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One of Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Janet Holder, Enbridge Gas Distribution President
NEWS RELEASE · 21st November 2011
Globe and Mail
Excerpt from Globe and Mail Article:

The questions she now faces: Will her comfort in living in Prince George pay professional dividends? Will having an executive stationed at the mid-point of the Gateway route prove persuasive to the dozens of first nations that have staunchly opposed the project? Will Enbridge’s promise of Little League sponsorship and local benefits change minds among those convinced that the pipeline will leak into their rivers and poison their way of life?

Ms. Holder acknowledges that Enbridge has made missteps along the way.“I wouldn’t call them mistakes,” she says, though she allows that the company has underestimated the value of communications. In its focus on what she calls the “ ‘big picture’ value equation” to industry and the Canadian people, Enbridge has struggled to enunciate what it means on a local level: “What does it really mean for Kitimat? For Terrace? For Burns Lake?”

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Comment by Apocalypse Now on 22nd November 2011
Yes I use gas ,oil ,plastic bags and food containers. I drive to work, but society keeps me addicted to all these things with out any solutions to wean me off of them.I am addicted like someone addicted to heroin. Give me a replacement which is less harmful to the environment so I can beat the addiction. Unfortunately the addiction to greed is even more difficult to overcome. Lets not rape and pillage our natural resources for short term gain.You said it your self 7 billion people to feed the world can not sustain every one living like North Americans .So lets set an example and cut back on useless petroleum guzzling gadgets.
Comment by Joe Taxpayer on 22nd November 2011
Your article is correct and to the point. We are a society that is addicted to oil. Even those people who say they live off the land, unless your going back to the cave man days, you will still need oil. All manufacting of goods require oil of some sort.

We as a society have to learn to live without We need to look all the goods we buy and decide if its a need or a want. 90% of what you buy is a want. What really gets me is the packaging of these good. I am tired of all the plastic that the packages are made of. If its paper at least I can recycle it.

My take on the pipeline is to look at all the facts, I know enbridge does not have the best track record in management of the pipelines. We need to develop an enclosed system for the lines. (Either an above ground contrete structure or a fiberglass shell, large enough for the pipes and for a walkway.) That way when one leaks at least it is contained until it can be stopped and repaired.

Karen : you say we should look at manufacturing our own products. Well, are you prepared to work for a couple of dollars a day. I think not. Most of us have been to Walmart because the low prices. Can you imagine how expensive these products would be if we produced them in Canada. We have a standard of living that we are all used to and are not prepared to change. Let me know how you would create or manufacture your products to compete with china. We are a global society and as such we must compete or be left behind. In that case you might as well close the doors to any outside influence and become a society where we all work for no wages and have the governement pay for everything. I think they call that a communist society.
Apocalypse Now
Comment by Searle on 22nd November 2011
So what you are saying then, is that you are happy to use petroleum, but you don't want it in your back yard. Keep the pollution danger in some other area of the country and you are happy, just as long as it doesn't threaten your drinking water. Hmmmm........ As an aside, you appear to be living in Kitimat. Where were you when Alcan and Eurocan were polluting the Kitimat River??? What did you do when the effluent in the river was damaging the Eulachon run?? Actually there were days here in Terrace when we could smell the smoke from Eurocan, and you only need to look at the trees above the Eurocan Mill to see what it was doing to the forest. I suppose we here should have been picketing and protesting against you folk in Kitimat? You appear to have a severe case of NIMBYitis.
I mean no disrespect but.......
Comment by Searle on 22nd November 2011
Karen, you sit in a house heated by petroleum products, writing at a computor made by and from petroleum, you drive a car made by petroleum and fueled by the same, you eat food produced by petroleum and delivered to your door by the same, you depend on hospitals built and fueled by petroleum, you fly to Vancouver on planes built and fueled by petroleum, Etc, Etc, Etc, Etc, Ad Nauseum. You live in a world where we have allowed 7 billion people to be born, 7 billion who can only be fed and clothed not to speak of being housed and educated, by the use of petroleum. With respect but neither you nor the other posters on this topic seem to realize the true ramifications of the dilemna that the world is in. You seem to be confused in your statements. On the one hand you are worried about pollution but then you speak of refining our petroleum here in Canada. You are a consumer of many many international products but you don't want to export oil to pay for them. Lets look at some basic facts. (1) The world is grossly overpopulated. We can only sustain that population using oil. There seems to be no one willing to face the need for massive birth control and a gradual reduction in the world population to a level that can be sustained using renewable resources. Instead we see bumper stickers quoting Mother Theresa saying, " How can there be too many children, that is like saying there are too many flowers" (2) Our country of Canada is only well off because we have things that we can trade to other nations for the things that we want and need. What do we have to trade? Well by and large it is NOT manufactured products. We are one of the worlds largest exporters, but what we have that others want is raw materials. The chief of those raw materials is oil. Our well being as a nation depends in large part on oil exports. Right now we export the great majority of our oil to the Americans. The Americans have shown time and time again that they cannot be depended on, and indeed pose a threat to our independence. It is urgent that we find other markets for our oil, be that China or whoever. (3) There is only a finite supply of oil in the world and when that is gone disaster awaits. Yes, we do most urgently need to use the time that our remaining oil gives us to find some sort of alternative, and to reduce population in a humane manner, and nature the other alternative is not humane. The environmental movement has its heart in the right place but it needs to wake up and smell the roses
Economic disaster in the long term
Comment by Karen on 22nd November 2011
Yes, Searle, we do need to do some real thinking. About the fact that oil is a non-renewable resource. About the fact that it is being mined at breakneck speed to satisfy the gluttony of the planet for not just assumed necessities but millions of useless products that are meant to fuel that gluttony. About the fact that most of those useless products are adding to the gargantuan and uncontrollable expansion of our landfills.

