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NEWS RELEASE · 12th November 2011
Merv Ritchie
In 2006, Dave Menzies was the executive director of TEDA (Terrace Economic Development Authority). It was Mr. Menzies who made TEDA a respected organization. It was the administrative and political interference in this organization that has led to this uncomfortable position it finds itself in today.

The City of Terrace found great success with Minerals North when Menzies brought that show to Terrace. The event was lauded as the most successful Minerals North gathering ever. Dave Menzies was truly a hero for industrial development and attention being brought to Terrace.
Read my September 2007 report on Bert Husband and Lael McEwan attending Terrace City Council to boast about the success Menzies brought to Terrace via TEDA by clicking here

Then the City compromised him by mis representing him when they worked to get rid of Jennifer Lewis as the executive director of the Terrace Tourism Society (TTS). The City Manager stated boldly to the Terrace Councillors on the second sitting in May 2006, that TEDA had a difficult time trying to work with the Terrace Tourism Society. I went and spoke to Dave Menzies about this and he told me this was flat out untrue, that he had a great working relationship with the TTS. The City Manager repeated this untruth almost exactly one year later to the Board room of the Regional District Kitimat Stikine.

Dave left his job as the Executive Director of TEDA shortly after this episode of the City blatantly misrepresenting him. He will not state firmly this was the sole reason he left but one must consider this as part of his integrity. With being able to do such great things and being so competent to have someone put words in his mouth must have been very uncomfortable.

The City administration then became intimately involved with the independence of this and all City organizations. Sam Harling was chosen to be the next ED and, after he was unceremoniously dumped, the City passed a new motion in Council to have TEDA and the next ED report directly to the City Manager, who at the time was Ron Poole.
Read this report Here.

Then Evan van Dyk was appointed to take this role having been taught by a Northern Development Trust Initiative apprenticeship program. Evan is beginning to understand his role and see the full perspective of what this new career involves. He is young but he has energy and vitality. He simply is lacking a solid leadership team with a complete and comprehensive plan and direction.

TEDA is a good organization, has very good intentions but is completely hampered and had previously been gutted of independence to do the job it was designed to do. Today, since Ron Poole abandoned Terrace shortly after he encouraged TEDA to report directly to him, the entire City is left with a vacuum of leadership. Even bad leadership was better than no leadership.

The first thing I will do regarding TEDA when I become Mayor of Terrace is convene a meeting of the paid staff of TEDA and determine exactly what their plans and directions are. I will determine exactly what they have set out to accomplish in one, five, ten and twenty years and how they intend to reach these goals. I will then meet with all those who have volunteered and were selected by the City to be on the board of TEDA. I will determine why they volunteered and what they feel about the directions and goals our staff has set for TEDA to meet.

I will then ensure all of your councillors have all the truthful information. The seven of us will then determine if TEDA is able to be successful in returning a cost benefit to Terrace and if so what needs to be done to ensure that happens. If it is found TEDA cannot in the long term provide a cost benefit, I suspect your council will attempt to find a better way to use these monies.

I will say this about the website. TEDA, through whatever process, decided to hire an outside company to design and build this website at exactly the same time as they were initiating their Buy Local campaign. There is something wrong, I do not yet know what, but there is something wrong with their connect. After you elect me as Mayor, I will discover what that is and then we will all know.

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