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REPORTING · 10th December 2011
Terrace Daily News
It does not take a lot of research to demonstrate the contradiction in the Canadian Government policies on humanitarian assistance.

While the Canadian Government attempts to determine all the angles possible to avoid helping the First Nations populations on many reserves, they can jump with amazing rapid fire action when it comes to people who have absolutely nothing to do with Canada.

As an example we offer this news release after the Haiti earthquake.

Read it Here. $400 million at the drop of a hat.

More Here Canada Helps Haiti Eliminate All Debt Owed to World Bank?!

Mr. Harper taking a photo op with people in need

reaffirm our solidarity with the Haitian people

Watch a Video Poem on the Attawapiskat Emergency Here Merry Christmas Mr. Harper! Hope you're nice and warm with your family during the Holiday's. It is cold out there.
"three chiefs, and 18 councillors".
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 15th December 2011
Is this verified by any other source than Sun News? I had someone send me spam with this message and as I do with anything like that, I try to check it out. I have not been able to find any verification. Is there a site I'm not accessing?
This is nuts.
Comment by Mr. Peters on 12th December 2011
More than 40 per cent of the existing homes on reserves need major repairs, compared with seven per cent off reserve, according to a government-commissioned assessment of First Nations housing.

What is up with that? Are they more destructive than non reserve people or do they just not give a dam about their homes?
Mike Holmes on Homes for Reserve Natives
Comment by c. sandecki on 12th December 2011
"Stop building crap."
Go Harper
Comment by Dave on 12th December 2011
Terrace Daily, thank you for showing us that Harper's government cares. His government gives to those in need in Haiti who don't have the opportunities we have in Canada, he also gives to those in need in Attawaspiskat and then when all the money can't be accounted for because of likely corruption at the band office he shows he cares for the Canadian tax payers who want accountability for where the money went.

Thank you for showing and highlighting that he cares. I won't be blaming the current Government for what is happening there.
Hey James....
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 11th December 2011
Is your alias Tom Fletcher? The government can do no wrong for you it seems.
Just Curious/re: c. sandecki
Comment by James Ippel on 11th December 2011
Why does a band of 2,ooo members require three chiefs on salary, and 18 councillors, nine with the same last name?

At risk of being called all kinds of derogatory names, does "look after your family" enter into the equation.

This afternoon I again watched GOLDHAWK LIVE on CPAC and the show almost induced projectile vomitting.. Everything that happened at Attawapiskat is the fault of the Federal Gov't. --according to the guests that Goldhawk had. One was a lawyer, and the other two were professors without a lick of common sense between them. The complained that there was a Diamond in the vicinity of Attawapiskat but few members of the Band had employment there, and at the lower paying jobs. Let me point out that even the lower paying jobs will earn the worker $35 an hour plus. There is nothing to say that with a little inititative, a person can work himself into a higher paying job. Don't expect everything to be handed to you because you are native/indian/first nations, etc. how do I know that the lower paying jobs are high compared to what we may earn locally? My brother-in-law was a supervisor at Diavick Diamond Mines in the Territories. The pay was exceptional, he had many Inuit from the Eastern Arctic, and the Western Arctic working for him, along with Cree Indians from Sask. Although all hated each other with a passion, they sure were happy with their paycheques.

Bottom line to the unbelievers: if the Indians, First Nations, Aboriginal., Inuit, have the true desire to work and get ahead, there is nothing that will stop them. They are everybit as intelligent as we are, and maybe we should quit the free handouts. Do you think this might make a difference??????????????????????????????

Not racist to criticize Band Council
Comment by c. sandecki on 10th December 2011
Attawapiskat, with a population of 2,000, has three chiefs on salary, and 18 councillors, nine of them with the same family name.
Watch this video for more info: