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NEWS RELEASE · 22nd November 2011
carrie tait - Globe and Mail
First nations seek fresh start with Enbridge over pipeline to coast

First nations groups protesting against Enbridge Inc’s controversial pipeline to the B.C. coast will reconsider their opposition to the project if its regulatory approval process is put on hold.

The Coastal First Nations in a September meeting told Pat Daniel, Enbridge’s chief executive, they want the Joint Review Panel (JRP) to delay hearings on the company’s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline so negotiations between the two sides can resume and a stronger relationship can be built.

“If we could have a fresh start and were able build a good relationship, the Coastal First Nations might be willing to take another look at the project,” Art Sterritt, the group’s executive director, said in an interview. “That wouldn’t mean we would necessarily come out and agree with it, but we would certainly take a closer look at it.”

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Coastal 1st nations seeking fresh start with Enbridge???
Comment by Jo on 23rd November 2011
I am astounded that this is now even being considered while many people -- 1st nations and others are still constantly protesting and posting links against this.
Don't be fooled
Comment by Mike Ross on 23rd November 2011
Easy to see this article (in the Globe and Mail) has been bought and paid for by Enbridge et al. They seek to misdirect opinion of the fact that continuing to "assess environmental impact" without regard to overwhelming and unwavering opposition by First Nations is an insult. When this has been pointed out to them, they seek to be "the nice guys" and show that they will stop this wrong approach and try gain favour from it.

Simply because one side says, in effect, "stop insulting me in this manner" is not a softening of opposition as the other side would have us believe.
Experienced operators
Comment by Chris Gee on 22nd November 2011
For hundreds of years, the First Nations of this land have born the burden of agreeing, in good faith, to deals negotiated by those with colonialist aims. Time after time, promises have been broken and deals reneged. I suspect that few groups are as well versed in negotiating with unsavory entities as First Nations. I see this latest move as a brilliant tactic to slow the JRP process and to put the brakes on the oil crazed frenzy currently gripping the Conservatives.
Negotiating a sell-out?
Comment by Karen on 22nd November 2011
If Enbridge's Northern Gateway goes through, with First Nations' blessings, they will have lost all my respect. I certainly hope that the land, their traditions and their values mean more to them than money.