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CONTRIBUTION · 23rd November 2011
R1chard Jenn1ss
To the people of Greater Terrace, I ask for your support. Terrace needs more things to do and we have a solution.

We can fund raise for our recreation by making charitable donations to the municipality in the name of our community benefit. Donations over $5000 require Council approval.

A donation to a municipality is considered charitable and can be used as an income tax credit.
Property taxes are not income tax deductible.

A donation is voluntary. Taxes are not voluntary.

This has all been done before by our neighboring town Smithers. See here:

We can be the hub.
Petitions can be found at:

Cafenara, Public Library, Checkers Pizza, CompuSmart and Baker Extraordinaire.

Any questions please email:
or call between 4pm and 9pm. (250) 641-0040
More Squash
More Squash
Climbing wall
Climbing wall
More climbing.
More climbing.
Comment by R1chard Jenn1ss on 24th November 2011

The petition was created before the City was set up for donations. Yes it was to address council but once it got going it became something else.

Any donations over $5,000 needs councils approval. A petition does have some weight to justify this.

Estimated fund raising targets are $200 to $300 thousand and maybe the rest via provincial loan.

What if everyone came to the City asking to accept donations?
Should there be a requirement?
Some municipalities have a bylaw on the subject.

Should there be more interest groups talking to the community about what they want to do?

It may seem silly but I've gotten a lot of response from it that has helped the momentum significantly.
I still don't get it?
Comment by Chris on 24th November 2011
Sorry Richard, but I just don't understand why you have a petition? Petitions aren't used to raise awareness about working together. Petitions are used to say "we want _" or "we dont want ___". So is your petition demanding that the city issue tax receipts for donations to build a squash court? Do we really need a petition to do that? I understand the idea of raising donations for a new community project, like how MMC is raising money for the ski hill but I don't get why you have the petition?
Comment by R1chard Jenn1ss on 24th November 2011

What is the petition for?
It's to engage the community and raise awareness.

Long description:
Smithers had done what I always wanted to do in Terrace but did not know the details to go about it.

It started with research, how does a municipality work? After some research I found:
"The Community Charter replaces the tradition of prescriptive legislation that tells municipalities what they can or can't do, with enabling legislation that allows municipalities to be innovative in meeting the needs of their communities."

Needs of their communities?
Terrace needs more recreation badly. Suicide is a problem. Teen depression is a problem. Drugs, alcohol... Bottom line, we need more things to do and engage our youth to take part.

The community charter:

The Tug-o-war between the community and the City has got to end. It's counter productive and if it continues Terrace will never be the hub, we'll be the hole instead. I'm talking about the COOP purchase, the second sheet of ice...
The tug-o-war needs to end and the cooperation between City and Community i.e. hockeyville needs to be replicated.

If you see under Part 4 of the charter:
Public Participation and Council Accountability
This is a good read and I recommend people read it.

Section 82: Petitions to council.
Section 83. Council may seek community opinion.

What is the petition for?
To raise awareness about what the City is all about, how it works and how we the community and the City work together.
If you asked me if I wanted to pay less tax and donate the rest instead I would say "YES PLEASE"
The donation is an income tax deduction.

Terrace doesn't do this.
Kitimat, Rupert, and Smithers have better recreation facilities than Terrace. Smithers is smaller however they do donations all the time.

The petition is to make people aware that yes we can have these recreations but we need to work with the community together to make it happen. Tax dollars are finite and divide the community, donations build community.
What's The Petition For?
Comment by Roy Harding on 24th November 2011
You're asking for donations - and more power to you. But you also state that a "Petition" is available at various locations around town.

What's the petition for? A petition is USUALLY an attempt to convince some level of government to do something. So - what are you looking for - donations, or support for convincing a government to do something?
Squash courts
Comment by R1chard Jenn1ss on 24th November 2011
Hopefully I can clarify:
"We" if referred to as "the squash players" don't have courts.
The Kiva has a converted non-regulation court that serves the students and college first and foremost. Any function at the Kiva trumps the players.
Terrace has no regulation squash courts. Kitimat, Rupert and Smithers do.
The facility at the college is not part of our recreation guide.

The mandate of this project is to show that if you want recreation in Terrace - there are tools and mentor-ship to go about it. We can't expect the City to create these facilities - someone has to take leadership, create a group or a following and make it happen and that's what I hope to accomplish with having the City accept donations.
I play and I'll find a way to pay for it without using tax dollars.

The mandate is to be a part of recreation guide.
To have regulation courts that are maintained.
To have proper ventilation.
To have tournaments and involve the public to grow the sport.
To be accessible, the Kiva is out of the way.
Key or card access for shift workers.
Kiva is 3 days a week and limited in hours and with one non regulation court availability is a problem.
Not regulation, not part of the recreation guide...
Dont we have squash already?
Comment by Chris on 24th November 2011
More recreational opportunities in our community are certainly a good idea but I'm a bit confused because I thought we already had squash and raquetball courts at the college?

Shouldn't we be focusing on something we don't already have?