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NEWS RELEASE · 30th November 2011
Opinion 250
It could be the news that Kitimat has been waiting on for some time. Rio Tinto Alcan has scheduled a “major announcement” about the company’s multi-billion dollar growth plans Thursday. RTA Chief Executive Jacynthe Cote will be joined by Premier Christy Clark, First Nations leaders, and other Rio Tinto Alcan senior executives at the aluminum smelter site.

While RTA has not provided details, it says the announcement will be a significant event for Kitimat, the northwest region of the province, and all of British Columbia fuelling speculation that the company has given the green light to proceed with the entire $2.5 billion smelter modernization. The KMP has been in the works for years, but was put on hold with the global economic meltdown.

Things have been ramping since the company announced $300 million last year for construction of the KMP construction village and the demolition of part of the existing smelter to make way for the new operation’s footprint.

However, the company board has yet to sign off on funding of the entire modernization project as yet. The company’s announcement is scheduled for 12:30 tomorrow.
Sorry David but...
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 1st December 2011
..the only reason that the threat of power sales by Alcan existed was because of Gordon Campbell's (read B.C.) position on the issue in the court action. Had B.C.'s position been one that insisted the power generated was for the smelter, there might have been a possibility of more jobs. Campbell also separated PowerEx from Bc Hydro control as well as the power transmission operation which helped Alcan. Wozney at least had the courage to defend Kitimat. He lost but he tried. That is better than most folks have done and he doesn't deserve your name calling..

My guess is that today if Rio Tinto Alcan decided to cancel modernization and sell all power to BC Hydro, there wouldn't be much you could do about it. It would then take some pretty serious intervention by a different government.
Better than zero jobs
Comment by David Evans on 1st December 2011
Just think if that clown Wozney was still mayor of Kitimat. Smelter would be closed and become largest private Hydro the days/years passed of dozens of sawmills and pulp and paper plants closing throughout the province, there should be some optimism that a HUGE investment in the northwest was received a bit more positively....and its actually more around 1000 jobs still staying.
I won't be holding my breath
Comment by Karen on 1st December 2011
Like Gerry, I still don't understand the good news part when jobs have been steadily cut from this plant (more than 2,000 employees in the 70's to a projected 750) while they ramp up to modernize... meaning mechanize. Wasn't the signing over the rights to Kemano power meant to maintain jobs instead of decrease them?!

I totally understand the scepticism around this project. There has been a lot of build up to the KMP with little progress and now that things appear to be happening it looks like Bechtel will be importing the bulk of the manpower. A huge mobile camp of non-local workers does not bode well for the rejuvinization of Kitimat.

Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 1st December 2011
It's at the end of the Douglas Channel that's about 100 miles from the Pacific Ocean.
Old news lol
Comment by David Evans on 30th November 2011
speaking of........
Comment by Steve on 30th November 2011
Northern Interior? its on the flipping Pacific Ocean, how can that ever be considered interior?

Somewhere, Rick Wozney is having a baby
A thank you Note!
Comment by Gerry Hummel on 30th November 2011
Thank you Rio Tinto Alcan and Crusty Clark For eliminating 500 jobs! What now you want to increase power sales so Enbridge can run their pipeline??
Instead of jumping the gun...
Comment by Darcy Metz on 30th November 2011
Hey ts,

It doesn't hurt to be positive. I know we have heard several "major announcements" over the last 5 years or so, but you never know, maybe we'll finally hear what we all want to hear. Or maybe it's just another "phase" of the project that is approved. I don't know, and you don't know either.
Like a swooping vulture...
Comment by Maggie Jo on 30th November 2011
And yet is Christie Clark getting her assistant to promptly book a flight into our Northern Interior whenever she catches on that there is "good news" going on in our Northern Interior (that she had nofin' to do with by the way) - only to swoop down like a vulture to "take the credit" for the good economic news with her usual most generic cut/pasted press release speeches.

We may be considered rednecks up here, but we're not DAT stupid.
Maybe jumping the gun....
Comment by ts on 30th November 2011
I think this may be a little premature to speculate that it is going to be an announcement like that....does anyone know that they have been sending all the companies and crews home?

Does anyone know that they have not prepared the site for winter conditions such as sand, snow removal, etc.

Does anyone know that there isn't much at all going on there right now or did all those crews slip home un-noticed?

I mean I really, really hope you are right however all the signs point to another possibility - I cannot speculate what but....
clark, here
Comment by richard on 30th November 2011
for tell us she has approved the modernization project.get her picture taken...dam liberals just sold you out to the a Asias .your resourse. no wonder 70 % of canadains live below the standards of living. like to see clark take the mp`s place in vancover and the $590 per month on welfare.o give her a few hundred more she has a child to. live on that ,then you can understand people fusterations. never happen in her life time. like the old days,they just cut off your head for speaking out. might as punish the less unforuante,and get a pat on the back to all investers who came here to rape the province i call home. election is coming,enjoy now as your future is set up for you too. how many shares does she have in gordon campbel shares. to bad freedom of infomation won`t disclose that.oooo right , she controls that to.the law protects you AND WHAT YOU`VE DONE TO b.c. HYDRO. THANKS.just here to sweeting the power sale s agreement. more cash to investers,like the smart meter scam.