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NEWS RELEASE · 12th December 2011
Terrace RCMP
The Terrace RCMP Auxiliaries would like to thank the citizens and businesses of Terrace for making the “Cram A Cruiser” event such a success.

“We surpassed our goal of cramming the Chevy Tahoe. Four police cruises were crammed with food donations and a total of $2400 was raised,” says A/Cst Shelly Ullery.

Thank you to Walmart, Save On Foods, Real Canadian Wholesale Club, and Safeway for their cooperation and support.

Thank you to CFNR for their advertising and participation.

Thank you to McAlpine and Company Chartered Accountants for kick starting the event with their generous cash donation.

The “Cram A Cruiser” event was held on Saturday, Dec. 10 from 1 to 4 at Walmart, Save On Foods, Real Canadian Wholesale Club, and Safeway.

The Terrace RCMP Auxiliaries were at the locations in uniform handing out candy canes and accepting food and cash donations for the Salvation Army and the Terrace Churches Food Bank.
Thanks, Sheldon.
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 16th December 2011
Hi Sheldon.

I know...I know...You're right.

I can't dispute the fact that I sure can ramble at times. (There sure is proof in 'DAT pudding, heh?)

Just that these darn fingers can type a kazillion miles/hour! Sometimes I type so fast that I wonder if my fingers have become possessed by a seperate entity! HA HA! No seriously...I was once clocked at 187 wpm. Not kidding. It's true.

Anyway, thanks for the link, Sheldon. And for your constructive criticism. I'll try not to rant as much.

Re: Re: Wow Maggie Jo...
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 16th December 2011
MaggieJo; It's not so much that your comments are offensive, but rather they lack substance. Your ramblings often go on tangents that have no relevance to the subject at hand.

I suggest you sign up to as it is much more suited for inane ramblings.
Wow Sheldon Davidson...
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 15th December 2011

I was oddly "touched" by your suggestion I should host my own blog. ('Not sure how to go about to do so, but nice thought.)

And then there's Howard Stern who is going to be the next AGT judge - a most notorious entertainer who offends people to the most abrasive, utter degree; while remaining elevated in the process. Don't get me wrong. I do NOT wanna be in any way associated with that man...but my point is....we ALL have a democratic voice which we are permitted to use to speak our "soap box'ed" peace. In that respect...I can "kind'a" understand where Stern is coming from. He has an opinion which he is ALLOWED to share.

In the interim...after working all day - getting up at 0500 to head to work to pull my full day's pay to provide for my family...I'm tired from working all day. As a result, I believe I've earned the right for some downtime to veg out on Terrace Daily to democratically voice my opinion like the rest of the Citizens of Terrace do. So, thanks to Terrace Daily for this democratic right.

If my "tell it like it is" comments offend you so much...simply "skip over" any contributing comments with my name on it. Clap clap -done. And then you can continue along on your merry way.

Re: Wow Maggie Jo...
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 15th December 2011
I think that MaggieJo should have her own domain with her own web space so she can put all of her comments in one place. Or just start a blog for her inane commenting on what seams to be almost every single article that comes out on

Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 14th December 2011
Alright, alright. Calm down. I am entitled to my opinion which is why Terrace Daily invites comments from all walks of life. Even from the "perfect" ones in our midst.

That being said...I have struggled thru my own dilemmas and only made it out "alive" because I refused to succumb to being a burden on Society for longer than I needed to be. It was imperative for me to be an example to my children to hold their heads up high while accepting suffering; while in the interim showing them it was even more important to work hard to overcome that situation.

Was it really that offensive for me to suggestingly challenge others in this regard?

I understand the elderly, the mentally ill and the disadvantaged are certainly entitled to long-term are the ones who have recently fallen on hard times. But for the many, many others - being on assistance should NOT be a life-time career.

Suffering is no fun. I know what it's like to suffer. I don't like to see people suffering. Who does? But, when true efforts aren't made to change one's course in life...that's pretty discouraging when I am pressured to open up my wallet yet again. For the others? My children and I have often snuck out to neighbors' homes "in disguise" to drop off huge boxes of food and cash and flee the scene before getting recognized. Some of the people we didn't even know (heard from acquaintainces that they were at least TRYING to rise outta their situations, but were still struggling to catch up on bills and such).

EI assists people financially who are in unemployment dilemmas. But they also apprise and expect their applicants to show they are making an effort to better their lives in exchange for an EI paycheque. No show? No paycheque.

And that is my opinion. Thanks Terrace Daily for allowing me to voice it.
Wow Maggie Jo...
Comment by Wow on 14th December 2011

I am speechless. That has got to be one of the most offensive, self aggrandizing, and insensitive viewpoints I have ever come across.

I usually am not so compelled to write, but here I think I must. It is stereotypes exactly as such that creates shame and low self exteem in instances where we as a healthy community need to nurture healthy living and a sense of pride in ones life.

Would you rather folks starve right here in front of you where u live instead of seeing an opportunity to help as you can, selflessly? Those in need and whom are "stuck" in "the system" do not need to be battered further by cynics nor judged, but perhaps just need a chance for someone to believe in them and to just give them some sort of chance.

Sometimes life is just not so easy.

Those whom are blessed with being fortunate in life can easily have that turned upside down in an instant and can also find themselves relying on fellow citizens. I like to think that we as a community take care of each other and the favour one day if needed will be reciprocated whole heartedly.

