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Left to right; Melanie Sondergaard, Carol Leclerc, Bob Corless, Brad Pollard and Peter Weeber
REPORTING · 26th November 2011
Merv Ritchie
After the last Local Government elections in 2008 the RDKS witnessed 4 men leave taking a total of 98 years of experience and knowledge with them; Bob Cooper (22 years), Les Watmough (27 years), Fred Roisum (22 years) and Jack Talstra (27 years).

This year the RDKS is witnessing another 69 years leave their board table and just one man left with almost half of this knowledge and background. Peter Weeber from New Hazelton was first elected to the board in 1980 and attended his first RDKS Board meeting in January of 1981. Yesterday, November 25, 2011, he attended his last meeting of the board; just over one month shy of a full 31 years.

This past election significantly affected the makeup of the RDKS Boardroom table of Directors. Besides losing Weeber as one of the last senior members of the RDKS Board, all municipal representation will change except the Village of Hazelton’s Mayor, Alice Maitland. Bob Corless, from the District of Kitimat has served for 16 years; 2 years as a director and 14 years as the alternate. He did not win his seat back in Kitimat therefore the new council will be selecting a new director. Both Brad Pollard and Carol Leclerc, who represented Terrace at the Board table during their last two terms as councillors will not be resuming their political careers therefore Terrace will also be selecting new representation at the board table. Stewarts representative for the last two years, Angela Brand Danuser, will not be returning either.

The Local RDKS Area representation will remain mostly intact except for Areas B and C. Area B has been represented by Melanie Sondergaard for the past three years and she did not put her name up for re-election. This post, representing all the rural areas surrounding the Hazeltons, will now be held by Linda Pierre. Area C was previously represented by Allan Lanctot, a 6 year serving board member; 3 as director and 3 as the alternate for Bob Cooper. He faced 3 challengers in the election, which was won by Doug McLeod who will now become the representative for the entire western portion of the RDKS Boundaries from Klemtu to north of Rosswood. Ted Ramsey will continue to represent Area E (Thornhill) as he won the election for that area district. Area A (Nass) – Harry Nyce, Area D (Telegraph/Stikine) – Dave Brocklebank and Area F (Dease Lake) – Darcie Frocklage did not face any challengers to their seats and will remain as directors.

There are only three board members who have more than a single 3 year term of experience, Nyce, Brocklebank and Maitland. Alice Maitland is the last remaining elected member of the RDKS who brings the knowledge and context of the last three decades of political and business development interaction to the twelve member board table. All her compatriots of the last 35 years have retired from active political life. Maitland now takes on the role as matriarch and elder of the RDKS Boardroom.

After the board meeting concluded Friday evening the Administration, staff and directors took the time to acknowledge the contributions of these men and women who served their communities. Unique gifts were presented in recognition of their contribution.
bill them
Comment by Victor on 26th November 2011
Perhaps they should have received a bill for their ineptness re the marina. Rather than a thank-you. With all that knowledge you would think they could have figured out what was wrong on their own. Pass the buck like every other politician when it gets messy. I guess they do not think their tax dollars are at risk. Or how about their regions reputation. I do not even tell people where I live, for the thought of being the brunt of a bad joke. How can they even think of holding their heads up.
Have they even considered the long term ill effects this will have on our areas. These people seem to condone being told what to do by their employees, rather than being leaders for our communities. I certainly hope that the next group takes a long hard look at what they have been elected to do and speak for the people that have elected them. They have the power to correct all of this. We have given it to them. Hypocrisy at its finest.
RDKS and the MK Marina
Comment by Maggie Jo on 26th November 2011
If I was a RDKS member involved in all the goings on with the MK Marina, I would not have waited for an election to boot me out. I'd be too embarassed to run for election again, and I would gladly have simply volunteered to flee da scene.

Poor new peeps who are left handling THAT bag o' goods after all these people end their tenure with RDKS. Good luck!

In any event, it is with gratitude that I appreciate people spending countless hours of their time to assist their own Communities. Too bad they all left the MK Marina still standing in an embarassing fiasco/legal schmegel mess!