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NEWS RELEASE · 25th November 2011
BC Conservatives
With the delay of the Keystone XL line in the United States, Canada's ability to export oil to Asia is back on the agenda. This means that the Northern Gateway project, which would run from near Edmonton to Kitimat, is under more intense focus.

"This is a great project for British Columbia. The Northern Gateway will help deliver much need jobs and investments to the northern BC," said Mr. Cummins, leader British Columbia's Conservatives. "British Columbia's infrastructure will be vastly improved with port, road and railway developments. It will open up to our province, and our country the massive Asian energy markets."

The project has at least two more years before it will break ground. The federal government is undergoing community and environmental consultations before giving the project the green light. Until the report is finished, the Liberal government is refusing to provide a position on the project.

"It is disappointing that we will not hear Premier Clark's opinion on this crucial matter until after the next election. As the leader of the province, she should be championing this project which will be an enormous boost for northern BC."

According to a study by Enbridge, the project would generate $1.2 billion in provincial tax revenues over thirty years in B.C. It will also create 35,000 person-years of employment during its construction with over 500 of these being long-term jobs. It is also estimated that it will create $112 million in revenues in Northeast B.C. and $400 million in Central B.C. through regional goods and services.

"Once the project has cleared its environmental assessment, it is a no brainer. It will mean more jobs, increased revenue, better infrastructure and BC as a global leader in trade."

"The BC Conservatives support this project and are not afraid to demonstrate leadership on this issue. We are excited by the prospect of new jobs and investments in the north and a new BC Conservative government will be vocal advocates for the Northern Gateway Pipeline."

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What green light?
Comment by Lori Merrill on 29th November 2011
How dare you speak of Green lights and groundbreaking..Your words have no power here..the people and their land have the power .
What you think might be vital for us (ie a few jobs)...we know would devistate the local sustainable
economies we cherish.
The carrots you keep trying to dangle are rotten Mr Cummins...
and furthermore
Comment by Mike Ross on 28th November 2011
Submit resume here???
Have the BC Conservatives become so indebted to Enbridge that they are pimping for them as chief hirers?
Any more than 30-40 meaningful jobs at the end of the Enbridge raibow is "pipedream".
Mr. Cummins, take a course on economics or look up the word "democracy" or do ANYTHING that will help you regain your dignity.
This is a joke, right?
Comment by Mike Ross on 28th November 2011
The only no-brainers are the supporters of this project. Absolutely amazing who will sell themselves to foreign interest at the expense of our own economy, our sovereignty, our environment and our future. By the way, do not put too much stock in them "environmental assessments" they are just a "rubber stamp" also bought and paid for by Enbridge bucks. Get rid of the politicians who are trying to sell us out.
do the math
Comment by richard on 25th November 2011
appro 320,000,000,000 [TRILLION] with 1.2 billion to bc and the rest to to greedy oil company`s backing the enbridge project. a few million to suck up to first nation and may a few more billion to pay off those who backed them up. better start thinking of how your going to slow these guys down.. or should we all sit back and watch,then bitch.. it`s all our own fault for doing nothin. o well. i told you soo. good luck when you can`t change a thing.
Say what?
Comment by Mr. Peters on 25th November 2011
I have but one question; are you natural stupid or are you guys taking classes in it?
forget about it.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 25th November 2011
No refinery in kitimat please. We don'f need the stench of oil in the air.Hope fully the stench of Alcan will be gone soon if the ever get around to remodernizing.
Comment by les watmough on 25th November 2011
The Embridge pipelin is crucial for jobs. Shipping raw oil out,.. If it is jobs you want, trty building a refinery, THAT will be jobs. How come no one thought of that. Les.