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REPORTING · 11th November 2011
Terrace Daily News
In a shocking statement today after the American Government announced they would be delaying the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline from the Tarsands to the Southern USA, Jim Flaherty stated Canada may have to move quickly to market the oil to Asia.

This is an ominous declaration against the National Energy Board and the Joint Review Panel. The hearing schedule has already been determined and thousands of residents have lined up to speak against the Enbridge proposal to bring this bitumen to Kitimat and Douglas Channel.

Now the Finance Minister has added his voice to the victory speech of Prime Minister Harper and the pronouncements of the Ministry’s of Energy and the Environment.

All have openly declared their intention that this project go through. Harper was most pointed. In his first speech after winning the majority he now has he stated this was good as the policies of the Liberals and the NDP against tankers on BC’s west coast and against the Enbridge pipeline to Kitimat were bad policies.

He basically straight forwardly claimed the opinions of the residents of BC and the west coast will have no influence, the pipeline will go ahead.

Today, with the sudden announcement of the Keystone project delay and the potential that it will never proceed, Canada’s Finance Minister has boldly stated, not even mentioning the process underway, that they will push ahead and turn up the speed to construct it.

Stay tuned
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 12th November 2011
I am not only the single candidate, but maybe the only person, who has attended virtually every meeting, presentation and delegation from the National Energy Board, Joint Review Panel, Regional District Board, City Council, Enbridge Northern Gateway, First Nations, Environmental groups and Protest group gatherings.

Since 2006 I have attended, recorded and reported on almost every industrial, economic, political, environmental and social issue in the Skeena Stikine area from my home in Terrace, BC.

I have heard, studied and researched every side of almost every issue and Enbridge has been a feature for the last four years. I even devoted an entire section to Enbridge on this website

Most other political leaders discover what is going on by visiting the website to become informed. This election will make the Mayor of Terrace the most significant player in representing our regions concerns to the Provincial and Federal Governments.

I believe I am the only candidate who can stand up for you, the people, with complete integrity and strength that comes from the depth of knowledge I possess.

I also have a vision. To unite all the people of the Skeena Stikine under the profile image of a face formed by the three major rivers, the Skeena, Stikine and the Nass, looking east over Williston Lake and the Rocky Mountains. Google three words only – BC rivers map – and look at the orange geology BC map. The eye is at the Klappan Coal Fields next to the Spatzizi Wilderness Plateau; the origin and filter for all these waters.

It is this smiling face, looking east to the old world, we can all unite behind. We need to stand completely united, we can no longer, especially today, be divided.

I need everyone who is reading this to call every one they know who is eligible to vote in Terrace to ensure they get out on the 19th, on Saturday, to vote Merv Ritchie for Mayor.

It is the most important, the most significant thing you will ever do. If you are part of the 99 % and you do this one thing, call everyone you know in Terrace, ensure they are registered and ensure they vote, I will win by a landslide.

This will send a clear and unified message that we are all one people and we stand together.

