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The oil industry's "nation-building" attempt to link Canada's vast oilsands resources to Asian markets can't be stopped by protesters using civil disobedience, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver
NEWS RELEASE · 7th December 2011
By Peter O'Neil, Postmedia

OTTAWA — The oil industry's "nation-building" attempt to link Canada's vast oilsands resources to Asian markets can't be stopped by protesters using civil disobedience, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver said Tuesday.

He said he will respect the regulatory process that Enbridge Inc. must go through to get approval for its $5.5-billion Northern Gateway pipeline, but said the project, if approved by the National Energy Board, shouldn't be held hostage by aboriginal and environmental groups threatening to create a human "wall" to prevent construction.

Oliver was asked about the Haida First Nation in Haida Gwaii, formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands, in northern B.C.

The Haida, who are too far away from the pipeline to be considered by Enbridge as a potential equity partner in the project, are vehement opponents.


In Defense
Comment by James Ippel on 10th December 2011
I stand by my statement that Buzz Hargrove has a great influence on the labour movement in Canada, and no one wants to contradict that, because even if the man is retired, he is still a voice that is listened to by organized labour. No one has contradicted my statement that the Building Trades Unions in Alberta fully supports the Enbridge Pipeline because they are well aware of how much employment it will bring to Alberta, and also BC.

Isn't it a bitch when organized labour supports something that the environmentalists oppose?

Are you aware that we are 85% reliant on oil for the transportation needs of society? 25 years down the road we will still be relying on oil for 75% of the movement of goods. Should we cut off all oil supplies tomorrow, how long would we live? What would be the effect on the world population? We would probably have massive starvation, and total eradication of many people.

As for Reiners comments, according to Helmut I have misunderstood his post. So be it. I don't have Helmuts intelligence to interpret these comments. I honestly thought the man agreed with me. If he does'nt, at least we are getting a difference of opinion posted.

Just another interesting tidbit for you to digest. I am sure you all remember the man who founded GreenPeace!! I believe his name is Patrict Moore (Dr). I am sure you have seen him on TV ads extolling the virtures of reclamation of the oilsands in Albert. Of course these ads were made by the Petoleum Institute of Canada, so they just have to be all lies, and political bullsh!t. This, for your information, is the same man who stated on TV that we must support Enbridge, Fishfarming,and the Oil Sands. This is a man who realizes that if we utilize our resourses we can all benifit.
Defining Moment
Comment by Michael Bruce on 9th December 2011
I believe this pipeline and the personal choices by individual Northerners to back it or oppose it will define our life up here for years to come.

If the bitumen flows and the tankers navigate the coast will it be a threat hanging over our heads every second of every day? Maybe one day you'll wake up and hear that black goo is on it's way down to the ocean via any number of watersheds. Will a catastrophic spill happens because of human error a la Hartley Bay?

We will live with that for years.

Do we really have complete certainty that it's safe 24/7 for the lifetime of the pipe?

On the other hand, if this pipeline and tanker plan falls through, living without the so-called economic benefit might be the cost of knowing that disaster will never strike.

It's going to be one or the other folks. No middle ground or fence sitting on this one.

Interesting solutions.
Comment by Samantha on 9th December 2011
So what I see being proposed is, get on board or get out?

When you say work together, why does working together have to be working for your way? What if we were to say, hey lets work together to protect our environment instead of exploit it?

It is an interesting point to present, to put forward the ideology of collaboration and working together but only if it is working together in the direction in which you want to see it go forward.
Now hold on a second
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 8th December 2011
Karen only pointed out that Buzz was not a part of the NDP. She did not suggest he was a pariah or anything else. No one has suggested anything wrong with wanting to make a living and no one has taken a shot at anyone. All have focused on the merits or demerits of a pipeline that is until Abdus suggested Mr. Peters was "full of hot air".

What is of interest is that in the heat of the exchange James seems to have totally misunderstood Reiner's post. That is what happens I guess.
Comment by James Ippel on 8th December 2011
Excuuuuse me!! Mr Hargrove was and in my opinion, still is a moving force in the labour movement in Canada.
In your eyes he is a pariah because he defected from the NDP. Mayby, just maybe, he found the ideology of the NDP was not necessarily in the best interest of Canadians. Like Saul on the road to Damascus, he saw the light.
My hat off to a man who realizes that ideology does'nt pay the bills. Honest hard work does.
Reiner----thank you for your post. I wish more people would speak out, because I am sure not all of us believe the information that the left of centre post on this forum. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it is quite apparent that if you don't agree with posts from the left wing spectrum you become a person who has been led astray by money grubbing corporations. Lets be fair. It is the large corporation in our society that invest in exploration, create jobs, and pay mega dollars into the coffers of our Gov't. These dollars go along way to paying the bills.
How many pension funds have invested money into stocks with holdings in Suncor, Esso, Shell Oil, and other companies directly involved in the oil sands? A lot of us are living reasonably well because the directors of our pension funds have invested our dues in a sure thing.
Thank you
Mr Peters
Comment by Abdus on 8th December 2011
I am the owner of an excavator. My friends in the public sector assured me I would see contracts from the pipeline.

Are you suggesting that you might shoot me? I am just trying to feed my kids!

You are full of hot air. I grew up in a city where war was every day and I came to Canada in hopes of a better life. Your words do not scare me. I will defend my work by any means possible Peters. People like you are no good in this world.

