have kind of apologized and people from all across the globe don’t just want to own artifacts and see the culture but some Tsimshian artifacts held by the Dundas collection sell for millions of dollars.

I find your attempts to belittle these great nations a bit disturbing.
Really Merv ?
Comment by Mr. Peters on 10th November 2011
You would not be trying to compare a pre-bronze age culture to the wonder of the Niagara Falls? As far as the Royal Family visit out region, you could remove all the people from this area and it would sill be a wonder to behold.

I do not understand this romanticizing of a culture that prior to the arrival of the Europeans had no written language, no sciences, no architecture, no agriculture and music is reduced to pounding on some animal skins, all the things that we associate with the great culture of history were all non-existing here, so what is so special about the Indian culture that deserves preserving?

People for a time might come and view this oddity but then again people would go and watch a car wreck, it does not mean that it would produce any long term economic vitality to the area.
Special note to "me" and others.
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 10th November 2011
Regarding the Tsimshian....
We are one of the richest nations in the world, and if people like you sit down and shutup for a spell....then, we can get around to sharing it with the likes of you. Try to make yourself more appealing than Enbridge, logging brokers, crazy old prospectors and incoming witch doctors, and we'll get around to fixing your potholes.

In the meantime, I am going to take a fresh turkey and all the soup veggies to your soup kitchen in Terrace today. I went to the soup Kitchen yesterday, and got my FLU SHOT AND PNEUMONIA SHOT. Got some hugs, and told some lies to the nurses and other customers and sat down to a hearty bowl of bologna and tomato soup with a day old hamburger bun. No dessert, no coffee, no juice, no drunks.

We feed our people in federal prisons better than this, and that soup is definitely nothing like we would ever serve at Kitsumkalum. Shame. At least put some of the soup bologna in the hamburger bun and give me a glass of water! And, fix that poor man's pothole! I know how he feels. I have no money, but I can feel people prospering all around me. I feel like I missed something. Where did all the money go? Not to potholes, the graveyard, health, etc. We are going to share with you now. Okay?
by me
Comment by bargain on 10th November 2011
You sell yourself way to cheap
City Council Nominees
Comment by Me on 9th November 2011
To everyone running for Mayor and City Council:

You will not get my vote unless my street is finally better be announced - 4700 Block of McConnell Avenue is UN-EVEN 4X4 trail in the winter... One side of the road is 1 foot taller then the other side. fix it or you can forget my vote.
Marketing and pens
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 9th November 2011
Rudi, there are many things that do not produce anything. The Jasper Ice fields for one. How about the Northern Lights? The water flowing over Niagara Falls cliffs has been used to generate power but the thousands upon thousands who travel all across the globe to see these marvels seem to be in conflict with your position that the Native culture does not produce anything. The Royal Family of England comes here specifically to visit our unique region. Japanese are a constant influx to Yellowknife as the tour escapades leave for remote excursions. I understand the narrow vision, the narrow scope of awareness from living in a small town too long. Come on, I grew up in Saskatoon! In the sixties and early seventies I had no idea that someone could just move to another town like Vancouver. I mean, what would you do? Where would you live? Many people who grow up in these small towns do not have a large scope of understanding. They do not know how others do things. They only know how “We’ve always done it that way”. I am not saying this applies to you or that you grew up here. I am only pointing out it is not what any marketing feature does, it is what you do with the marketing feature.

And we have what the world leaders in marketing could only dream of having at their disposal.

As for being nervous, not at all. I was extremely comfortable and relaxed. I am a pacer. When I talk on the phone I walk around. My energy level is very high. Hence the ability to do this website and 5 others, print a newsletter and newspaper, deliver them, write the stories and attend the meetings.

Yup, I fiddled with the pen too. It actually came apart in my hands, surprised even me. I hope that didn't distract from my message.
Good Work Merv
Comment by tom on 9th November 2011
I have been watching and listening to all the candidates positions the past month, as well as the form last evening; while I respect all candidates, there is one area that you stand out and above the others. Your continued passion for what this community did in 2009, is what I find lacking in the other candidates; more specifically, your awarness and pride in what Terrace did that year, how we defeated over 500 other communties across Canada, how we generated 2 million votes, how we worked together as a community, a team, how we had so much pride in oursleves when we won, how we had the strongest Hockeyville bid not only in 2009, but in the history of Hockeyville. Your coverage and support was outstanding, but it is your awareness of what we really did that year, that impresses me. Towns and cities across BC laughed when we submitted our bid, saying we cannot beat the east, no one can, our dedicated committee and the community proved them wrong. Communities across Canada every year get their brighest minds, most passionate members, and develop a stratgey to try and win Hockeyville, and we beat them all. It was the first and only time the Championship went west of Ontario, no western community has before, or since been victorious. Hockeyville is not about Hockey, it is about community, and the passion within every single person. You saw that pride, and have tried to build on it for continued opportunites and vision for our community, for that, you have both my respect and vote. There will come a time again in the future when Terrace will be called upon to defend it's past victory in Hockeyville, and I know, with your passion and the grassroots bid we had, and the passion in this community, we will prevail again. Good luck Merv.
There is no business like ...
Comment by Mr. Peters on 9th November 2011
I watched all of the debated and was very surprised by your performance. You looked like you were terrified being up there on stage, you must have taken your pen apart and reassembled it a dozen times.

You are correct about one thing, there is no business like Indian business, the only problem is that it does not produce anything.