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CONTRIBUTION · 12th December 2011
Elvis Davis
On Saturday December, 10 2011 the Haida Nation cast their vote against the Naikun Wind Farm, and the vote was a unanimous NO! A total of 695 votes were cast and out of that 695, 505 were NO.

It has been the hard work of a group of dedicated people to help inform our islanders about the disastorious out come of what will happen not only to the migratory fowl that fly over our waters but also the abundant amount of sea life the depend of the srurrounding waters to survive.

Not only do the Haida feed off of the sea, but also the many non Haida gather food from our bountiful waters.

If destroyed by the wind farm, we know how detromentle losing our livelyhood would be to all islanders.

We would like to inform the Naikun Wind Farm, that the Haida's have spoken and we hope that you are listening. The Council of Haida Nation had openly announced that all Haida's are all behind the wind farm, but in reality only a small margin of Haida's were in support of the disastrous corporate adventure.We have finally and hopefully have spoken loud and clear that not all Haida's are banding together in support of this endeavor.

Here is just one example of what CHN was trying to get our nation involved with in regards to the Naikun Wind Corp.

We know that not all out there still think the same, but would like to inform everyone that unfortunately there are a few that have not moved on from the past of total racism.
Wind Power
Comment by Allan Bowles on 14th December 2011
The reality of the situation is that Diesel Generated power is not a viable long term solution for the islands. Wind energy is the cleanest and safest solution regarding environmental impact. While putting the generators out in the Hecate might not be the best option, they are going to have to go somewhere.