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COMMENTARY · 14th December 2011
Merv Ritchie
Edited December 15, 2011
What causes Canadians and their governments to turn a blind eye to China? This country has been exposed for many decades as being possibly the most brutal and corrupt regime on the planet. Just over twenty years ago when Chinese pro-democracy demonstrators peacefully gathered in Tiananmen Square the Government sent in tanks and literally ran over protestors while firing automatic weapons into the crowds. During the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Canada hosted their pavilion in a building on a corner right next to Tiananmen Square. The message is clear, Canada does not support human rights or dignity.
Previous writing (very acrimonious) on this very same issue by clicking here.

But it gets worse.

Canadian politicians of all stripes and from all levels of government have been courting China to invest in Canada and to buy our raw resources. They are doing this while China is being exposed repeatedly for electronically monitoring, digitally infiltrating and personally spying on every level of Canadian politics and industry.

CSIS, Canada’s own security agency, has repeatedly spoken about these activities. The CBC broadcast network has publically exposed this on numerous occasions. Recently the exposure of the Chinese hacking into, not just law firms working on behalf of industry, but into the highest levels of the Canadian Government has been publicized.

And today Sino-Forest, one of the largest Chinese Forestry investment firms is finally collapsing as it had no foundation, no industry, no truth and was simply ripping off the markets around the world.

After CSIS Director Richard Fadden exposed China for infiltrating and befriending Canadian politicians we exposed the insiders in the Ministry of Forests and the Ministry of Energy Mines and Petroleum Resources of BC as potentially having Chinese Nationals developing policy for British Columbia. We simply followed the bread crumbs left by Fadden which led directly to individuals born and raised in China who attended British Columbia Universities and then took lead roles in crucial BC Government Ministries developing policies favouring China. It wasn’t brain surgery! Read our expose Here.

This initiated a complaint from their communications Manager who threatened us “with further action” if we did not apologize and remove the references to these individuals.

We did not and do not apologize. In fact after being threatened in this manner we reversed some changes we initially performed.

This year the BC Government and Premier Christy Clark have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars promoting their plan to focus on supplying China with all of Canada’s raw resources. The BC and Canadian Governments along with industry have touted spending millions of dollars building infrastructure and a new port facility to manage the supply route for these raw resources to be shipped to China for processing.

Read the details announced by the Premier of BC with other dignitaries in Prince Rupert by clicking here.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has described this as being financially advantageous to Canada and is backing all of these developments including the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline for shipping the raw unprocessed bitumen from the Alberta Tar Sands to China.

Considering all the empirical evidence we have just laid out it is clear the entire Canadian political structure has been infiltrated. Canadians are delivering all of their raw goods to a foreign nation without proper consideration or compensation.

A good analogy might be how the British Traders of the 1700’s and 1800’s convinced the Indians to deliver all the furs they could in exchange for glass beads and whiskey. It was a common practice to measure the stack of furs against the length of a rifle stood on its butt. The British had special rifles made with extra long barrels to further extort the Indians.

It appears as if all Canadians are being treated in this same fashion. Equally Canadians are not being informed of this by their major media organizations. Just as the Indians of yesterday were kept drunk and uninformed today Canadians are kept in pharmaceuticals and entertained by their TV set.

Not just China, but international corporations from across the globe are robbing Canadians with the full consent of the Canadian Governments. We have been exposed in the World community by the Canadian Government walking away from the Kyoto Accord. Previously the United Nations failed to renew Canada’s membership in the Security Council. With the secret agreements between Canada, the United States and Mexico in the SPP (Security Prosperity Partnership) agreement now coming to full reality and passed into law, (also known as the Fortress America), the truth of Canada’s sovereignty should also be coming to full reality.

Beginning in the 1980’s North American industrialists began having most of their products made cheaply in China. This then flooded the consumer markets and North American citizens have been purchasing these products on mass ever since. This action caused most domestic factories to close and caused mass unemployment and financial devastation. China flourished with cash and today the majority of America’s debt is held by China.

Many laws are even being passed in legislative houses favouring Chinese industries. The compact florescent light bulb fiasco is just one, and the most obvious. These bulbs contain mercury and a breakage requires evacuation and strict clean up procedures. Yet American and Canadian lawmakers are passing legislation to force North Americans to install them. To add the insult to the injury - they are only made in China!

There are reports circulating the internet that containers have arrived on the shores of North America that upon inspection revealed tens of thousands of Red Army Uniforms.