I completely trust you to do this, because you truly know in your heart it is the right thing to do.
to al
Comment by balthazar on 12th November 2011
al, thanks for the heads up. I just read through the report and will contact Mr. Schwab on monday asking if this report or questions derived from it are registered with the JRP.
I hope they are as addressing these issues would increase the safety of Northern Gateway.
If not I will send the report to the Enbridge Communications Team requesting how these concerns are addressed in the routing and pipeline layout.
balthazar 2
Comment by al on 12th November 2011
not sure where you got your routing info but you might want to check out Bulkley Valley research centres report titled Hillslope and fluvial process along the proposed pipeline, if after reading this document, you feel the pipeline is being run safely, you probably played in traffic as a kid. as for voting for a government, yes we may have voted these people in, but with the understanding they do what the majotity wants, the hearings for Enbridge arent untill 2012, democracy comes before the fact, not after
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 11th November 2011
Its not about oil . Its about democracy. They have a majority Govt. voted in by the minority of the citizens of Canada. And yes its not their fault people don't get out and vote . But this is the reason people don't vote, every time I ask some one why didn't you go out and vote, I hear the same story. Its pointless to vote the govt. is going to do whatever they want .Politicians are crooked . Well they are spending millions on the JRP for what. They have proved the non voters right. The govt. will do whatever they want if we let them.
undivided ?
Comment by Balthazar on 11th November 2011
Not sure why you all think that everyone is against this pipeline. Even the daily has it split right down the middle with over 400 poll participants. Also not sure why it is suddenly a dictatorship when it does not fit ones personnel opinion. Is my way or the way not sort of the same ideology ? And after all, this government was elected in a democratic process, and within given the task to govern and make decisions in the countries best interest. I do not think all decisions made are good ( spending billions on new military equipment e.g. ), but I also do not have all information that might change my opinion. The problem with Northern Gateway is, it is pure emotions with very few looking at the facts and the information available... I would advise that you do spend the time and look into the routing, the technology, the safety measures etc. put in place - by the way wilderness - how do you think they will put a pipeline 1 meter underground ? they will built a corridor incl. road access all along to assure quick and safe access both in the construction phase and throughout the life of the pipeline.
Time to Band Together
Comment by Nancy on 11th November 2011
This is what we have been worried about, they want us to be undivided and unsure. We have to be adamant that we will unite and put aside all our differences and band together, like Hockeyville but on a much bigger scale. Can we do it as a community? I hope so.....
Its not about oil anymore.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 11th November 2011
This is about more than oil now.A waste of millions of dollars for the JRP . The govt. has told you you don't matter . We are going to do it come hell or high water just like they have done with the Canadian wheat board. It doesn't matter if you are for the pipeline or against it ,its about having the country run by a Dictator. It is time to start pushing back, we are nothing with out democracy. Harper should heed what has happened recently to the Dictators in the middle east. People are getting fed up with Dictators and Corporations telling them what is best for them. All the Occupied cities are examples of that. Like Maggie Jo said we are too laid back ,its time to turn off the sports channels and Soap operas and make our voices heard.
Comment by Mr. Peters on 11th November 2011
How do they plan on protecting this pipeline when it has hundreds of miles out in the middle of nowhere?

As far as I am concerned, any action that people take to stop this pipeline is justifiable.
Not so
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 11th November 2011
The HST petition and action showed we in BC when we mobilize and when we're mad we will stand tall.
Comment by Balthazar on 11th November 2011
not sure where you get your info from, but the routing of the pipeline is already out of Terrace boundaries. It comes in through the coastal mountains from the south at about halfway mark between here and Kitimat and then takes a 90 degree turn west to the ocean.
Also interesting read is this :

We Canadians have a reputation to...
Comment by Maggie Jo on 11th November 2011
We Canadians have a worldwide reputation that we're "lazy" in protesting activity.

In other words...we're layed back...we'll deal with what comes our way...and we'll deal with it when it gets here.

No wonder we're repeatedy taken advantage of.
Pipeline route
Comment by R1chard Jenn1ss on 11th November 2011

There's billions of dollars at play here. Keystone XL was a 7 billion dollar project. Does Terrace have a loud enough voice to stop that? I think not, the communities along the Athabasca river are facing these challenges. The voice to stop this becomes noise with an even louder voice: 7 Billion dollars and "JOBS" in a recession.

Ask yourself: Can this pipeline go around Terrace?
The answer is: Quite easily.

Chris Gee was right, we're still using plastic bottles. If we're apathetic about the problem do we then have the drive to fight the battle?

In order of priority: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
If you support the addiction to cheap oil you support the pipeline.
Keystone Pipeline and Enridge response
Comment by Makere on 11th November 2011
Enridge will undoubtedly seek to reroute the pipeline in order to have this go through quickly.
In the greater scheme of things, from Enridge's point of view, the cost of re-routing the pipeline to avoid sensitive waterways and aquifers is minimal compared to the cost of postponing or cancelling the project.

First Nations objections will most certainly be overridden at a federal level in favor of enormous economic benefit.