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CONTRIBUTION · 27th November 2011
Merv Ritchie
When Terrace encounters a new resident, one from away, they are viewed with scepticism; another new comer with some bright idea. When a newcomer arrives in Terrace they view the residents as backwards and unenlightened with ideas only from the sixties. And this is a dilemma we all need to become much more aware of.

In modern day Canada, regions easily accessible, the population is a mix of upscale and forward thinking citizens. Calgary, Vancouver, Kelowna and Saskatoon are large urban communities populated by residents who have arrived from all across Canada and the world. These citizens take a stand for each other and the planet, bringing concepts and ideas formerly unknown or unrealized. During the last election in Terrace the concept of composting and recycling was high on the list of concerns for those running for a seat on Council. This is almost embarrassing.

Some might consider the community to be too inbred to have a contemporary outlook on reality.

Racism continues to be a high point of acceptance to certain clubs or associations. Many First Nations members attempt to change their appearance; much like Michael Jackson did, or they might claim to be from Fiji or Italy in an attempt to be accepted by the “In crowd”.

The male macho racing cars, Hummers, loud mufflers and screeching tires appear to be the order of the day. Red neck loggers still bark gruffly at anyone that doesn’t look like a red neck logger. Many attempt to maintain the mentality of Neanderthal grade school aggression. Bullies come in all shapes and sizes.

Today we have recycling bins on the Co-op property. They were in almost every community in BC twenty years ago.

We are willing to blindly accept mercury filled light bulbs without any acceptable disposal facility in existence. We run gasoline lawnmowers, which are more polluting than an oil burning car when electric lawnmowers, both battery and cord, are cheap and available. We run snow blowers and trucks with blades rather than simply using a shovel which produces a neater appearance for the yard and exercise to boot. In Terrace snow blowers are 90% ineffective anyways as the snow generally gets too soggy and wet.

Yet the Neanderthals continue to burn the fuel, waste the rubber, and pollute the environment with noise and carbon, while holding up placards against Enbridge.

I’d join the Indians except some want to be just like the Terrace white man red neck logger type. If it wasn’t so serious I would laugh.

When oh when does Terrace enter the twenty first century and consider the world beyond Highway 16 and 37?
Comment by Ken Ryan on 1st March 2012
WOW!! Methinks the writer is a couple steps behind the people he/she is slandering. From my experience, this is very typical of small northern centres. It's usually due to laziness and lack of interest in people and current events. A broader base of education and an interest in one's surroundings usually reduce this negative behavior. I suggest the writer take an interest in, and act upon, improving his/her town and it's people first. The neighbourhood abuse of carbon fuels are less important than the writer's mental attitude. I suggest that person do more library reading, less television, and learn a bit of the outside world. A "provincial" attitude such as this is why greedy, dishonest and downright crooked politicians are allowed to slip into our governments; many of us don't understand the outside world and are too lazy or ill informed to educate ourselves and MAKE A DIFFERENCE instead of slandering and complaining.