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CONTRIBUTION · 22nd November 2011
Citizens for Safe Technology
"Dear Neighbours,

"You have probably heard that Wireless Smart Meters are being rolled out across B.C., although you may not know this is causing serious public concern.

On September 30, 2011, the Union of BC Municipalities, (all the mayors and council members of BC), voted for a complete moratorium on the rollout of wireless smart meters until questions regarding health, privacy and cost could be analysed under public scrutiny. The Liberals said they didn't care, and are ignoring all requests from the people for democratic choice. Rich Coleman and Christy Clark have both stated that if you don't want a wireless meter on your house, you will need to pay to move it elsewhere on your property, go "off grid," or leave the province . . . "

In an attempt to outpace opposition, Hydro's Corix installers are working rapidly to install Smart Meters before the majority of us know what is happening.

Then, either on the brink of installation, or after the fact, people are asking in a panic, "What can we do?"

Regardless of whether or not we live in houses, apartments, condominiums, town homes or care facilities, there ARE things we can do, in our neighbourhoods.

Definitely, they are better done before the fact than after, but even after the fact there are things that can be done in the longer term.

Hopefully, this newsletter brochure can be a springboard to action. It can help initiate conversation and awareness on the subject of wireless Smart Meters and answer questions that many people are beginning to have about these devices and the "Smart" grid that will follow. If you use it as a tool, there is a space for you to write your contact information if you wish.

First we have to learn the facts and recognize the spin that BC Hydro is using to promote this unsafe technology. Then we need to talk to each other and decide what we can do, together.

Many hands make light work, and two heads are better than one . . .

Best distributed with the No Trespassing Sign and printed, hands-on copy of Non-Consent Letter to Hydro.

Occupy Smart Meters Petition - So close to our goal of 10,000!

NO-vember update
Posted at 12:00 a.m. November 22.

A collective cheer can be raised as we are now at 7945 (and counting . . .) on the Occupy Smart Meters online petition, and the hard copies are probably about 1,000 to 2,000. Our personal best happened today with 1838 signatures in just one day!

Signatures are still coming in . . . Night owls and early risers may be able to sneak in a few more before we tally them.

Last minute hard-copy signatures still count if you FAX your petition sheets directly to JOHN HORGAN'S OFFICE. If necessary, keep them coming right up to noon on Thursday, November 24.
Mr. Horgan's FAX number at his office is 250-387-4680.

After the signatures are tallied and printed out for presentation to the Premier, they will be delivered to Victoria for reading at Thursday's Legislative Assembly.

This is a major accomplishment. John Horgan himself has said that for everyone who has registered concern, there are at least 20 to 30 silent supporters. This means our 10,000 signatures equate to 200,000 to 300,000 British Columbians.

Call your MLA. Call John Horgan's Constituency Office 250-391-2801 and the Legislative Office 250-387-3655. Tell him we want a press conference.

We want the Premier and Energy Minister to HEAR US.

Read the Newsletter Here

Comment by Eric Roy on 25th November 2011
Thanks, Karen!

Nowhere did I state that I think BC Hydro is an unbiased source of info. I just did a quick online search because I was curious as to how often & how much these things transmit. BC Hydro's info page was the top hit in the search results of course. My opinion is still that given all the other radio frequencies and other things floating around in our air, I think smart meters represent a very small risk if any to our health.
Comment by Karen on 25th November 2011
Here is another source of research that you may find interesting. I would not consider BC Hydro an unbiased expert on smart meters.
"Save us Money"
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 24th November 2011
The reason they're installing them is to "save us money".

Smart meters make it easier to tamper with individual power meters as well as shut off large portions of the grid by an attacker. This was not possible with the old meters.

See this link for more information:
Thanks Eric
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 24th November 2011
Glad you cleared that up. You can understand why folks are not really willing to accept any assurances given by BC Hydro on possible health effects. I have not heard a single reason that justifies spending a billion dollars to tell BC Hydro about my hydro consumption unless they have a whole other reason for doing this. By the time we find out what it is, it will be too late.

There are much cheaper ways to police their system against hydro power theft. So even that is a phoney argument. It interesting that no one has ever priced out the cost of employing meter readers so we don't even know the facts behind that argument.

I think, as was explained in the conservative party press release, it is all about creating the mechanisms for a two-tiered price structure. So unless we all want to go to living at night, we will pay more. And I'm not even a conservative.
Comment by marianne brorup weston on 23rd November 2011
No one asked me if I wanted this.

No one asked if they could come on to my property when I wasn't home.

No one asked if they could install it.

No one knows how much trouble I go to to avoid unnecessary EMFs and other environmental 'toxins'.

I have a right to choose what I wish to be exposed to.

I had no choice.

