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NEWS RELEASE · 22nd November 2011
Terrace RCMP
Downtow n Terrace

- man passed out in lobby of Clinton Manor Apartments. He was arrested for breaching his probation.

- intoxicated pan handler at Tim Hortonís on Lakelse. Checks were done of area.

- man bothering people at the Royal Bank. He was located and told to move on.

- suspicious person near Royal Bank

- intoxicated person near Mr. Mikeís. Checks were done of area.

- fam ily dispute. A woman was given a ride to another address to separate the unhappy people.

Elsewhere Terrace

- intoxicated m an weaving in and out of traffic. The m an was located with a friend who was taking him home.

- a red 2005 Ford F 250 attempted to make a left turn where left turns are not allowed on Tetrault and Keith. He was unable to make the turn, so stopped and backed up, right into a blue 2006 Volkswagen Jetta that was behind him . The vehicle then left the scene of the collision without stopping. Minor dam age to the Jetta. Under investigation.

- domestic violence investigation

- a woman assaulted another woman by pouring beer on her.

- a m an was trying to climb an invisible ladder in a parking lot on Keith Ave. He was arrested for public intoxication.

- an amount of marijuana was turned over to police from staff at Mills Memorial Hospital.

- Mills Memorial Hospital requested police assistance in dealing with a patient. This patient ended up complying with staff direction on their own and police were not required.

- intoxicated m an knocking on a door on Agar Ave asking directions to the Menís Shelter. Police conducted checks in the

- a person on Kofoed Dr was confrontational and aggressive to a BC Hydro employee. There is an ongoing issue between
this person on BC Hydro. Agreed to deal with BC Hydro thru civil court and not thru their employees.

- family dispute. The people involved were spoken with agreed to another course of action

- police assisted Dease Lake Detachment with transportation of person apprehended under a Mental Health Act Directorís Warrant to Mills Memorial Hospital

People with information on crime are asked to contact the Terrace RCMP at (250)638-7400 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers by telephone at 1-800-222-TIPS. Or a Tip can be left anonymously online at .
Route planning ahead of time
Comment by Maggie Jo on 23rd November 2011
I always plan my routes in attempts to avoid the worst intersections in town. Why? For my own safety!

The one by the old 711/Bank of Montreal is horrid, but at least it's manned by lights. In any event, I avoid that intersection cuz irks me at the lack of engineering in the construction of that intersection in the first place. Not sure why the City didn't just make the street straight thru the lot where the old 711 used to be, before letting bldgs go up there instead years ago. And then having to engineer a most interesting mouse maze just to get through. And then the looooooooooong waits for the lights to change? Ugh. C'mon...a 3 way'ed intersection in the middle of MAIN street in town? Only in Terrace.

Another sketchy piece of work is the Lanfear/Thomas street intersection. Okay...I must admit I was thrilled that the City purchased part of a homeowner's yard to create a better visual around that windy corner, but would it be too much trouble to have that telephone pole moved away from the stop sign to provide better visuals on speeding oncoming traffic offa Lanfear Hill? It's impossible getting outta there safely! 'Feels like I'm playing russian roulette! On the left is a curved road with drivers rounding that limited visual corner which suddenly surprises drivers trying to enter that intersection offa Thomas - trying to edge out into the intersection when..."OH NO On the right there's suddenly a visual of another speeding vehicle coming offa Lanfear Hill Either you gotta gun it or slam on the breaks. (Phewf! Thankfully we all wear seatbelts, cuz I'm like..."OH! Sweet Jesus/Mary/Joseph! HANG ON KIDS!!!)

And the intersection in front of City Hall? C'Mon people! It's not rocket science. If you're driving offa Lakelse to turn either North or South on Eby...go into your closest lane FIRST without gliding over into the secondary lane (without signals to boot). Sheesh! 'Had a few close calls there myself.

And when a sign on a traffic light or on a posted sign says "No left turns" kindly do not turn left.

And when a pedestrian is using a crosswalk....STOP for them! I crinched when I saw a pedestrain in front of City Hall almost get plastered. Ewwww...'not into the bloody scenes. Thankfully when he was 1/2 way thru the intersection, he was aware of his surroundings and hopped back just in time before being run over while the vehicle continued on its merry way.

So, yes...I try to consciously plan my routes to avoid these intersections (and others) which are simply too dangerous to frequent. At times I have no choice but to frequent them. But, pretty sad I have to actually "plan" out my route in the first place in order to try to stay safe, heh?
worst intersections
Comment by cmmadmomma on 23rd November 2011
I really don't like the intersections on Keith Ave. I guess lights are needed now.
I get so angry at whoever designed the intersections and lights when I find myself stuck in that stupid intersection by the Bank of Montreal. I think whoever did the designs was not a driver.
Left turn is hazardous
Comment by Maggie Jo on 22nd November 2011
A number of years ago I was riding my bike home from work and was riding off the overpass heading East when a woman turned LEFT out of Tetrault onto Keith.

Of course there was a major impact and I involuntarily performed a 10 scored performance rating on my catapulting over the car hitting the pavement, flying over again, hitting the pavement, flying over again, hitting the pavement repeatedly until the law of gravity finally made me stop what seemed like a mile away.

I am lucky I survived, but I still suffer physically from that post MVA to this day.

Whenever I see someone attempting to break the law by turning left at that same intersection I always honk...or if I'm heading West on Keith into town I simply decide to turn into Tetrault (outta my way, but to make a point) in order to stop them from entering the intersection; where I give them my scolding face/wagging finger - alerting them to the "No Left Turn" sign.

Just this past week I saw THREE people pulling left turns there. Ugh. Makes me sick they could cause yet another accident in that intersection. The next person might not be as lucky to survive as I was.