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NEWS RELEASE · 9th December 2011
Terrace RCMP
Police are warning the public about phone and internet scams. This includes giving personal and credit card information over the phone and internet and requests for money via internet and phone. Following are three very recent samples of incidents in Terrace.

A man received a phone call yesterday telling him that his credit card was being used in Mexico. When the man started to ask questions, the caller hung up on him. The man then called the Royal Bank who informed him that his credit card had not been used in Mexico.

In another incident, a woman had decided to consolidate her debt. After the fact, she realized that she had provided a company that she knew nothing about with all of her personal information over the phone. It made her very uncomfortable. She has begun the long process of cancelling her cards and advising necessary agencies of the possible breach of her personal information.

Finally, in a third incident a woman had met a man on Facebook. He claimed that he needed money for his sick son who needed surgery in Africa. She sent him an amount of money thru a Western Union Money Order to a bank in the United Kingdom. This was the first of many amounts of money transfers. A significant amount of money has been stolen from this woman.

Police are very limited in providing assistance in these circumstances. The public has to be vigilant in guarding their personal information. A general rule of thumb is do not give out any information over the phone. And if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Tips to avoid scammers
Comment by Melissa on 28th December 2011
This is why I don't normally do online registrations. For all I know, I could be giving my information to scammers.

I don't pick up anonymous calls, too. I let the answering machine take the call. Anyway, if the call's important, the caller will leave a message.

I've read of these tips at It may be too cautious but in today's times, we can never afford to be careless especially with our personal information.
I have fun with them
Comment by Mike on 9th December 2011
Most of the time I mess with them. I give them made up credit card numbers, made up phone numbers, account numbers, anything I can think of. Ignoring it doesn't work as its computer dialed and they keep calling back so I figure if they're going to waste my time I'll waste theirs even more by having them waste time trying to use made up numbers and accounts. Or else I answer them phone and talk to them in a language I just made up. Good for a laugh!
BC Hydro Scam
Comment by Megan on 9th December 2011
My Grandmother recently had a phone call from a gentleman claiming to call from BC Hydro. He confirmed her name and address and was wanting to sign them up for online payments. What tipped her off was when he asked for her hydro account number. As for unwanted calls there is a service called the National Do Not Call list that helps....I went from having a couple calls a day to once in a blue moon. To check if a company or phonecalls or legit you can contact the Better Business Bureau or Consumer Protection BC
Again and again...
Comment by Maggie Jo on 9th December 2011
We've been publicly warned about these types of "scams" FOR YEARS - again and again.

This isn't rocket science people. You need to make a phone transaction when someone you DON'T KNOW calls you? Go to your Bank in person to pull it while telling them about it; where the tellers who host a Code of Ethic will warn you about what you are about to do!

Why aren't some of us still not getting it? Quite odd to hear people continue to get sucked into these scams.

Why anyone would succumb to entertaining these calls is beyond me (except for the vulnerable elderly who have no clue).

I used to have fun when they called: "Oh most CERTAINLY deary, that I will give you all my personal information over the phone. Hang on. I gotta grab a pen. Can I have your name/contact info, cuz I wanna check you out with the RCMP first to verify the origins of this call; afterwhich I will promptly call you back to sign on with you."

Prompt CAH-LICK!

What? Not even a goodbye? Or a "Have a nice day?" The utter NOIVE!


Interesting how I don't get any more calls - ever! I must'a been crossed off their world-wide list as a threat to them. 'Totally enjoying the peace and quiet at home.

Mooo-AH-ha haaaaaa!
Comment by Janette on 9th December 2011
I've received a few call scams lately...
One from a man in Africa asking me to marry him. That was an easy one to say no to.

One from "Microsoft" saying my computer had been hacked and they needed me to go onto some website and input information. I read online that this is a well known scam. They either ask for money upfront to 'fix' your computer or install a corrupt program that then obtains your banking information/passwords.

The last one I had was from a man offering 'free' magazine subscriptions.
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Comment by Linda on 9th December 2011
I have been getting an average of 5 to 10 calls PER DAY from the unknown numbers, numbers from Nevada, New York, all over the country. I am sick of it, I do not answer but I do feel this is harassment and you would think this day and age with technology they could be stopped! The calls have come in at 7am and have gone as late as 1130pm, I should not have to shut my phones off at night! I am tired of paying to be harassed and the big ol company does not seem to care one bit when I have complained!

I also reported an email from what looked to be my bank, it had all of the official markings of BMO asking for certain information, luckily I realized that BMO does not email you for anything, if they send you a message it is through the secured BMO online site, I messaged them with a copy of the email and sure enough it was some email scam. Be careful people...VERY correct "if it seems too good to be true...IT IS!"
Comment by Steve Hallett on 9th December 2011
Great for us to have a reminder once in a while unfortunatley the scammers take advantage more at Christmas time. One feauture I find extremley helpful is call display if I don't recognize the # I don't answer the phone, usually if important or legit the person calling will leave a message.
more scams...
Comment by Chris on 9th December 2011
We have been getting phone calls at home every other day for weeks from "Unknown Number" and the guy with an eastern accent says he is calling from the computer department and there is a possible problem with our computer that they need to look into. Of course it is a scam and any time we answer we tell them not to phone back but they keep phoning.

Also those filter queen people are going door to door with their scam about air quality and winning a prize, but of course it's just a high pressure sales pitch to sell a vacuumn.

Beware, it is the season for scammers for sure!