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Tom Fletcher, Legislative Reporter and Columnist for Black Press. t
NEWS RELEASE · 10th December 2011
Tom Fletcher
VICTORIA – If the propaganda flowing over “tar sands” crude shipments across B.C. were oil, the province would be out of deficit by now.

U.S.-funded professional environmentalists and their aboriginal partners lined up with the NDP last week to peddle a range of half-truths and falsehoods about proposals to pipe diluted bitumen from Alberta to a new port at Kitimat, where tankers would deliver it to Asian markets.

They staged a slick news conference in Vancouver where they claimed to have a seamless wall of aboriginal communities the length of B.C. opposing the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline.

A 10-year-old girl in a cedar bark hat warned of devastation to the coastal ecology, providing the kind of emotional visual that appeals to urban television audiences who know and care little about science or resource industries.

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Just a thought.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 12th December 2011
One of the reason people post on Merv's site here is that it doesn't take a week to get posted. After a week the issue has often past. Also there is no editing here unless you really stretch the envelope. The latter is a bit of a problem when folks are responding to other posters but if the opinion shared are on the topic then they are probably fair.

This is about Tom Fletcher's opinions. There are lots of them to go by and he gets paid to write them. If someone calls him an opinionated, biased, "reporter" it is probably deserved and can even be proven. I doubt anyone would hurt his feelings as he would be more Non partisan and give both sides of an issue if he had any to worry about.

Maybe if Fletcher spent some time in the regions that might be effected by any spill he would be less vocal in favor of the pipeline. Merv might be more passionate on some issues than I but I sure wouldn't claim that he is very far off the mark in describing Tom Fletcher who I stopped reading a long time ago.

Well Bill.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 12th December 2011
Generally speaking I would tend to agree with you. But Mr.Fletcher is very biased in his reporting and he brings out the worst in people. When the Liberals can do no wrong and the NDP can do no right ,this type of behavior occurs.
Comment by Karen Dedosenco on 12th December 2011
Yes, James and Bill, everyone has a right to express their own opinion but as Tom Fletcher is employed in a managarial journalistic position in the media I hold him to a higher standard for reporting the truth...not a plethora of hand fed half-truths and propoganda from self-serving corporations and governments.

Merv's expressive descriptions of Tom Fletchers's writings may not be appropriate if used to describe the average person expressing an opinion, but Tom is not the average commentor - he is in a position where he should be obligated to research and report the truth, whether writing an opinion column or news piece. IMO, Tom is fair game for stronger than average criticism.
opinions are opinions
Comment by bill braam on 12th December 2011
Let's draw back from derogatory references to other people here. 'Imbecile' and 'troll' aren't welcome references to people with opinions. Extremes are being written about in references to the possibility of oil coming through our yard here and we are all aware of the possibilities of oil spills, big or small. Tom Fletcher is saying the exteme of nothing ever going wrong and his scenerio would be a real blessing indeed. We all have opinions, from one end of the spectrum to the other, just because you don't personnally concur with another person gives you no right to bash him or her, thank you.
Re: Sad isn't it?
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 11th December 2011
It's quite obvious who the real troll is here.

James, if you weren't a troll, then you'd be sending in comments to the black press publications.

Alas, you seam to get your kicks saying all sorts of weird stuff here instead.
Sad isn't it?
Comment by James Ippel on 11th December 2011
Whether you agree or disagree with Tom Fletcher, he is allowed to express his opinion freely.

I am very disappointed that Merv refers to this mans writing as "idiotic ramblings." He refers to the man as a" Provocative Unabashed Corporate Troll." Merv goes further and says: "No one can be that Stupid."

I don't always agree with what you write, but I certainly would not call you "Stupid" for stating your opinion. That is the great thing about our country, we are allowed to express our opinions, but the way this particular subject is going is very disappointing.

The insults levied against this man go against the grain. You state: "He writes such brainless, provocative nonsence, which are printed in these rags of pubescent publications, it is a wonder he stays out of a rubber room and a straight jacket."

The question begs to be answered: Did the Black Press refuse you employment, and is this why you have such vitriolic comments against them and one of their reporters?????
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 11th December 2011
I have read much of his propaganda, and never once ,not once has he ever criticized the provincial govt.As far as he is concerned they can do know wrong. The black press sucks
Even though It seem's I met him in a seedy bar.....
Comment by Nancy on 10th December 2011
I don't know this man, but before he is given this title of "Legislative Reporter", I think we should maybe look at experience and intelligence, if he is to be in the same arena as Keith Baldrey or the like, then we can take him seriously.
Terminator 2 solution
Comment by Danny Nunes on 10th December 2011
I am convinced we need to replace all government and news reporters with robots and advanced computers who will make decisions based on fact without the burden of bias or human emotion. Skynet where are you?
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 10th December 2011
Tom Fletcher works for Black Press. They call him their legislative reporter. Black Press owns and operates almost every newspaper in British Columbia except the Global consortium, the Vancouver Sun and Province. Tom appears to be an embarrassment to everything human.

It could be the only reason this man gets an audience is due to the corporate and industrialist moneyed interests behind the Black Press media control. It is this monopoly interest in all the newspaper media of BC. Tom is their featured antagonist. They call him their legislative reporter – right! He writes such brainless, provocative nonsense, which are printed in these rags of pubescent publications, it is a wonder he stays out of a rubber room and a straight jacket.

It is humour to be sure. When reading such idiotic ramblings, laughter and hilarity is an almost automatic response.

We find ourselves wondering if some of the good BC citizens actually believe he is serious. When faced with serious satire it sometimes is difficult to differentiate between truth and reality. In the case of Fletcher, it is a certainty that anything this man says is satire. No one can be that stupid.