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CONTRIBUTION · 15th November 2011
Terrace Daily
Editors Note: We were sent this. It is in its original state. To protect Privacy no names will be used. Help has been offered and addressed. Needed to be shared.

Hello my dear friends! I have a few young friends on line who feel their life is meaningless and they do not count so please prayer warriors pray for all the young people in our world that they find peace and see that we are a caring friend, family, and most of all that they are not alone. I feel that it's important they see I reach out to you all and I would not mention their names but as long as they see I care although I may be older but I have learned to always care for other peoples children and all I ask in return is friendship.
Thanks for sharing Kara
Comment by Nancy on 17th November 2011
That took alot of bravery for you to speak up! You have overcome the thoughts of suicide and worthlessness. You are a very brave lady.

In my early teens I have tried suicide. It is more common than you think. Now there are fleeting moments and memories in my brain that bring on depression, that I can deal with, nothing like the pounding, impending doom voices in my head that I heard in the time of my youth.

It is an epidemic that people don't want to talk about.Teen suicide, neglect, addiction, homelessness, abuse, I say "No More Phoney Bravado."

Help these kids.

Let's Deal with the ISSUES!
I was there and there is hope
Comment by Kara Mitchell on 16th November 2011
I have struggled for most of my life with thoughts of suicide and worthlessness. I had times when I wished myself not to take one more breath.
But I taught myself to find light in even the most minute detail. A pet's love, a familiar smell, a faded photo of a happy time.
I learned to keep a box of these things to pull me out of the darkest hole. Inside I keep anything that mean something to me, even if it's a wrapper from my favorite flavor of gum (or better yet a package for those hard moments).
A favorite toy from childhood. A list of phone numbers of your "true friends" and family members you can trust. The people who you know just want you to be happy again. Don't be embarrassed to use the word "Depressed". And to ask them for help. A ride to mental health or the Doctors offices. If it's really bad, the hospital.
You can survive this and be stronger for it. You will grow up and help the kids of the next generation to cope and survive. Someday no one will feel alone and isolated because we will no longer feel shame about asking for help.
Just take the first step.
Prayers & Poems...great start!
Comment by Colleen Austin on 16th November 2011
Thanks for sharing the prayer request & this wonderful poem. It's a great start to what I hope is a continuing dialogue on children and youth in our community. For those who attended the gathering at the mall on Saturday you know that we have willingness & commitment...keep it going and our children will be strong, healthy, happy and loved.
Scars That Last....
Comment by Nancy on 15th November 2011
My prayers go to everyone that ever felt this way...

Scars… deep emotional ones
Damaging scars from the past
Limiting, always lingering
Shame, low esteem, tears that last

An angel, born beautiful
Dainty, innocent in every way
Pre-teen, developed, an uncle's pat
Something other than play

A young boy, struggling in school
Problems trying to read and write
Laughed at and called stupid
Accepts the label, gives up the fight

A lonely girl, attends a party
Desperate for a friend or two
Willing to do whatever it takes
Drugged, disrobed for all to view

A young man, full of promise
Needs his Dad to lead the way
Finds abuse and neglect, changes,
Becomes an abuser one day

Scars… deep emotional ones
Damaging scars from the past
Limiting, always lingering
Shame, low esteem, tears that last

It could be your neighbor
Your loved one, a family friend
That needs help, compassion,
Ask, listen, and let the healing begin

poem by Author: D. Anthony