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Peter Kent - Environment Minister Reading his lines.
CONTRIBUTION · 14th November 2011
Sierra Club
Federal Environment Minister Peter Kent attempted to mislead Canadians today by masking Canada’s lack of action on climate change. In a Toronto speech, Mr. Kent failed to mention that his government has done practically nothing to control the rising greenhouse gas emissions from the Tar Sands and other large industrial sectors.

“Regardless what other countries are doing, Canada has a moral and legal obligation to reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions - and it’s not doing it,” said John Bennett, Executive Director of Sierra Club Canada.

In his announcement Minister Kent also failed to mention:

-how his government cancelled regulations on large greenhouse gas polluters that were set to come into effect January 1, 2008 (more than three years ago) and that no plan to regulate big industry currently exists;

-how his government cut funding for energy efficiency programs and vital climate change research and monitoring, but handed-out $1.4 billion in subsidies to the oil companies every year; and

-that Canada is the only country to reduce its emission reduction target since the recent UN negotiations in Copenhagen and the only country to violate international law by refusing to live up to its legally-binding commitments under the Kyoto Protocol.

“When I grew up I was taught countries that violate international laws are the bad guys,” said Mr. Bennett.

“It would be nice if the environment minister would tell the whole story just once,” said Mr. Bennett. “Canada isn’t meeting its moral and legal obligations and no amount of spin from the environment minister will change that fact.

As a former anchorman, Kent should know better.”

Read the Speech from Peter Kent Here