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NEWS RELEASE · 21st November 2011
Terrace RCMP
Downtown Terrace
- a live round of ammo was found at the Terrace Liquor Store by an employee. It was destroyed by police.

- a U Haul vehicle was not returned so it was reported as stolen. It was located parked on Lakelse Ave and towed. It is a civil matter.

- possible impaired driver near the Coast Inn of the West. Checks were done of the area. The registered owner of the vehicle was contacted.

- a vehicle was broken into while parked at McDonald’s’s at about 3 PM on Nov. 15 and several items were stolen

- a man was arrested on an outstanding warrant out of Hazelton for sexual assault during a routine vehicle check on Greig Ave and Apsley St. He was released before a Justice of the Peace with the same conditions he had on before

- family dispute on Lazelle Ave. Taxi assisted police in removing one of the families to another location.

- 2 men were arrested for public intoxication on Lakelse Ave on separate incidents

Elsewhere Terrace
- false residential alarm on Mountain Vista Dr

- sexual assault investigation

- a woman was arrested for public intoxication at the soup kitchen on Sparks St

- suicidal man on Sparks St. He was misinterpreted and was not suicidal

- business false alarm on Keith Ave, 11th false alarm at this location this year

- police assisted a man and woman with separation issues

- an intoxicated 16 yr old girl was banging on a door on Little Ave. Checks were done of area.

- domestic dispute on Scott Ave.

- a woman was arrested for public intoxication on Pear St

- police attended a residence on Mountain Vista Dr to a medic alert alarm. Police had to kick the front door in to gain access to the home. An elderly lady was located and transported to Mills Memorial Hospital via BC Ambulance. The front door was fixed by police.

- man was arrested for public intoxication at Denny’s

- harassment investigation

- a woman causing a disturbance at the soup kitchen on Spark’s St. She left on her own accord. Checks were done of area.

- a red Honda Accord driving erratically. Checks were done of area. The registered owner was contacted.

- mischief complaint on Sparks St. Parties involved were spoken with.

- man arrested for public intoxication in a backyard on Haugland Ave

- loud party on Park Ave. It was already shut down when police attended.

- possible break and enter at an address on Kalum St. Police checked the residence.

- a black wallet was stolen from the Aquatic Center

- a 16 yr old girl was reported missing from a residence on Dejong Cr. Chronic runaway. She returned on her own in the morning.

- 911 call. When dispatch called the number back, a female answered the phone and stated someone was going crazy and it was no joke. Police attended to an address on Sparks St. A 15 yr old boy was home alone, and stated that his friends had done this and then left when they discovered police were attending.

- a fist sized rock was thrown thru the front window of a home on Haugland Ave. The homeowner was sleeping on the couch and was covered in glass. Checks were done of area.

- a woman was observed drinking alcohol on Sparks St. The alcohol was disposed of and she was fined.

- a man was arrested for public intoxication at an address on Kerr St

- domestic dispute on Kalum St / Soucie Ave. A man was arrested for breaching his conditions. Charges are being forwarded to Crown Counsel.

- an intoxicated man was transported to his sister’s place

- man was arrested for pubic intoxication on Kalum St

- sexual investigation reported by the hospital

- a 13 yr old girl was reported missing. She was located by the Hazelton RCMP

- disturbance on Kerr St. An intoxicated man was refusing to leave a residence. He left on his own accord when police were called.

- a black Ford Explorer was speeding in the Walmart Parking lot.

- false business alarm on Olson Ave

- a man was arrested for public intoxication on Haugland Ave, for the second time. He became ill in cells and was transported to Mills Memorial Hospital via BC Ambulance

- a man was arrested for public intoxication on Kalum St / Park Ave. He was on conditions of to abstain from the consumption of alcohol. Charges are being forwarded to Crown Counsel.

- false 911 call

- a 15 yr old girl was assaulted by another 15 yr old girl at the Terrace Arena. She suffered bruising and scrapes. Charges are being forwarded to Crown Counsel.

- a woman was reported missing when she failed to show up in Terrace. Police contacted her by phone and she was fine.

- false 911 call at Mills Memorial Hospital

- false business alarm on Hwy 16

- verbal domestic dispute on Park Ave

- prank call and uttering threats complaint

- false business alarm on Keith Ave

- investigation of a harassment complaint

- a man was arrested for public intoxication on Little Ave. He was on conditions to abstain from the consumption of alcohol. Charges are being forwarded.