Your words are not the Canadian way I have learned.
Comment by Karen Dedosenco on 8th December 2011
'Buzz' Hargrove, FYI, was not the grand poohba of the Canadian Union Movement - he was President of the Canadian Auto Workers and had defected from the NDP.
James Ippel
Comment by Reinier Kanis on 8th December 2011
Indeed we come from opposite ends of the spectrum, you are sick of people demanding we save Canada for our children, and the reason your saying it is because the number of people like myself are sick of the greedy folks who only care about instant self gratification.
I do want to thank you, because without reading posts like yours, many of us might not have spoken out.
1st nations better man up
Comment by fbreker on 7th December 2011
If any first nations members think that the harper government could give a fig about what they, or the people of BC want or don't want, vis a vis tar sands oil or the like, I have a bridge to sell them. harper is running a dictatorship, and we are going to see the gloves come off the government that the Ontario imbeciles elected for us. harper is owned by corporations like enbridge, and he will do their bidding.
Head in a pencil sharpener
Comment by ron wilton on 7th December 2011
That isn't a pencil sharpener Gerry, it's the posterior portion of Pat Daniel's anatomy.

Just when you think the Cons couldn't possibly get any crappier, out pops Joe Oliver.
And then there's DERRICK.
Comment by Maggie Jo on 7th December 2011
And then there's Derrick (sorry...he doesn't deserve "Mr" etiquette here) admitting "the pipeline does cross five or six streams that flow into Babine Lake, which does provide a lot of food for his people."

And yet, he signed the agreement w/ Endbridge behind his peoples' backs for a mere $7 million. Wow. what was in it for him under the table?! A new house? A new car? College tuition for all his grandkids? Do tell...
No Pipeline thanks
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 7th December 2011
.James i thought I would sum it up with a headline rather than make derogatory remarks at you.
Do you remember?????
Comment by James Ippel on 7th December 2011
Does the name" Buss Hargrove " mean anything to you? He was the grand poohba of the Canadian Union Movement for awhile for those who have forgotten. In a recent interview he flatout stated he is in favour of the Enbridge Pipeline, along with the Building and Trades Unions of Alberta.
They have taken the position that the pipeline can be safely built, oil transported safely in tankers, and very importantly, many, many jobs will be created. These will be created in Alberta, as well as in other parts of Canada, BC included. Millions of dollars in the form of income tax, and other service taxes will flow into Gov't coffers allowing for the spending of money for the benefit of all (as long as we can keep it out of Quebecs greedy paws). As I previously posted, lets work together to put in safety measures to make this pipeline safe and let us all benefit.
If we were to build refineries here it would be great, but we would still be shipping the finished product somewhere by rail, or tanker.
I am really getting sick and tired of hearing that we have to save everything for our children, or save all things for the sake of saving them. Let nature provide for us, but let us use nature and the natural elements wisely.
Comment by richard on 7th December 2011
I guess crusty Clarks is okay with this as she too has tried to sell bc resources to Asia.Letting Harper take the heat as he`s miles away and she just hides under her skirt in the bc legeslature along with the liberal caucus. now what will they do.Are they with the people or the tars sands oil corps.nice to see where we stand. We are destroying the future of all generation to come. Revolution is near. other countries seem to be have the same nitemares as us and you see them fighting for there rights .stand united or fall alone. Then we can rebuild .funny thing ,we never sold so much resources in the past and lived c omfortably. now it`s sold. resource provided local jobs,sold they belong to investers from china,india . shame shame the germans are buying up the prime land in which mining exploration found valuble for gold ,silver,cooper,coal ect. ..... watch next is mining and the tailing ponds. it will never stop. natural gas is the same,fracking. contaminating your water suppies soon enough. never should have allowed this. the poor will be just that. poor. Living Pay-day to Payday. can we be saved,i thing not. the weak will parish.
Urine Test
Comment by Victor Lick on 7th December 2011
Is this guy for real. Maybe he should have a urine test for drug use. If he thinks that the people of this province should be quiet and have this shoved down or throats because the Big Corporations want it. More raw resources sent abroad should be enough to stop this alone. This is not in National Interests. There is more at risk than money. Northern BC has one of the last pristine environments with native salmon runs left. One spill would wipe out everything nature has provided us with. You can not put a price on what our province and coast line provide. People scream about what is happening elsewhere. We are having our Coast and Province sold out by bureaucrats back East. We do not need to be painted with this BLACK BRUSH. This is something that is worth uniting for and taking a stand at our boarder. To sell our souls and province for money. GREED! Look at the long term pain we will suffer as a province and the BLACK OIL will still flow as we clean up the mess.
Stand united Brothers and Sisters of all Nationalities, for now and future generations.
Victor Lick.
Are you kidding?
Comment by Mr. Peters on 7th December 2011
He respects the regulatory process, and then claims that the pipeline should not be held hostage by those who do not want to see it. Well, which is it?

Here is my prediction: The government is going to make it clear to the Energy Board that this pipeline is in Canada's best interest and they will rubber stamp it regardless to what the wishes of the people living here is. I also predict that the protests to stop this pipeline will not be very civil and that anyone working on the pipeline might want to invest in some body armor.
Comment by Gerry Hummel on 7th December 2011
The Haida are to far away to be included in any negotiations???? What a crock, if one tanker runs aground and causes a spill surely they stand to lose everything just like everyone else! I think Joe Oliver stuck his head in the electric pencil sharpener one to many times!
Ginger tea?
Comment by Maggie Jo on 7th December 2011
Oh dear. We disobedient bunch are causing quite a stir with NR Minister Oliver. From that pic he looks like he's going to suffer from acid reflux!

RX - homemade ginger tea.

Boil 4 cups water. Put in tons of ginger. Simmer 15-20 minutes. Gulp it down schtraight.