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NEWS RELEASE · 11th November 2011
Victor Lick
The MK Bay Marina Users Group would like to take this opportunity to wish all the candidates in the upcoming elections for all areas the best of luck.

MK Bay Marina Users Group was formed 4 years ago to help address the concerns of the local boaters and tourists who use this facility, MK Bay Marina. We represent almost 100 members. We have had very limited success in having our concerns recognized and addressed.

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Six Months after formation, in April 2008 we met with the R.D.K.S. function committee (a group of elected directors charged with overseeing the operation of M.K. Bay Marina). Mrs. Marylin Davies was the chairperson of the committee and discussions took place regarding the need for a policy manual. This manual would be useful in addressing concerns we had. This was as far as we were able to proceed with this topic. Elections came and a new committee was formed.

Once again this is where we are today, election time. It seems we have come full circle. Mrs. Davies you will be happy to know that a policy manual has existed for many years and has finally been made available to us. Why were you not made aware of its existence in 2008?

The existing policy manual contains the possible solutions to most of our concerns in dealing with the regional Marina. In my opinion if this policy manual had been followed the Marina would not be in such a sad state of affairs and debt.

The policy manual was discussed with us at the last Function Committee meeting on June 22, 2011 and it was agreed that the corrections needed to be updated properly. It is important that this manual be updated with its corrections and be immediately available to the next Function Committee as a guide. Also, it should be made available to the clients of the Marina to refer to in times of disagreement or need of help. It is very important for any successful business or function to listen to the concerns and needs of the Clients.

We are once again looking forward to working with the next function committee to be established for the MK Bay Marina after the election. We will be available to help the new committee with knowledge of what we, the clients and boat owners, require for a successful and good working Marina.

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Comment by Diana Penner on 21st November 2011
I too remain concerned about the operation of the marina.
This year as the snow falls and many have no ability to get to our crafts we are informed that MK will not have a crew to shovel off boats.
IS the Regional District liable for boats that sink under the weight of snow that they ignore? What are owners paying for? and don't we have some right to expect normal maintenance of docks and roads that get us to our investments?
Oh speaking of roads well thats another story..