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NEWS RELEASE · 29th November 2011
Terrace RCMP
As part of the world wide campaign of “16 days of Activism Against Gender Violence” held Nov. 25 th thru to Dec. 10, the Terrace RCMP would like to inform the citizens of Terrace of our statistics in regards to domestic violence.

First is spousal disputes with no assault occurring.

Terrace RCMP responded to 286 calls in 2010, and 180 calls in 2011
(up to Nov. 17).

Second is spousal disputes with an assault occurring.

Terrace RCMP responded to 157 calls in 2010. Of these 157 calls, 81 had charges laid.

Terrace RCMP responded to 121 calls in 2011 (up to Nov. 17). Of these 121 calls, 80 of them had charges laid.

In summary, Terrace RCMP responded to a total of 443 domestic violence calls in 2010, and 301 in 2011 (up to Nov. 17).

Women are still the most common of the victims . Children are often present.

If you are involved in an unhealthy relationship, Terrace has many resources to help you. Following is a list of some of
them .

Kermode Friendship Society :(250)635-6778
Kitselas Band: (250)635-5084
Kitsum kalum Band: (250)635-6177
K’San House Society: (250)635-2373
Transition House: (250)635-5890
Legal Services Society: (250)635-2133
Ministry of Children and Family Development: (250)638-2330
Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance: 1-866-866-0800
Northwest Counseling Center Ltd.: (250)638-8311
Northwest Inter-Nation Family and Com m unity Services Society: (250)638-0451
Northwest Training Ltd.: (250)638-8108
RCMP Victim Services: (250)638-7411
Skeena/Bulkley Terrace Family Justice Center: (250)638-6557
TDCSS - Community Living Services: (250)635-7874
Terrace and District Community Services Society: (250)635-3178
Terrace Transition House / K’san Society: (250)635-6447
Terrace W om en’s Resource Center Society: (250)638-0228
Introducing girls to alcohol
Comment by c. sandecki on 1st December 2011
Might you be suggesting that the staggering numbers of teen girls drunk on Terrace's streets are in the early stages of being introduced to alcohol by an abusive male?
Whatever the reason for so many teens having access to alcohol, it is regrettable and something that needs to be gotten to the bottom of and eliminated, somehow, if possible.
Comment by ts on 30th November 2011
So... as a woman who has suffered horrible abuse from a partner , now having lifelong permanent physical diabilities from it- I would like to say this:

I do not believe that frequency of abuse is down as the stats show. I would suggest that either a couple of the most greiveous offenders have moved from this district and have taken up somewhere else, or that it is no longer being reported because women feel even more powerless when nothing is done.

I have also noticed that the intensity of abuse around the province on the whole has increased. More women are being killed, kidnapped from the workplace, and even in some instances held for long periods of time and continually abused with their children present as with the woman from down south in the furniture store.

Abusive men also use drugs and alcohol as a form of control over a girl or woman in order to continue to abuse and control them. This is rarely talked about as a Canadian problem, often being only related to third world countries or "somewhere else" As a woman is dragged into the realm of addiction she doesn't have the capacity to get help anymore and is marginalized by the police and community. Not to mention the shame that overwhelms any attempt at getting help.

This is not only a pimping technique but an abusive relationship technique that is very common, but more subverse and serves to isolate the abused woman further from the community and society as a whole.... So, if you look at all those police reports about intoxicated women on street - try to look at whats behind it. Almost any alcoholic or drug addict if asked "who gave you your first..." will answer it was a man and often a man who ultimately turned out to be abusive. I myself would answer this way.

Please do not confuse this and interpret that I hate men or deem all men responsible. This is not the case. There are many great, gentle, loving and solid men in our community and others. On this topic of abuse it is clear though, there is a profile that fits the perpetrator and this cannot be ignored.

I hope we can make safe places in Terrace for women to get help where the wholistic approach is not only present for the client but also the frontline workers who are . (I speak from exxperience again).

We need to also remember that women can be the worst offenders of marginalizing other women through judgement, politics (either personal or professional), and outright attacks. It seems women are making war on other women for either status in the community (and I mean here in Terrace), jobs, a man or position.

These types of behavior force/repel women who are needing help right back into the arms of their abusers.

If a woman doesn't feel safe going to another women for help - where can she go when she is ready?