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NEWS RELEASE · 5th December 2011
Gitxsan Simogyet
On Sunday, December 4th, 2011, 3 of the Gitxsan Clans held separate meetings in 3 locations to voice their concerns and consider their future action in regards to the announcement of the signing of an agreement between the Gitxsan and Enbridge.

Gitxsan people were unaware of the undertakings with Enbridge. The Gitxsan people through Simogyet Delgamuukw say, “NO to the Enbridge Pipeline Project”. Numerous concerns from the meetings were brought forward to an emergency Gitxsan Treaty Society Board meeting held on Sunday afternoon, December 4th, to have the Gitxsan voices transferred into action.

On Sunday evening, an All Clans meeting was held to discuss the unified direction of the Gitxsan. Simogyet Delgamuukw was selected to be the spokesperson for the Gitxsan. TheSimgigyet (Gitxsan Chiefs) stated: “We have traditional protocols in place that dictate the actions of the Gitxsan people when making important decisions that will impact the whole Gitxsan Nation and/or neighbouring Nations. These protocols were not followed by the Gitxsan Treaty Society negotiators.”

Immediate action has been taken to deal with the people responsible for negotiating and signing the agreement with Enbridge. The press release of December 2nd, 2011 was not sanctioned by the Gitxsan. All government agencies and other related business contacts are put on notice with this press release that our 2 negotiators and our Executive Director no longer represent the Gitxsan at any level.

Gitxsan leaders are expected to consult and cooperate in good faith with the Gitxsan people’s concerns through our own representative institutions in order to obtain free, prior, and informed consent before adopting or implementing legislative or administrative measures that may affect them.

The Gitxsan will honour all of our agreements with our surrounding First Nations neighbours to protect our traditional lands, and also to support them with their protection of their homelands.

We apologize to our neighbours and to our Gitxsan membership throughout the country for the December 2nd press release. It was not released by the Gitxsan nation.

This is a turning point in our Gitxsan history. The Enbridge Pipeline holds no future for our children.
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 12th December 2011
I will be saying no to Enbridge also. I have signed up to speak at the hearings soon to occur. It is my moral and civic duty to do so, even though my political foes do everything they can to shut me up.

Whii Nea ach.
Waap Gitxon, Eagle.
Kitsumkalum, B.C.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 7th December 2011
I have suggested a number of times that we need refineries at or closer to the source first. Saves all this debate and we stimulate our own economy. My comments were actually directed at those who are cynical about and who question the First Nations tactics and who need a little reminder that a very complex solution needs to be worked out. There is no simple solution. It is almost 200 years too late for that.

As for the second part of your comment, you know that it is never the big mistakes things that get a government or a politician in trouble. It is the small actions that reflect on the know like saying one thing and doing another. Then when confronted, they compound the criticism by avoiding responsibility or obfuscating facts.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 7th December 2011
I agree we need another refinery.They can build it right next to where they produce the product.Lets keep the mess in one spot .Hows that. And as far as feeling entitled you are wrong I work 2 jobs for a living.I haven't had a unemployment cheque for over 20 years . Don't assume everyone against the pipeline is a so called tree hugger or Environmentalist or for that fact lazy and is a professional protester. PS James $45 ooo,000can buy you 2 hips and 2 knees. Bothers you when the people you support get caught with their pants down huh?
Comment by James Ippel on 7th December 2011
Iv'e said it before and I'll repeat myself (as nauseum). I think we should build refineries in our own country to process our raw materials, and I will repeat that we will encounter the "nimby's" on a grand scale. By exporting our oil for refining elseware puts us at a definate disatvantage because we become reliant on others for the finished product.
We seem to have a definate resistance to the Northern Gateway Pipeling, and at the same time we are bitching about high gasoline costs to drive our behicles. Lets start demanding that our resouces are processed here, and that we be the first to benefit from low cost fuel, etc. Let the large corporations pay the taxes here to give us a good and healthy life style.

As for Apocalypse Now-please quit embelishing the cost of the Defense Ministers trip. Even the oppostion in the House of Commons attaches a figure of only 30 thousand dollars to his trip. I have been called back to work from a holiday, and had I had the opportunity to use gov't transportation to come home I would have--even when I was coming back on gov't business, I was told to show up or else-the alternative was not pleasant. Glad to hear you are a "fat assed Canadian. I interpret that as you being one of the entitled people of our society, don't have to work but enjoy all of the eminities that society has to offer.
"Selling our resources for easy cash"
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 7th December 2011
I don't know but that sounds like a very foolish thing to do. I doubt anyone is not in favor of using them for domestic needs and job creation in this country. It seems to me that selling resources for quick, easy cash to countries that compete with our economy is not very wise. China is the fastest growing economy and it is not rocket science why that is the case. If those jobs stayed here, we would have enough to give "mom a needed hip replacement".

