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NEWS RELEASE · 30th November 2011
Forest Practices Board
An investigation has found that government needs to improve its system for tracking changes in forest land condition in B.C.

"Keeping track of forests - what's been harvested, what is growing back and what is set aside for wildlife - is essential to sound management of those forests," said board chair Al Gorley.

"The information has to be reasonably accurate and current to know if we are getting the results we expect from our forest management activities, and to inform decision-makers about what to do in the future."

By law, forest licensees must report annually on their harvesting and reforestation activities. This investigation looked at compliance with that requirement and found that most reports were correctly submitted, but enough were incomplete, inaccurate or late to be of concern to the board.

In 2005, government moved to the digital world, and hundreds of forestry licensees now submit their information directly into the reporting database. However, there are few built-in system controls to ensure that the information is complete, and very little quality control is done by government staff to ensure it is timely or accurate. Training for users and support for the system are also of concern to the board.

The Forest Practices Board is B.C.'s independent watchdog for sound forest and range practices, reporting its findings and recommendations directly to the public and government. The board can investigate and report on current forestry and range issues and make recommendations for improvement to practices and legislation.
Quality not Quanitity
Comment by A D on 2nd December 2011
I am glad to see that this 'Independent body', with a government website domain, was able to release information that showed the inadequacies of the current reporting methods. However, I would like to see something more substantial, such as something that speaks of the enforcement of the Forest and Range Practices Act, specifically focusing on the stewardship of our land, as a result of the collected reports.
raw loggs
Comment by richard on 30th November 2011
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