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CONTRIBUTION · 13th November 2011
Prior to some federal and provincial elections, negative ads seemed to become the norm. I wasn't really aware that my granddaughter was taking all this in until she said, “This is disgusting Nan. If you want to make the world a better place you don't do it by trying to make others look bad.”

This same granddaughter, now 12, and I attended the All Candidates Community Dialogue held last Saturday and we participated in the various discussion groups. After the Candidates gave their final summation, she approached many of them and expressed her admiration and congratulated them on the manner in which they spoke and of their dreams for the youth of this city.

All those she spoke to took the time to respond and she came home enthusiastic having gained a real respect for the democratic process.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get out and attend All Candidates Meetings so I have been following this campaign online and must say the “mud slinging” I am witnessing absolutely appals me. I am no stranger to controversy and believe I can hold my own in most debates without attempting to “smear” those who hold contrasting viewpoints. In attempting to degrade others, we only degrade ourselves and in the course of an election we lose focus on the important issues when we become mired in the past.

As Maggy said, “If you want to make this world a better place, you don't do it be making others look bad.”
Tsimshian politics is highly evolved.
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 14th November 2011
Mr. Ritchie, and staff of the Terrace Daily. What Terracites refer to as "mud-slinging," is pretty mild compared to what is currently occuring in Indian politics all across B.C. We call it a cleansing of the highest order, and are approaching it as if the lives of our great-grandchildren depend on it.

Believe me! There was a genuine youth suicide contagion amongst Indian youth on Tsimshian Territory and beyond in the 2000's. Our young people were killing themselves! Do you feel the contagion passing? It is ominous. The Tsimshian Treaty is not even signed yet, and our next generation has already been plundered....along with your next generation. We cannot sign that treaty. Our feet are to the fire.

And, I do not really care if the truth feels muddy to some. You should feel it from this end.

Politics is just one Tsimshian strong point. Whoever put that terrible rendition of a totem pole in front of the Skeena Mall knows it was like a slap in the face to the Tsimshian Nation. Please remove it.

Unfortunately, mudslinging is a necessary part of democracy and freedom of speech. It should be tactfully executed.

Whii Nea ach.
I think Maggy's point
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 14th November 2011
I think maybe Maggy's point is actually simple. You can speak to your positive, you can speak to how you will do things different, your new ideas, your passion, your committment.

I want to give the general public, the benefit of the doubt that they see through phony bravado. That they realize all these individual promises mean nothing without getting other councillors on board.

I think Maggy would like us, to lead by example. If we talk about bringing people together, working together, being more positive, more progressive... We should then at the very least practice this in not only our campaigns but our lives.

Maggy will one day be in office, I have told this to Dawna before.
So we should vote blind?
Comment by Nancy on 14th November 2011
So, we should just vote for the prettiest candidate? We shouldn't know the history of all the candidates? We do no one any favors voting with our heads in the sand. If our past actions are not looked at then we have no idea who we are voting for.

These candidates will not publicize their mistakes. They walk around shaking hands and smiling knowing full well they have not always made the best decisions for the City and the Voters. We don't know half of what is going on with big companies and sell outs. I for one want to be informed. Not conned. I hope someone goes with her when she buys her first car so that she doesn't buy the shiniest one without knowing what's under the hood, the history of the car.

Although the sentiment is nice, we can't just judge the candidates on how nice they are in public. That is not the way grown up, informed, knowledgeable and accountable voting can be achieved. Maggie will learn that an informed decision is the best decision by the time she grows up. Maybe when she runs for office?
very true...
Comment by balthazar on 13th November 2011
thank you dawna - very true. i always keep this in mind in any debates or heated discussions - bad karma is a bit.... ;), and the mudslingers will pay their price..