It was bad enough that First nations lost the resources from their territories to early colonizers but for them to watch while we squander it for "easy cash" thereby selling our children's future must be bit hard to take. And all to increase the profits of the petroleum industry. That sounds pretty short-sighted.

Dealing with First Nation on issues t others think are important has always been challenging. Maybe it is because what seems so simple to us is not simple to them. They have experienced it all before and have a few hundred years of experience with the "Enbridges" of this society to make them suspicious and cautious. They were first paid off with beads and trinkets and just because the "bead and trinkets" now come with a higher price tag doesn't change their concerns. Two hundred years of getting the short end will do that to you.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 6th December 2011
Tell your mom she can't have a new hip because the Minister of defense spent 130,000 dollars to get picked up from a fishing trip to fly to a private jet waiting for him.That is why things are screwed up ,crap like that goes on and we all condone it. For god sakes even in Russia they are protesting.People are fed up with being taken for fools while a certain few get rich. Its time for us fat assed Canadians to show the govt.who is boss and who they work for.
Maggie Jo/Steve
Comment by James Ippel on 6th December 2011
Maggie Jo:don't propose to speak for everyone. Not everyone agrees with what you think or like, and don't suggest we do.

Well said Steve, we have to get to the point where we have one person/group speak for the whole, and get away from this splintered system which seems to dominate the Native Community. It seems all agree till someone is offended, and then all goes out the window.

We as a society have to work together for the betterment of all, and instead of continually fighting the pipeline, lets work for it, with very tough safety features built in. As an example, double walled line, with pressure senors every mile, and automatic shutoffs at certain determined points in the line at sensitive areas. As soon as we have a pressure drop of a certain percentage, the shutoffs automatically shut down the line.

Lets keep in mind that we all want Health Care, Education, and other niceties. We don't get these by refusing to sell our raw materials in exchange for cash. Tell your moma she can'nt have a new hip for another 5 years because we are saving our natural resouces for our children to squander. We have all worked hard, and deserve some benifits. Our children should not be handed everything on a silver platter, let them work for what they want just like we had too.
Wonderful news.
Comment by toots500 on 6th December 2011
Wonderful news. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Gitxsan people.
and this.....
Comment by Steve on 5th December 2011
Is a perfect example of why we need to revamp everything-no one knows who speaks for who anymore. One group says this, opposite group trots out another argument as to why they don't speak for them, another splinter group says neither of the other 2 guys speaks for them, meanwhile, anyone wanting to do any kind of business is running back and forth "consulting", not knowing if they are wasting their time or talking to the right guy and hold everything, because next election? all the parties shuffle chairs and it's back to the beginning again. None of this is working...for either side-and until it does, we'll be stuck in the doldrums of economic uncertainty and lack of investment
with joy
Comment by Carolyn H on 5th December 2011
Truly historical - may the new leadership rule in peace and wisdom
Comment by Don Camsell on 5th December 2011
Way to go Earl! Elmer pulled the trigger and shot his foot off
Thank you!
Comment by Maggie Jo on 5th December 2011
Thank you for your prompt media response to Derrick's "shiny beaded" enticement to very quietly sneak around behind his people's back to sell out his people in the interim.

For Endbridge not to be alarmed it was just Derrick soley showing up to sign an agreement without a backdrop of supporters? Yeah, I think Endbridge knew darn well that they had him enticed with the "shiny beads" of bribery and very quickly signed away before the Gitxsan Community caught on. Nice, real nice.

' Says alot about Endbridge 's lack of Code of Ethics, heh? They knew EXACTLY what they were doing and that they could bribe Derrick without the Gitxan support. Nice. Real nice.

Anyone have any clue how Derrick personally benefitted financially from him "faking" he had the Gitxsan Community behind him when signing the deal? What did he get outta this signing? A new house? A new car? Free College Tuition for his grandkids? What?!

Perhaps he should forgoe the legal system and be dealt with by the FN council instead. You in old traditional ways in banishment style?

Send him to the Antartica to fend for himself. He doesn't deserve to live in the Gitxan Community.

We white folks have your back on this one! No need to explain, we hear you! We're on your side.
Thank you for your fast work!
Comment by Just sayin' on 5th December 2011
Thank you chiefs for righting a wrong from a solitary voice. You are not in this fight alone. Many of us, whether non-native or native, stand in solidarity with you over the coming years against Enbridge and their tactics.