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NEWS RELEASE · 10th December 2011
Skeena Christmas Festival
Dear performers, vendors, volunteers and the public;

We are sorry to inform you that due to circumstaances beyond our control we have been forced to cancel the Skeena Christmas Festival this year.

We will look at rescheduling components of the festival in the New Year.

Thanks you for your support and have a safe and joyful holiday season.

Please be sure to check out the various events happening around town on December 10th, including the Christmas Arts Fair at the Terrace Sportsplex and the Indoor Farmers Market at the Skeena Mall.
revival this weekend?
Comment by mbw on 12th December 2011
Word has it that the Kinsmen are attempting to salvage/revive the Parade for this Saturday, Dec. 17th.
Riverboat vs XMAS Festival
Comment by Maggie Jo on 11th December 2011
RE: Comment to learn from the Riverboat Days Committee.

The Riverboat days is a HUGE week+ long event that generates tons of $ in our Community.

Terrace and Kitimat have an "unwritten" agreement that Terrace would host the Riverboat Days to entice the Kitimat people over to Terrace to generate $ in our Community; while we would "lay low" and let Kitimat host the huge Canada Day festivities to entice Terrace residents to generate money in their Community. These are two huge events that an enormous amount of people are committed to. The Riverboat Days festivities last days and days - no comparison to the Terrace Christmas Parade.

That being is still sad our Christmas Festival was cancelled without due warning of lack of participants/volunteers. Imagine all the people who were already working on their floats since October - only to hear a few mere days before the scheduled event that it was cancelled! Yikes.

In the interim...I think my family might come up with a plan B where we could whip somefin' up and host our own humble Christmas Parade on our own street. Could be fun.
What's done is done
Comment by Sandy on 11th December 2011
We can't change the fact that the Christmas Festival was cancelled, BUT something can be done to make sure that it does not get cancelled next year. Perhaps TDCC needs to take some lessons from the Riverboat Days Committee as they never seem to have a problem getting support. I believe that the Riverboat Days Committee is made up of community members too, not paid staff, hmmm, that's interesting.
Just as an after thought
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 10th December 2011
We do not recall having received anything about the Christmas Parade, happening or cancelling.
It is sad but...
Comment by FayEllen McFarlane on 10th December 2011
maybe that cancellation is what the event needs to give it new life.
Maybe the same people have been working at it year after year, because they feel it is a good event and it benefits the community. But they are tired and need help, and no one - or not enough people are coming forward to help carry the load and give some new ideas.
Lots of people just sit back and let someone else do all the work! And it is very easy to say "Oh gee! I would have helped out if I had only known!" after the fact!
I have organized some volunteer events in Kitimat, and I have been truly blessed by all the help that has come forward. One thing I know for sure: You can't do it by yourself!

We can learn from this...
Comment by Maggie Jo on 10th December 2011
It is always tough seeing a much anticipated event as this being cancelled, but I understand the reasons why.

However, perhaps next year advance warnings could be published (like the Thornhill Fall Fair did that one year MONTHS before the Fair...stating the potential cancellation if more volunteers did not step up).

So, let this be a lesson for next year to already start committing time to this beloved event. It's a shame the cancellation of this Parade was like a domino effect of all other sorts of cancellations immediately following - hay rides, parade of lights, etc etc.

Too bad. 'Would'a been great to generate money in the local Community during a most anticipated Christmas Festival.

At least it's one less stop for a very busy Santa Claus, heh?
next time call early if you need help
Comment by disappointed volunteer on 10th December 2011
I am so disappointed the Parade of Lights was cancelled. I was helping put together a float and to find out a couple of days before it was a no-go meant lots of hours & materials were for nothing.

I agree with Merv that a plea for help in a timely manner would have been in order. Today I heard several complaints about that.

I also find that not as many notices are going out from the Chamber of Commerce. Maybe a Chamber lunch to rally volunteers would have helped the situation?

