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Young Terrace men and women stand on guard at the Cenotaph at City Hall
CONTRIBUTION · 11th November 2011
It is such a great thing to be Canadian!

Watch Short Video Clip of Parade attached below the following pictures.

I am so proud of my community, my heritage, my family and my friends. We are all here because of our legacies, let's all pay tribute to those that came before us.

We have to relish these sombre moments in life to learn and feel.

What would the Veterans and Soldiers want us to do with our Democracy that they fought for? That they died for?

They would want us to be able to raise our families, make a decent living, be united and most of all, they would want us to have our say, on anything, anywhere, in any situation. Free Speech.

That is what they fought for,

True North Strong and free!
The Terrace RCMP lead the Parade
The Terrace RCMP lead the Parade
The Terrace Pipeband.   An award winning group of performers.
The Terrace Pipeband. An award winning group of performers.
Kirkaldy bellows commands
Kirkaldy bellows commands
The Canadian Rangers
The Canadian Rangers
A Uniform is a Uniform...but a hat is a hat.
Comment by Maggie Jo on 12th November 2011
The RCMP wear hats to the ceremony while donned in their best respective attire; the Rangers presented in full Uniform; the Pipe Band donned their dress with proper complementary head coverings as well.

When one is in Uniformed attire...the head coverings are part of the uniform. These participants showed utter respect to the Remembrance Day event by completing their uniform to the tee.

The Civilians? Yeah...take your frickin' caps off!

I'm telling you...I'm a NAZI in scolding teens coming into my home when they don't remove their caps first; as proper etiquette when entering any sheltered dwelling is to remove one's cap BEFORE taking that first step into a dwelling; let alone doing so in a sombre gathering.

The visiting teens are learning fast that when they start walking towards my front door they are already taking off their caps; lest they find I don't FEED them again - HA HA!
I cannot help it:
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 12th November 2011
Ever since my childhood in Prince Rupert, I have an affinity to parades. Just like it is in a feast hall, and other Tsimshian places......Remembrance of the ancestors, "on whose bones we walk," is sombre and proud.....but, do not be sombre for too long.

Many young people are conflicted as to whether or not to join the RCMP or the Armed Forces. I am proud of my grand-nephew for wanting to join the RCMP. Please do not discourage him.
doff your hats
Comment by a Canadian citizen on 12th November 2011
Am I mistaken, or should all civilians attending the ceremony at the Cenetaph not remove their hats in deference to the solemnity of the occasion? I do understand that would not apply to military persons (including cadets) who must keep their cover on.