I see over 40% of my working wage go to our government. And honestly? I do not mind. Because we are all equals in this country and we each play a part in helping out to maintain life as we know it. It should feel good to help others be comfortable with the basic necessities of life. Be it medical, social, educational needs..those whom are fortunate enough to be employed can chip in. Childless folks see part of their wage go into maintaining schools, and they do not see a direct benefit. But for sure there is an indirect benefit of universal basic education. Same goes for the universal medical system. And same goes for Social Assistance. We can help those who struggle and are not as fortunate, and it should not feel like a burden to us whom are fortunate enough to have had the means to find steady and reliable employment. We are so fortunate to have something as such here in unsteady times in the Northwest. Even if it had come about by sheer luck. We should be thankful if we are blessed to be comfortable and should extend a hand to those who may not be as fortunate. Believe me, i am thankful everyday and do not take for granted my life for one moment. It is not a burden to me to help others who struggle or are in need. Life truly is not so easy sometimes.

Especially in times as we see currently in the Northwest, not so easy finding and maintaining employment. In the Northwest, it is not so easy to make ends meet. Perhaps not a flaw in people on "the system", but perhaps with the bigger picture. What skills can we help people develop which would enable them to find some sort of employment that would be meaningful, fulfilling, and will pay the bills? Or even to just be inspired to be able to see the possibilities out there? Those you say who may be stuck in a "rut" for "decades" perhaps have just lost the inspiration. It is the failure of society as a whole when we cannot help our fellow citizens be inspired by life around us and how things can be...

I am happy to help because i do recognize that life is not always so easy, and...yes. Even if that means me sharing my groceries to help fill a hungry tummy somewhere here in my town. I like to think that we as a community embrace and take care of our own and would not turn our backs on our neighbors. Also, the "bad behaviors" that you wish not to reward are actually signs of a failure of our society in general. There is so much struggle right here in our small community, now is not the time to pass judgment. Please have some compassion, and please Maggie Jo, have a heart.

Sorry for the long and solemn response all, but i think it really needed to be said. Happy and Healthy Holidays to all. And of course, congratulations to all the hard work and effort put in to making "Cram a Cruiser" a success. Great job and so nice to see the community pull together!
how can you turn a positive into such a negative
Comment by Jarryd. on 14th December 2011
Maggie Jo
I am beside myself how you can mention something so irrelevant to the article. There are many people that use the food bank who actually need it. you cannot just show up and get food, there is a process. I am happy to say that there are still people that do not see the world as inherently evil. You cannot think of anything positive to raising 2400 dollars, and four full vehicles of food.
It is very good of you that you feel your dollars are better spent overseas in a 3rd world country, however there are more than our share of problems in Canada and North America. BC alone has one of the highest child poverty rates. So well you may be cynical about what is happen in your town, there are more local or national areas that could use a help up. I am not saying to give to the people abusing the system, but instead of complaining about it on the internet, get away from your desk and spearhead change., because I know I did this past weekend.
For Maggie Jo
Comment by Roy Harding on 13th December 2011
What's it like to be perfect, Maggie Jo?

Please tell us.

For the record - I've NEVER been on social assistance of ANY kind - and IN GENERAL, I'm in agreement with the gist of your comment.

BUT - I'm willing to admit that some folks aren't as lucky as you and I, Maggie Jo.

By the way - my name is out there for all to see, it's real, and it's "googable" - did I just make up a new verb?

What's YOUR complete name, "Maggie Jo" ?

I find it hard to accept that such a perfect individual as yourself is actually amongst us, and yet - remains anonymous.
Thanks and what the heck!
Comment by Rita on 12th December 2011
Thanks for the Deep Purple tickets! and what the heck to the above comment. I have worked with those who are job searching for the last 12 years. Many people in this community find themselves on SA for the first time and darn right they are embarassed about it and ashamed to be using the food bank. Disabled people, elderly, and troubled people really need the social safety net. Many of these "lazy non fishers" are job searching for hours every day just praying to get even a minimum wage job. People who fight agism, sexism, racism and of course stereotypes. Sure there are always some who abuse the system, just like WCB or any other system,. I dont know about you but as a woman with a chronic health condition and a disabled son who needs medical care I am about 3 pay cheques from the other side. Thankfully I am in a position to give because there but for the grace of God go I.
Dare I say...
Comment by Maggie Jo on 12th December 2011
Imagine. What would people do if the rest of us weren't always working so hard to put food on their tables? Uh...wild guess - find a job?

I'm not certain if the City of Terrace still has this service available...but I recall reading that the City did not wish to turn away people who were unable to pay for their Leisure Activities due to lack of funds. SO...they offered an incentive package - we'll let you and your family get in free IF you pull volunteer work here with us in exchange. No monies crossed hands, and people gained their dignity while "working" the fees off for their families to participate in the City's Leisure Services.

It is extremely discouraging to see the same people on welfare/social assistance for literally decades. Then their children and grandchildren promptly follow suit!

When people who are suffering first apply for assistance, does anyone ask them.."So, you think you might be back on your feet next month? NO? Okay, how about in 3 months? No? Can you see yourself getting back up on your feet in about a year? No? Okaaaaaaaaaaaay...two years, three, four ten? NO??!

OH RIGHT! The rest of the Community will be looking after you. Right! We forgot there's no incentive to find work to fend for yourself cuz WE will keep taking care of you in the interim. Our mistake.

In any event, kudo's to the efforts of people in our Community to help others out. I send my money elsewhere where my money is put to good use - ie; I send money to a 3rd World Village and they promptly build a well to benefit the entire Village there. Here in Terrace my donated money goes into some sort of a deep, dark, pitted abyss where change never appears evident or desired for that matter.

Remember when it used to be an utter embarassment to be on welfare? These days it seems like some sort of earned right.

Count me out of enabling people's bad behaviours. I'll stick to helping people out who use my assistance to work towards personally bettering themselves to become good, productive members of the Societies they live in - while passing the love forward to help others as well.

You give a man a fish? He eats it. You give a man a fishing rod? He learns to provide for himself.