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NEWS RELEASE · 16th November 2011
BC Conservative Party
On January 1, 2011 BC banned the sale of 100 watt and 75 watt incandescent light bulbs, while the federal government has recently delayed a similar national ban until 2014, to consider concerns over health issues and the safe disposal of CFL bulbs.

In an effort to appear greener, the Liberal government has jumped the gun and ignored legitimate concerns including poor quality lighting making reading difficult for seniors and the tendency of CFL bulbs to trigger migraines. Furthermore, CFL bulbs are more expensive to purchase and the operational savings have been exaggerated. Alarmingly, the safe disposal of the CFLs is of major concern to health authorities.

"The federal government has delayed banning incandescent bulbs nationally in order to spend more time examining the impact of CFLs - but BC is ploughing ahead without concern for the circumstances, " said John Cummins, leader of the BC Conservatives.

"This is a typical Liberal big government policy: forcing British Columbians to replace cost-efficient, warm and safe incandescent light bulbs which have worked for more than a century with an expensive new technology that produces a lower quality of light and requires careful disposal."

"This Liberal initiative is neither green nor common sense."

"A new BC Conservative government would defer the ban on incandescent light bulbs and participate in the federal study of the impact of mercury based CFL's."
The CFL mercury nightmare
Comment by Mr. P. Martini on 18th November 2011
Not only are CFLs much more expensive than incandescent bulbs and emit light that many regard as inferior to incandescent bulbs, they pose a nightmare if they break.

Every CFL that breaks or is discarded is contributing to a mercury time bomb. The mercury in those bulbs will eventually find its way into our enviroment, into creeks, rivers, and streams... into the ground water, which will lead right back to us.

One broken ‘green’ CFL bulb contains at least 0.5 mg of mercury, some claim that this is enough to pollute 180 tons of water..

Then there is LED bulbs ..... those are touted as being 'safe' but actually contain lead. New studies also indicate that exposure to white LED bulbs suppresses our brain's production of melatonin .