That's my bottom line.
Comment by Eric Roy on 23rd November 2011
Sorry, I missed where I claimed to be an expert! I don't recall stating anywhere that I am an expert on this issue. I simply posted information that is freely available in the public domain which I found after a google search. I have no connections whatsoever to BC Hydro or Corix. I live in Thornhill. My credentials have nothing to do with what I posted, but since you asked... I do have combined 10 years experience in the I.T. industry in various capacities, working in residential, commercial, corporate & institutional settings. I have worked (and still work from time to time) on contract basis representing companies like IBM & Dell to national corporate & institutional clients. For example, I can walk into a store like Wal-Mart or Canadian Tire and install or upgrade/replace their entire point of sale systems from frontend to backend. Do I claim to be an expert in this field? Absolutely not! DO I think I am the only person who does or can do this type of work? Absolutely not...and I know personally and have worked with others who know way more than I do. I mentioned wi-fi as I do possess some knowledge of these systems, but by no means claim to be an expert. Like smart meters, the health effects of wi-fi signals are not yet fully known, if there are any health effects at all. My opinion is simply that based on what I saw on BC Hydro's site about smart meters, and what I know about other radio frequency emitting devices...I believe that the health risks, if any, are very small. At the same time I am opposed to having these devices forced on us. I realize that there are those who disagree with me, and I respect differing opinions, and I am NOT saying that those who disagree with me are wrong. I think it's much more dangerous to one's health just to go about your daily routine than to get potentially fried by radio waves at home. You can live the healthiest lifestyle possible and the fact still remains that you can step outside and get smacked by a truck. If that were to happen, I bet smart meters would then be the very least of your concerns.
@ Eric
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 23rd November 2011
Since you are claiming to be an expert, why are you not posting under your full name? Last time we had somebody on here claiming everyone was wrong they turned out to be a business consultant from back east. I couldn't find any connection with Corix but it wouldn't be posted on their website in any case.

Health risks have still not been confirmed either way but the real reason BC Hydro is doing this was explained by a recent article on these pages - a press release from the BC Conservative Party.

In any case, What are your credentials?
@ Stacey
Comment by Eric on 22nd November 2011
14 smart meters that each transmit about a minute a day. 14 smart meters is telling me potentially there's 14 apartments where this woman lives. In how many of these apartments do the residents have wireless routers (wi-fi) that are on 24/7? How much time do they spend on the cell phone or cordless phone while at home? What about airborne radio frequencies that penetrate dwellings 24/7? How about the small amount of radioactive radon gas that floats up through the ground into our homes every day? The point I was attempting to make is that the smart meters represent an extremely small amount of concern for ME considering all the other RF emitting devices that are always on and always transmitting. I know they are causing concern for others, and everyone is fully entitled to their concerns and opinions. While my stance is that smart meters represent an extremely small health risk if any at all, I am still opposed to them being installed on homes & businesses quite often without the property owner's consent.
Health Issue
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 22nd November 2011
Their website also says

"Unlike other wireless infrastructure, smart meters use very low power signals – about one watt."

one watt is higher than most wireless devices that you use in your home. Most devices that require a watt or more of radio power require a license to use.
Updating technology
Comment by Dean on 22nd November 2011
Most will stand in line to get the latest Iphony, big screen TV or whatever
Then when BC Hydro wants to replace hardware that’s older than they are, they freak out.
Paranoid bunch…
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 22nd November 2011
What about apartments? I know a woman who has 14 smart meters on the other side of her wall. Is it still safe?
@ Nancy
Comment by Eric on 22nd November 2011
Absolutely, we should not have had this imposed on us and we should be able to have a say in what we want and do not want done to our own homes. I am just as dumbfounded as most everyone else as to why this was imposed on us. I came home one day and "surprise" there's a new smart meter on the house. No one asked...they just installed it. Good thing I have my computers plugged into battery backups! My main point with my earlier post was just to simply state that these meters are not the huge health concern that some are making them out to be.
Eric Can you tell us why we were not asked if we wanted them
Comment by Nancy on 22nd November 2011
I would like to know why they were imposed on us? Shouldn't we be asked what we would like on our own home?
Smart Meters
Comment by Fred B. on 22nd November 2011
I can see how this would make all the pot growers in our community nervous LOL. Hilarious.
Health issue?
Comment by Eric on 22nd November 2011
Smart meters transmit at a very low radio frequency for approximately one minute a day. Compare this to all the other wireless & radio frequency that we are bombarded with constantly. For example, most wi-fi systems that are on just about all the time in almost every home now transmit constantly on the 2.4Ghz band. Cordless phones transmit at anywhere from 900Mhz to 5.8Ghz and beyond depending what make and model of phone is in question. Then there's cell phones, microwaves, and not to mention the small amount of natural radiation we're exposed to every day. With everything else that is frying me every day, the new smart meter on my house is the very least of my health concerns.

The statement below is copied from this web site :

"Smart meters are active for an average of one minute per day. Residential smart meters are active for a total average of one minute per day, which includes the relay of information that may be required for data transmission and coordination between meters. In fact, the exposure to radio frequency from a smart meter – over its entire 20-year life span – is equal to a single 30 minute cell phone call."