- false residential alarm on Kofoed Dr

- a green Chevy Pickup truck hit a fence on Muller Ave, destroying it. The intoxicated driver was located after the fact. He was issued multiple violation tickets and the vehicle was towed for no insurance.

- an uninsured, no battery, no gas, 1988 Mercury Grand Marquis was stolen from an address on Simpson Cr sometime in the last 2 months.

- 3 suspicious males at Copper Mountain School. Two 16 yr old boys and an 18 yr old man were located. Drug paraphernalia was seized.

- uttering threats over the phone

- a vehicle parked on Queensway Dr appeared to have been rummaged thru.

- fight at George’s Pub. Two men were taken to Mills Memorial Hospital via BC Ambulance to be checked out with minor injuries. Parties involved did not want the matter pursued any further.

- sudden death on Clark St. A 66 yr old man is deceased. Foul play is not suspected.

- an intoxicated woman was arrested an a residence on Sande Ave for breach of peace.

- neighborhood dispute on Kalum Lake Dr

- a plow truck on Hwy 16 driving all over the
road. Checks were done of area.

- a school bus traffic incident is being investigated.

- an amount of marijuana was located on a man. Charges are being forwarded.

- a driver was issued a driving prohibition and his vehicle was impounded during a vehicle check on Hwy 37 near Mt Layton Hotsprings

- an intoxicated man laying in Eby St in front of the Terrace RCMP Detachment was escorted to the wet shelter on Hall St

- suspicious man at a residence on Gyiik Rd. Checks were done of area

Kulspai, Gitaus
nothing to report

People with information on crime are asked to contact the Terrace RCMP at (250)638-7400 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers by telephone at 1-800-222-TIPS. Or a Tip can be left anonymously online at
False alarms/Flowers/Booze
Comment by Maggie Jo on 22nd November 2011
RE: Excessive False Alarms at same businesses. After a certain # of false alarms within a said period, the businesses are actually charged a fee to pay for additional callouts. So I suspect that fee goes back into the coffers to help pay for wasting RCMP time??

RE: What would happen without Alcohol? I was actually entertaining that same question myself these past few months reading these regular postings. But, we're all "adults" and are permitted to purchase alcohol. do the young drunk kids in town get da ' goods? Investigating THAT could be worth some charges, heh?

RE: Kicking the door in. I LOVED IT! And the RCMP even repaired the door themselves? And remember a # of postings ago when the floral vehicle was involved in a MVA and the RCMP delivered the flowers instead? Niiiiiiice. Now THAT's what being a Community Officer is all about:)
re: what would happen without Alcohol?
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 22nd November 2011
This is incorrect. Many would resort to drinking mouthwash and other items with alcohol in it. Also, people would start making their own alcohol.

Those who want to get help will get help. Prohibition does not work.
Eleventh false alarm this year
Comment by c. sandecki on 22nd November 2011
Is no one getting to the bottom of why there have been eleven false alarms this year at this Keith Avenue location? Not good advertising for the alarm company, at the very least.
Between repeated false alarms, runaway kids, intoxicated individuals, family disputes, assaults, and thefts from parked cars this sure sounds like a community anyone would be eager to move to, ski hill or no ski hill.
What a waste of taxpayer dollars in policing.
Kind of proves the adage, one dollar spent in prevention saves seven dollars in tidying up costs.
I LOVE the "kick in the door" part
Comment by Roy Harding on 22nd November 2011
Those guys and gals of the RCMP do stellar service for this community. Bless 'em.

They had a "medic alert" or similar call, and they got the job done.

Thanks, Horsemen - despite institutional problems regarding your organization (which are spread all over the media), you as individuals make a HUGE contribution and difference to our community.
What would happen without Alcohol?
Comment by t on 22nd November 2011
What woul d happen if everyone agreed that the sale of alcohol was to be suspended for 8 weeks in the northwest area?

For those with no alcohol problem - it would be no problem.

For those with an alcohol problem it would be a decent windown to get some help. Imagine if the the cost of all this crime could be diverted into treatment services instead of wet shelters that have ended up enabling continued abuse since they are open year round and not only open in the icy cold winter to save lives.

I know it is highly unlikely to ever occur, but I just thought I would intersting to ponder.