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NEWS RELEASE · 28th November 2011
Terrace RCMP
Downtown Terrace
- two different reports of intoxicated men on Lakelse Ave. Checks were done of area.

- man arrested for public intoxication on Lakelse Ave.

- marijuana was seized from a man on Lakelse Ave. He was issued a municipal violation ticket.

- an intoxicated man was observed trying to fight people outside of the Spirit Night Club. He did not follow direction from police to leave the area. He was arrested for public intoxication.

- a Caucasian man in a blue hoodie followed a woman from the bar and harassed her. She went in to the Husky gas station, and the man ran away. Staff at the Husky assisted police in identifying the man, and he was located and arrested for public intoxication a block away.

- three people were observed standing near the drive thru at McDonald’s. These same people were intoxicated and causing problems for staff at Denny’s earlier that night. Upon questioning, an intoxicated man became very agitated and used profanity at the police. He was arrested for public intoxication.

- verbal domestic dispute at a residence on Lazelle Ave.

- youth throwing snowballs at cars on Lanfear Hill.

- a man and a woman refused to leave the laundromat on Lazelle Ave. They left on their own accord. Checks were done of area.

- man and woman intoxicated near Checker’s Pizza. Checks were done of area.

- man and woman intoxicated sleeping in the laundromat on Lazelle Ave. Police transported them to the damp shelter on Hall St.

- fight in the middle of Lazelle Ave. One man, one 13 yr old boy, and one 13 yr old girl were located. The man was arrested for breaching his curfew, the girl was arrested for public intoxication. Still under investigation.

Elsewhere Terrace
- a man was arrested under a Mental Health Act Director’s warrant and transported to the hospital.

- abandoned wheelchair on Mcconnell Ave. Police returned it to the Park Ave Health Clinic.

- a woman was reported missing from a residence on Tetrault St. She returned on her own accord.

- police attended to a party on Little Ave. A woman punched another women because she felt ripped off from their joint purchase of drugs. A man was arrested for public intoxication. Another intoxicated man was arrested for mischief by refusing to leave the residence when requested. A woman was transported to hospital at her request. Charges are not being forwarded.

- a man was arrested for public intoxication on Kalum St

- a 13 yr old girl attempted to leave her residence contrary to a parental grounding. The father grabbed the girl and forced her back into the residence. Use of force was deemed to be appropriate for the circumstance and this was determined not to be a criminal matter.

- Theft of gas. A man in a black pickup paid for $10 of gas at Copperside. He was able to put in over $60 of gas due to a clerical error. He left without paying the difference.

- loud party on Sparks Ave. It was shut down

- loud party on Pear St. It was shut down.

- 911 call from Davis Ave. The woman was confused and disoriented. Police advised her to call if she required further assistance.

- well being check of a woman on Keefer St. Police made the decision to enter the residence by force. The residence was empty. The woman was in Smithers. Upon her return police spoke with her.

- police assisted a landlord with a tenancy issue.

- family dispute matter involving harrassment by texting and also involving landlord/tenancy issues.

- intoxicated man on Walsh Ave. Checks were done of area.

- domestic dispute on Pear St. A man was arrested for assault. Charges are being forwarded to Crown Counsel.

- false business alarm on Kalum St. Police were notified it was false prior to attending.

- a suicidal woman was apprehended under the Mental Health Act and transported to Mills Memorial Hospital. She later left the hospital. Police located and arrested her under a Mental Health Act Director’s Warrant and transported her to Mills Memorial Hospital.

- a tree blocking Agar Ave. The City of Terrace was advised.

- false business alarm on Eby St

- several trees down on Caledonia St and Lambly Ave. The City of Terrace was advised.

- intoxicated man throwing snowballs at houses on Loen Ave. Checks were done of area.

- a tree on a power line on Dairy Ave. BC Hydro was notified and made the tree a priority.

- verbal domestic dispute on Little Ave.

- loud party on Hwy 16 West. It was shut down

- a man sleeping under some stairs on Scott Ave. He was checked.

- false business alarm on Keith Ave

- false business alarm on Walsh Ave

- theft from a vehicle parked on Haugland Ave. A wallet was stolen.

- report of three boys throwing snowballs at vehicles on Halliwell Ave. One of the boys from a residence on Halliwell had to shovel driveways on Halliwell as a consequence of this behavior.

- theft from an unlocked vehicle on Weber Ave.

- black bear on a porch on Tweedle Ave.

- domestic dispute in the parking lot of Canadian Tire. Under investigation.

