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Controlled burn after 6,000 barrels of oil spilled from ruptured Enbridge pipeline in Cohasset, Minnesota in July, 2002. Photo: US National Transportation Safety Board.
NEWS RELEASE · 3rd December 2011
Douglas Channel Watch

(Kitimat – December 1, 2011) Enbridge admits their oil spill cleanup plan for the Northern Gateway Pipeline includes setting fire to oil-coated grass in the Kitimat River estuary.

In volume 7A of its Northern Gateway pipeline, tank farm, and supertanker port proposal, Enbridge claims it would burn wetlands, “To reduce hydrocarbon volume when other techniques are unsuitable or would cause more damage to an area.” It also claims that setting fire to oil spills will be, “Used in areas where heavy equipment would cause environmental damage.”

In volume 7B of its proposal, Enbridge admits there would be potential for a two-million-litre spill into the upper Kitimat River, which would be the largest oil spill into a Canadian river in history.

Enbridge estimates it would take responders and their equipment up to four hours to reach the spill site, and that the diluted bitumen would reach the Kitimat River estuary during flood conditions in those same four hours.

“Estuaries are among the world's most critical environments, helping sustain so many of the worlds organisms including millions of fish and birds and the countless others that depend on them,” said Walter Thorne of the Kitimat Valley Naturalists. “The Kitimat River is already severely endangered and the cumulative threats it faces are ominous. Burning the estuary sounds preposterous – even considering such options is unthinkable.”

"Since the 1950s, the Kitimat River estuary has deteriorated, largely due to impacts by two industries," said Thorne. "If a pipeline were to burst upstream or near the terminal, it's highly probable that the estuary would be contaminated beyond rehabilitation -- a toxic wasteland."

When Douglas Channel Watch asked Enbridge directly if it would burn the Kitimat River estuary after a full bore rupture, the company’s spokespeople replied, “If a controlled burn were appropriate in certain circumstances, the response team may recommend such an action.”

“It is nothing short of lunacy,” said Douglas Channel Watch member Murray Minchin, “If Enbridge’s people think they can waltz through our valley and lay 70 kilometres of pipelines beside our river unopposed, they're delusional. If they think there will be no opposition to the idea of supertankers carrying 300 million litres of bitumen trying to make three 90-degree turns to reach open water, they're completely blinded by greed. Enbridge has already told us our river will be closed to fishing for at least four years after a major spill; now we find out they intend to burn one of the BC coast’s largest estuaries in the case of a spill. Enbridge may be willing to sacrifice our river, or BC's north coast, but we don't intend to let them.”

Douglas Channel Watch is a group of concerned citizens dedicated to protecting the environmental integrity of Douglas Channel and its watersheds for present and future generations. It, and the Kitimat Valley Naturalists, are registered as interveners in the National Energy Board’s Joint Review Panel process, which is currently reviewing the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline.
Comment by C.J. Leona wilson on 6th January 2012
of the fake picture that was put out for fear of what WILL happen and a matter of when will it happen? This will be a REALLY bad way to put a Economic surge into the economy when a spill happens for the few that will be employed, as it will take every community on this coast to clean up their shores, pardon me, I am sure it will be a call for volunteers to clean it up. WWF, Sierra Club, Green Peace, are non profit organisations, who would be at the fore front with the First Nations Communities and their neighbours who live here because of the beauty and our air is not polluted, and the food from the ocean and the land.

Ed Note; the picture is not fake, it is a very real picture of an oil spill set ablaze. Run your mouse on the picture, it states the following;

Controlled burn after 6,000 barrels of oil spilled from ruptured Enbridge pipeline in Cohasset, Minnesota in July, 2002. Photo: US National Transportation Safety Board.
New Endbridge/BC license plate logo's.
Comment by Maggie Jo on 5th December 2011
I can't even stomach the future driving to Kitimat/back with my family seeing our marshlands burnt to a crisp - all for a nab at the mighty dollar. ''Makes me utterly sick to my stomach.

Imagine all the marshland creatures who would be promptly wiped out in the interim. How would our beautiful rivers ever recover from being turned into oiled sesspools?

We were doing fine before Endbridge was holding the carrot before our noses. We're not that desperate for cash, are we?

For Endbridge to even suggest a plan of action "just in case" (remember the Michigan fiasco where they still haven't cleaned up the river?) we REALLY need this invasive entity in our area when they have such a bad record and already have a "back up" plan in place as they know darn well an accident may VERY WELL occur?!

Our license plates note: " Beautiful BC"

Perhaps when Endbridge moves in (no thanks to Mr DERRICK WHO BETRAYED HIS OWN PEOPLE!!!)...perhaps our new license plate logo can change from:

"Beautiful BC"


"SOILED BC - The ENDBRIDGE capital of the world".

(PS: Oops...I erred in writing this comment. Derrick does not deserve the title "Mr". )

This area is FILLED with fishing enthusiasts. How would you like fishing in oil?! Write your MP's....write your Gov't. Canadians have a bad reputations for being lazy in protesting style. Let's do this together and get this done! Say NO to Endbridge.

Suggest to your local Officials/MLA's/Feds that if Endbridge is permitted to pull their "go ahead" that there be a petition to have our BC License Plates changed from "Beautiful BC" to "Soiled BC - the Endbridge Capital of the World."

Let's SHAME them to no end. It just might work.

(PS - I attended one of Endbrige's "fairs" and got a free tocque. My husband is terrified to wear it oustide of the house. Perhaps anyone else who has assumed these FREE gifts noting the Endbridge Logo on it, can get together to pull a publicized "burning" of Enbridge logo'ed items on our efforts to make a statement? Anyone on board???)
Truth Burns Enbridge
Comment by Murray Minchin on 4th December 2011
Hello 'Fear Journalism',

There was no need to exaggerate or fabricate anything in Douglas Channel Watch's press release to make Enbridge look bad. They are doing a fine job in that regard all on their own.

Please find below links to Enbridge's Northern Gateway proposal where they admit to everything stated in the press release. (I suggest you read more than just the passages where the quotes came from...there are other scary things buried in the proposal.)

BURNING OF WETLANDS (table A-6 on page A-26)

2,000,000 LITRE SPILL & RESPONSE TIMES (page 9-22)

BURNING OF ESTUARY (1.4.e on page 9 of 15)

CLOSING KITIMAT RIVER TO FISHING (paragraph #2 on page 9-28)

where is the LOL ?
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 4th December 2011
How can any one find this funny?
Regarding "Fear" and the picture - No LOL
Comment by Terrace Daily News on 3rd December 2011
This is an actual picture of an Enbridge Oil spill they determined to set on fire. Their concern was they would not be able to clean it up prior to it ending in a watercourse so they set it alight.

If this strikes you as fearful, knowing only the truth, then be scared.

We will never shirk from the truth.

We added the details as a byline to the picture. Run your mouse over the picture.
Comment by Fear Journalism on 3rd December 2011
Nice picture, as they say if you can not get the masses to agree with you be sure to include a fake picture to instill terror. Next time be sure to shop some mountains in the background. Make sure to adjust the tin foil i think it is cutting into your forehead.