We need to consider that Canada seems to be becoming almost exclusively dependent on the export of non-renewable raw resources to fuel our economy. China and other manufacturing countries continue to pump out garbage of lower and lower quality forcing producers of higher end products into extinction. The fact that Canada is becoming increasingly dependent on trade with China which, itself, is heading for economic disaster with their increasing labour costs and out of control populations. And the fact that building the Northern Gateway will only accelerate this ridiculous pace to drain the country of this valuable resource and encourage further waste of a resource that, we must accept, will not last forever.

Harper claims that oil is this countries' economic salvation but I believe the blatant abuse of it will be our downfall if we don't learn restrain very, very soon. It is well past time to re-evaluate Canada's long-term goals for sustainability.

We need to look at manufacturing a greater percentage of our raw resources on our shores so we aren't relying so heavily on export. We need to wean ourselves off disposable products from countries intent on cornering manufacturing markets. And we need to quit catering to corporate greed where instant profit trumps long-term sustainability of both the economy and the environment we so heavily rely on.

Denial, ignorance and naivety is taking us in a direction we may not be able to avert. So yes, we do need to do some real thinking, and the first step is to say NO to Enbridge.
can you believe enbridge?
Comment by ron wilton on 22nd November 2011
searle !!!
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 21st November 2011
If they have a spill in the kitimat river like they did in Michigan my water supply is contaminated what will I drink?And as far as buying time till we find another source of energy ,they have been using that excuse since the first supposed oil shortage back in the early 70s my friend.I get it you have too much faith in people to protect you. greed is not good unlike they tell you.
The truth behind oil and our lack of knowledge
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 21st November 2011
The truth behind oil and our lack of knowledge

Prior to the last century almost all of the products we use today, including fuel, were made from the hemp plant. Henry Ford made his first cars out of hemp. The body panels and the fuel. Dupont then discovered a oil refining process to make numerous products out of crude oil. If Randolf Hurst (the media tycoon) hadn’t worked together with Dupont to make Hemp illegal things would be much different today. Hurst owned large tracts of forest lands he used to make paper for his newspapers. A new machine had just been invented to shred hemp to make paper too. The industry was about to be revolutionized and forests would no longer be cut down just to make newsprint.

Hurst and Dupont conspired to profit at the expense of everyone and everything. Today all the products made from crude oil make people sick. Forests have been decimated where the industrial hemp plant could grow yearly. Trees take dozens of years.

As for using crude oil for fuel, this is not the question. The question is the handling of the product. It should be refined at the source and shipped in containers, vacuum sealed. Industrial development will continue as will the population growth. The only question is how to continue responsibly.

Allowing the corrupt to continue to exploit from the past corruption is simply wrong. The knowledge is being lost as the generations pass. Soon everyone will get all their info from Wikipedia and it will be continually modified to remove the truth.

Even during the Second World War the USA government recognized their folly and started promoting the production of Hemp with a new slogan Hemp for Victory! As soon as the war was over though, Hurst and Dupont were back. Our parents, grandparents, children and siblings are dying of cancer due to the ignorant and spineless public inability to understand and stand up for the truth. Being a money grubbers friend is never a good plan.