- An 18 yr old man was breaking windows on Little Ave. He was arrested for mischief and breaching his undertaking condition of to abstain from the consumption of alcohol. Charges are being forwarded to Crown Counsel.

- report of an unlicensed driver driving a 2004 Freightliner. Checks were done of area.

- motor vehicle accident at the four way stop on Hwy 16 / 37. A sheriff’s van parked at the stop sign was rear ended by a grey 2004 Ford Windstar. Damage was minimal, none to the sheriff’s van.

- false 911 cell call

- vehicle slid off the road on Hwy 16 East. Police attended and no one was there. The driver called later to say that there was no damage and he was able to get out on his own and go to work.

- break and enter to a house on Cottonwood Cr sometime during the early night of the 26th. A gym bag left by the door was stolen, medication was inside of the bag.

- 14 yr old girl reported missing. Police attended a residence on Muller Ave in attempts to locate her. A male was arrested at this residence for possession of marijuana. Charges are not being forwarded. The girl was not located inside of the residence. The girl was later reported to be with her sister, and that everything was ok.

- downed power lines on Clore Ave. BC Hydro attended and police assisted with traffic control.

- report of a person talking on a cell phone in a green 1999 Pontiac Grand AM. Checks were done of area.

- shots fired in the area of Hwy 16 East. Conservation contacted police and informed they had fired two shots in that area.

- single vehicle motor vehicle accident on Hwy 37 near Williams Creek. The vehicle was towed. No injuries.

- a wallet was found on McConnell Ave. It was returned to its owner.

- report of traffic concern due to bad roads on Beam Station Rd.

- report of a prohibited driver who continually drives

- black bear attempting to climb into a residence thru the windows on Williams Creek Ave. Police attended till Conservation arrived.

- two different uttering threats investigations.

- tree on power line on Spokeshute St. BC hydro notified.

- intoxicated family dispute on Tsunyow St. A criminal offence had not occurred. Police discussed different courses of action to take.

nothing to report

People with information on crime are asked to contact the Terrace RCMP at (250)638 7400 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers by telephone at 1-800-222-TIPS. Or a Tip can be left anonymously online at
Comment by Wanda Kerby on 11th December 2011
This is a late response to Jay, sorry never read the responses. My point was that the BC government should send the money back here. This is not about personal freedoms but about the government making a profit off the north however ill gotten the gain. Articles I have read in the paper and a councilor I know say that the town does pay some of the bill for the RCMP. This is a bit risky as I posted my last name but I don't see this as about guns at all. I have a restricted and regular gun licence and certainly believe in that right. I absolutely agree as well that addicts need help! Thanks, Wanda
Intoxication across the Nation
Comment by Judah on 30th November 2011
If the people had more things to do here there would be less drinking. For a town this size there really isn't much to do at all unless its outdoors in snow or rain. Some people here just can't handle the booze and it shows. The amounts of petty alcohol related arrests/complaints here is ridiculous for a town this small. It's not like there is wild parties every weekend, not in the least. It would be nice to have a better selection in which 2 movies are going to be playing in Terrace, would be nice to go shopping, or maybe take a waterslide out at the hotsprings? A real skatepark like Tumbler Ridge would motivate some of the kids to use the facilities rather than get bored at the only 15 year old but majorly outdated current skatepark. Skateparks in other cities 30 years old lasted longer than ours. Beautiful city, just needs a few things.
Re:Kerby's comment
Comment by jay on 29th November 2011
What you said ma'am, makes no sense. The same argument could be made with guns. Guns do not kill people. People kill people. The same goes for alcohol. The BC liquor stores are allowed to sell alcohol to anyone over the legal age that wants to purchase it, they are a company selling product. People cause their own intoxication by not knowing how much alcohol to consume. Yes it "sucks" that the city has to deal with costs that intox'd people cause, but based on the demographics of Terrace, no one person should be surprised by the many intox the RCMP deal with. Maybe the city should try and put more into alcohol awareness and deal with the root of the problem and not pass the buck
Re: police costs
Comment by on 29th November 2011
I could be wrong, but I believe it's the federal government that pays RCMP wages (with the exception of the sheriff who does not deal with drunks on the street).

Some one please correct me if this is wrong, but I believe the RCMP get paid either way, even if they don't have to deal with drunks.
police costs
Comment by Wanda Kerby on 28th November 2011
Every time police deal with intoxicated residents the liquor branch should pay the police member's wages, not the city. After all, the BC liquor branch is the dealer.
giddee up
Comment by fred brill on 28th November 2011
party town bc... lets get intoxicated