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REPORTING · 20th November 2011
Terrace Daily News
In The Terrace Election;
Est. Number of Eligible Voters: - 8136
Total Number of Votes Cast: - 2035

Terrace Mayoral Numbers;

Pernarowski – 1082
Martindale – 574
Lewis – 184
Ritchie – 143
Dunster – 35

Terrace Councillor Numbers;

Bidgood – 1281
Christiansen – 1260
Downie – 1196
Davies – 815
Cordeiro – 777
Tyers - 733

Hull – 647
Ainscow – 632
Gee – 630
Ross - 541
Freeman – 480
LeFracois – 433

Regional District Kitimat-Stikine

Area B
Linda Pierre - 111
Dean Paranich - 89

Area E
Ramsey - 180
Watmough - 99
Crampton - 57

Area C
McLeod - 148
Pollard - 97
Lanctot - 32
Martin - 28

Acclaimed Candidates
Area A - Harry Nyce Sr.
Area D - Dave Brocklebank
Area F - Darcie Frocklage

School District #82
Est. Number of Eligible Voters: - 23277
Total Number of Votes Cast: - 2553

Terrace Area 2
Leclerc - 748
Erasmus - 728

Guno - 407
Stedhan - 292
Hayes - 287

Thornhill Area 3
Gary Turner - 264
Lorrie Gowen - 181

Kitimat Area 1 - Acclaimed
Raymond Raj
Barry Pankhurst

Stewart Area 4 - Acclaimed
Shannon McFee

Hazelton Area 5 - Acclaimed
Lynn Newbery
Comment by mbw on 21st November 2011
That was not my question. I am aware I live in Thornhill and who I could vote for.

I wanted to know why the result for Thornhill SD were not listed in the original article. It was added after I posted my question.

Ed Note: Yes, it was a later addition. We added many more results as well, as the night wore on. The acclaimed candidates, the RDKS results and the total voter turn out were added later too. Thank you for keeping us on our toes.
My guess.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 21st November 2011
The elected terms last three years. All officials come up at the same time. There is really no pressure to do anything until the last year, no pressure to stand out from the crowd and no pressure to take a firm stand on any issue. Don't be surprised if everyone goes to sleep for the next two years and wake up just in time for the next election.

I still prefer the old system. There was a municipal election every year. Three members were up the first year and the second it would be the other three and the mayor. This way there was always somebody eager to get something done each year to prove that their presence on the political scene mattered. Those pet projects that got talked about at an all candidates got some attention quickly.

There is always a lot of pressure to just become one of the club and sometimes the obsession with unity is an excuse to never raise a controversial issue or having a good debate on differing ideas. It is that kind of activity that creates talk around town and interest next time around. If you are an incumbent that is the last thing you want to see.

My suggestion to any hopeful is to start now. Go to every council meeting from now to the next election and listen. There are two every month. Ask a few questions at the end of the meeting -I assume people are still able to do that. When it is your turn to run again, you will be able to speak on all the issues just as well and have as much background as any incumbent.

Do a little work in preparation. Don't rely on a single month to get your name and what you stand for out to the public. A side benefit will be that there will be more people going out to vote and that benefits new people and not incumbents.

Go ahead, get mad.
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 21st November 2011
But, it is the sheeples' right not to vote too. Do you want to pull the sheeple, by the ears, all the way to democracy?
The power of one vote
Comment by c. sandecki on 21st November 2011
In School District #82 a total of 23,277 people were eligible to vote for school trustee. Only 2553 or 9 percent voted. So each vote controls the spending of $20,815. That's power!
Why so few vote
Comment by c. sandecki on 21st November 2011
"Why, then do so few think it is unimportant to vote in a municipal election? "
Robin, I feel sure this isn't what you intended to say.

You could set up polls at every coffee shop and mall in town and some people still would not vote. They don't care. They won't take the time to learn anything about the candidates. They are too busy with their fun stuff like hockey, TV, bingo, snacking.
They don't understand or appreciate that 158 young Canadians in just the Afghanistan war have given their lives to protect democracy while here at home we can't be bothered to drag our sorry selves to a poll for three minutes.
Australia has it right. Make voting mandatory, and fine heavily when they don't.
Low Voter Turn-out.
Comment by Joe Taxpayer on 21st November 2011
I am very surprised and disappointed at how low the turn-out was. When I voted there was a line up down the hall and still more behind me. I guess people just don't care how this community runs or which direction it should go.
Voting percentage
Comment by Robin MacLeod on 20th November 2011
Like others have said, I was surprised, and disappointed by the low voter turn-out. I can't blame the media, because there was certainly a lot of coverage. I can't blame the election officials, because there were instructions in every FREE newspaper for ALL to see. Many groups sponsored all-candidates meetings, so that's not a cause.
Why, then do so few think it is unimportant to vote in a municipal election? Some suggestions for the future:
Give municipal politics more emphasis in Social Studies courses
Have voting on 2 days, to include a week day and a week-end day, ie: Friday-Saturday or Sunday-Monday.
Increase the number of polling places to include areas where a number of people congregate, eg. shopping malls, box stores....
There are many ways I can think of to encourage and coerce residents to vote. We've got to do something! That was NOT democracy at work!
Voting Easy
Comment by James Ippel on 20th November 2011
My wife and I voted in the advance polls and found it very simple. We knew which area we lived in (Area C) and which School Board candidates we could vote for.
It was a breeze because we "took the time" to learn where we had to go, and did'nt rely on an election official to lead us by the hand.

Do your homework before trying to exercise your rights, and don't blame the Polling People for your own mistakes.
Voter Percentages
Comment by R1chard Jenn1ss on 20th November 2011

Terrace: 25%
School District: 11%
Comment by fred brill on 20th November 2011
Congratulations Doug!
Comment by Mike Graham on 20th November 2011
It's encouraging to see that such a strong message has been sent to RDKS Directors and Administrators by the election of Doug McLeod in Area C. Hopefully Doug and the new Board members will be at the forefront in ensuring issues of major concern to the citizens of this region are brought forward for debate, rather than buried "in camera" as has been so often the case in the past 3 years.
Comment by Sandy on 20th November 2011
Because you live in Thornhill and can only vote for Thornhill rep's.
SD 82 Terrace & Thornhill separate
Comment by Colleen Austin on 20th November 2011
Just to clarify what can be confusing to us...There were 2 positions for Terrace and 1 for Thornhill. If you live in Area C you voted for Terrace and Area E voted for Thornhill. Hope this helps. Art Erasmus & Roger LeClerc won for Terrace and Gary Turner won for Thornhill. Perhaps we need to work on informing voters better when it comes to the School Board...they have a huge budget to manage for us.
school board
Comment by mbw on 20th November 2011
How come I got a ballot with only 2 names - Gowen and Turner - on it, and neither is listed in the results?
Regional District
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 20th November 2011
It's quite possible you were voting in the regional district then.

There is only 1 representative in the regional district for each area.
names on ballots not listed?
Comment by t on 20th November 2011
I am just wondering - there were names on my ballots that are not listed here.

Also it was quite a mess trying to vote today; attended 4 tables and over 1/2hr (no line) before I supposedly ended up in the correct place/ ballot boxes.

Not that I an unappreciative of the volunteers but maybe the paperwork was incorrect? I see only one name that was given to me to use to vote. ???