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A Fish Farm in Chile.
NEWS RELEASE · 30th November 2011
Seattle Weekly
Deadly Salmon-Virus Tests Kept Secret for Years by Canada, Leaked Documents Say
By Curtis Cartier Wed., Nov. 30 2011 at 9am

Editors Note: Published in a Seattle Newspaper.

​In mid-October, Canadian officials announced the shocking new discovery of a deadly virus that had infected sockeye salmon in British Columbia and was a threat to salmon all over the Pacific Northwest. Turns out, however, that the discovery was neither shocking nor new.

In fact, Canadian officials have known about the virus for nearly a decade, ever since it was first found in 2002. They just didn't want to tell anyone.

The Seattle Times' Craig Welch reports that a Canadian researcher tested for and found the virus in more than 100 fish from Vancouver Island to Alaska back then.

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Comment by richard on 30th November 2011
just when the campbel goverment was voted in.mmmmmmmmmmmmm.someone got paid to keep there lips closed. to lated to change. the infection will be carried for generations to come. i quit fishing 4 yrs ago,i won`t eat any fish from the kitimat river no more. haven`t either. so much for virus in our watersheds.lumps are on our fish here too. not safe. so much for a food sourse to the natives, goverment will spoil it all .just read your news papers. greed kills,and it will. would be nice to die of old age,but not many will.alway blame the people but it the deals our goverment has done behind closed doors,with all forgien investers. Kill it all.what`s left.just the pollution,infected with deadly diseasesand virus`s. how is this safe for mankind. i guess if you have the $$$$ to grease up those incharge,it`s a done deal. shame when people don`t speek up.i guess it don`t matter as only a hand full of you care. proof`s in the puddin.ther`s not enough people speaking up and i don`t see are mla`s doing a thing to bring these inportant issues to the people.. yes sir ,yes sir three mouths full ,but yet they are gett ing a 6/7 ditge though full of them . people starving,but who cares right. as long as its.not you.. so sad for those who need the help. merry christmas to all the grinches and have a safe holliday. if there is a karma,i wish it would stike down those of you who are greedy. no one gives a #%,,,#, it shows.thankyou to those who have helped put a smile on the less fortunate people. thanks