And well, of COURSE the year we did Hockeyville the Parade was well-attended. Hello, what part of the community on fire do people not get? But that was a one-off and we need to find more local, small-scale ways to nurture our civic pride without Kraft Hockeyville's glamour. Good grief, if that was our 15 minutes of fame, we are really in trouble.

Lots of disappointed people out there, many of them asking why they weren't told there was a problem getting volunteers.

I don't think people are going to get all worked up after Xmas to do a parade. See the banners on the bridge? Skeena CHRISTMAS Festival.
Somebody dropped the ball
Comment by Alan on 10th December 2011
Other than seeing a few posters around town about this event, I have not heard a call for any people to help out. Who's gig is it? If it's a Chamber gig, why wasn't the message out a long time ago. My organization is a member of the Chamber and we got didly. It is an embarassment that a community this large and so-called business leaders at the rudder can't get it together for the kids.
Comment by Maureen on 10th December 2011
Merv to Carol - scortch --- Like ( as in a facebook like).
That was uncalled for Carol
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 10th December 2011
We publish everything we are given unless it is defamatory or ridiculous. You did send us a news release but we had already published the notice sent to us by Tara Irwin. Yours was an identical reproduction (exactly as above) rec'd at 11:49, Wed, Dec 7/11, Tara's came in at 11:08.

Nothing in your submission or Tara's included the details you have just printed, it was as we posted, "Due to circumstances beyond our control", and that was all.

We have moved the news release to todays date but it was up and published by 11:30 am Wednesday.

Normally, Carol, you do not send us your news releases. So your blantant rude accusation of us not publishing and informing the community is offensive to say the least.

The commentor was asking why you didn't ask for volunteers. Your side stepping of the issue, to attack us, shows off your TDCC rude and exclusive character.

An apology is in order. And please arrange to change the manner in which you conduct affairs on behalf of this good community. Facilitating integration and inclusiveness should be your foundation, not excluding those who don't hold the exact same political bent. This is an embarrasment.

Because you didn't, or your group didn't, ask for assistance, (from all sources ie The Terrace Daily) the Christmas Parade and Festival is cancelled. How do you people get jobs?

Parade of Lights
Comment by Carol Fielding on 10th December 2011
Hi Nancy...

I wish Merv would have posted the cancellation release that I sent him as it would have explained the whole picture...but I will try to give you the quick & dirty version.

I have been the coordinator of the Parade of Lights for the past 5 years and I can assure you that the conversation of volunteer needs has ALWAYS been out there. When I was organizing the Hockeyville campaign I was also doing the parade, that year was our most successful year ever with 26 parade entries, but the call for volunteers was always poorly responded to.

The parade has many apects, the call for parade participants which really qualifies the need to close streets, reroute the bus, recruit over 40 volunteers, find 80 barricades, the need for about a dozen vehicles to assist with the road closures, deliver and pick up the barricades, get a donation of radios so that everyone can communicate so we are sure they are safe. This year we had 6 entries confirmed by Wednesday the cutoff day, only half of what I need to at least pay for the insurance.

In 2008 we partnered with Volunteer Terrace to get the volunteers recruited & screened. Every year they work ver hard to provide the hundreds of hours ov volunteer services to many in the community, from seniors to community events like this one. If you are really interested in volunteering please contact them and register, it will be greatly appreciated by many in the community.

If anyone else reading this wants to help please call them at 250-638-1330, Monday to Friday.

This event is canceled for today, but the release mentioned that I am hoping that it happens early in the new year when folks are not so stressed with all their family commitments that cannot volunteer today.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you understand a bit better the whole picture.

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season!
Excuse me...I don't recall anyone asking for help....
Comment by Nancy on 10th December 2011
There was no announcement to the public saying there was a shortage or asking for help. I am sure the community would have pulled together if there was notification that Christmas was going to be cancelled. Remember Hockeyville? I am sure we could have figured something.
Comment by Nancy on 10th December 2011
It is too bad they cancelled, we should have made them promise not to cancel Christmas during the Municipal Election. I knew I forgot something!
hay rides cancelled
Comment by horse owner. on 8th December 2011
hayrides are cacelled where to be dec 10th