As Mother Teresa is quoted as stating - It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you choose.
Comment by James Ippel on 21st November 2011
Thank you for a well thought and well written piece on energy. What you have said is true.
Eighty-five percent of the worlds energy (Patrick Moore) comes from fossil fuels and oil is the most important of these.
It is all well and good to try and use wind power as a source of energy, but can you see a cargo container coming across the Pacific Ocean in a reasonable length of time using a few windmills mounted fore and aft.
I read in the Daily that one group from the Smithers area stated they are opposed to the pipelines because the "Live off the Land." Sorry folks, I find this to be more than a little "farfetched."
I would venture a guess that those most vehemently opposed to the pipelines are the people with the most recreational toys that consume processed oil derivatives.
Face reality, we cannot survive without fossil fuels. We have to insure that we use them safely.
No Apocalypse Now, YOU just don't get it.
Comment by Searle on 21st November 2011
Before the introduction of petroleum in the 1860 s/ 1870 s there were about 1 billion people in the world, and we were having problems feeding that many. Since that time we have added 6 billion people. We accomplished this dubious achievement by using oil in all its various facets. I am not in favour of this happening but due mainly to the major religions of the world being against any reasonable kind of birth control ,here we are. We cannot sustain this population by any other means than oil. To do without oil means a major major decline in population and that in a very short time. You are advocating a holocaust if you think that we can do without oil. You are writing your comments on a computor. It was not made in Canada. Where did the Japanese or Chinese money come from that allowed us to import those computors? Well chiefly from our petro chemical and raw oil exports, thats where. You had better get used to a country with very few computors if you don't like oil. Where did the vegetables and fruit that you will enjoy with your supper this evening come from? Not from Canada. Where did the Mexican and American money come from that allowed us to import these items? It was mainly from our oil exports of course. I will repeat what I said previously. We as a people need to educate ourselves about the whole subject before we make ignorant statements, then we need to ,as a society come to terms with the situation that faces us today. Many of the comments I am reading sound like they were made by immature teenagers. Its time to grow up. We may not like oil but because of circumstances that exist today we have no alternative to its use. What we really need to be doing is using the worlds remaining oil supplies to give us time both to find some sort of reasonable alternatives and to at least start to reduce world population before nature does it for us. And as far as your comment about water goes, Alberta has been producing oil since 1914, and they have no shortage at all of drinking water.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 21st November 2011
What will we drink when our water supply is contaminated with oil , you just don't get it .
Comment by Karen on 21st November 2011
Go home Holder! The Northern Gateway is NOT going to be your claim to fame!
We all need to do some real thinking
Comment by Searle on 21st November 2011
I am as worried about oil spills as much as anyone, whether from tankers on the sea or from pipelines, but all of us need to do some real thinking. In our daily lives oil is of supreme importance, We not only use oil for transportation or to heat our homes, we literally eat oil. Petroleum products are used as the chief feedstock to produce the fertilizers that we MUST have to grow the plants that feed both ourselves and the seven billion people in the world. Oil is used to produce the antibiotics and the other medicines that we use to keep ourselves healthy. Oil is used to produce the asphalt that paves the roads and the fuel that propels the plows that maintain them, so that food and medicines can reach us. I could go on and on, but it is an indisputable fact that our civilization simply could not exist without oil. Some people say that we could replace oil with "renewable" sources such as wind, tide or solar. This is simply not true. There is no source of energy except nuclear power (and who even wants to discuss that alternative!!) that is as energy "dense" as is oil. We have not even begun to discuss how important oil is to Canadas overall wealth and standard of living. Oil is one of our chief, if not the chief, export. The money from oil is what has kept us from falling into the same disaster that has happened to the Americans or the Europeans. Where will the money come from that allows us to pay welfare, or medicare, to mention just two programs, if we do not sell our oil? I think that to summarize, we as Canadians don't mind benefiting from "petro" dollars, but we object to oil itself. This is an unthinking and hypocritical attitude. Rather than simply and ignorantly saying NO to oil, as we benefit from it in so many ways, we should be spending our time and energy in finding ways to mitigate its dangers and to insist that governments and corporations use evert single method at their disposal to protect the environment. There is a Lunatic fringe to the environmental movement that is monopolizing the discussion at the moment. They can be described as "throw the baby out with the bathwater" thinkers. We as a society cannot afford that kind of mind set.
No to Enbridge
Comment by Someone not wanting Enbridge on 21st November 2011
Please keep enbridge and this lady out of Beautiful B.C.
Enbridge Alert!!
Comment by Nancy on 21st November 2011
Keep an eye out for this woman! Especially First Nations. Enbridge is infiltrating the west with fast talkers! Using gender and previous local citizens.