The questions Canadians might consider asking themselves is this. After all the exposure of all the activities of the Chinese infiltrating and spying on Canadians, is the inaction and in fact complicity of Premier Clark and Prime Minister Harper indicative of their future donning of one of these uniforms? Or will the charade just be kept up and they continue to proclaim the shipping of everything to China for processing is in Canada’s best financial interests?

Truthfully it could be in Canada’s best financial interests. As long as Canadians and their industry leaders continue to hire Chinese to manufacture and process our goods, and as long as Canadians continue to buy these items which are no more valuable than glass beads and trinkets, and as long as we continue to pop mind numbing pills like candy while being entertained by “adult” cartoons and mindless pablum on the tube, we can conclude Canadians are likely better off financially as they are completely incapable of doing anything for themselves.

As many North Americas complain bitterly about the erosion of the border between Canada and the United States, China has already taken over both Countries. It is really easy to change the name of Canada. Throw away an "EH" and say hi, C-hi-na. Oh and the "DUH" can go too.

And I was attempting to learn the American Anthem, silly me. I was considering learning Mandarin but after writing this I am getting ready to go to jail and have my organs extracted to be sold on the international market to the highest bidder. Yes the Chinese do this too. And maybe this is at the foundation of Harpers new housing plan, building more jails for dissident Canadians. It certainly walks like a duck.

Dead Birds
Comment by Joe on 17th December 2011
These corporations are thinking all the time. After the first coupla huge oil spills the Northern fishing and tourist economies will be so ruined that even the Haida will have to agree to offshore drilling. Whassa matter with that? First you get the oil spill, then you get the pics of birds covered in oil and suffering on live TV, then you get real men from Alberta showing you how to drill.
I agree
Comment by Laura M on 15th December 2011
This article hits the nail on the head. I often wondered what was going on with our Governments and why everyone was chasing China. I figured one day we'd wake up and find out they've taken us over. Then what?
Made in Canada?
Comment by ron wilton on 15th December 2011

The last straw for me was going to Can. Tire to buy my grandson a hockey stick. You know, those good old Canadian symbols made in Canada by Canadians, for Canadians, so we can play our game, Canadian hockey.

The walls in the Can. Tire store sports dept. were lined with hockey sticks. Easton, Sherbrooke, Victoriaville, Bauer, CCM, and every goddam one of them was MADE IN CHINA!

Can Tire should change it's name to ALL CHINA IMPORTS.

I'm not buying any MADE IN CHINA junk for my grandchildren this year. I have donated money in their names to good CANADIAN causes like Salmon are Sacred where we actually use our money to fight back against the mulitudes of foreign invasions that ultimately will replace everything we know as Canadian.

Hockey anyone?
Comment by Lloyd on 14th December 2011
It seems the cards are stacked with Elmer Derricks
Well Said
Comment by James Ippel on 14th December 2011
I have tried to absorb all you have written Merv, but I don't have it all.

I would like to see our oil/oil sands processed in Canada, our logs processed in Canada, all our natural resources processed here.

It seems that this is a farfetched idea as the polititicians of all stripes have different ideas on how to do this, and none agree on the same solutions.

We elect polititicians to positions where they are to work together for the betterment of society regardless of political stripe, yet party ideology continually derails good intentions.

The Gov't is there to govern, the opposition is there to question and put forth alternatives to plans by the gov't. All to often party principals on all sides seem to affect the directions on the outcome of any vote in parliament.

Today, more than ever, we have to work together to retain our identity. Already, in many circles the City of Vancouver is being referred to as "Hongcouver." Why is this you ask? It is because many Chinese are coming to Vancouver and buying up Real Estate at an alarming rate. I heard of one case where a real estate agent showed a potention client 13 homes, and at the end of the day asked if she had made up her mind as to which home to purchase- the reply was: "ALL OF THEM." Each of these homes were listed at one million dollars plus. Do you wonder why it is so difficult for ordinary, hard working people to purchase a home in Vancouver.

Another interesting little tidbit I heard on an open line show-- at any given time up to 50% of the women giving birth in the Maternity Ward (in the lower mainland) are Chinese. After giving birth, they return to China, but their children are born Canadian, and have Canadian Citizenship, and may not return to OUR country for years to come. I have only the comments put forth on the open line radio show, and cannot confirm this is true, but there must be some truth in this, or it would not have been brought up.

This may seem like a farfetched idea, but don't you think it is time to put Partisan Politics aside, ask joblow on the street what should be done, or in the very least ask his opinion, and take back our country.

Our currently elected politicians, (Federal and Provincial) are putting forth personnal ideas and ideologies which may not necessarily be in the best interest of the general public.

It is time to work together for the benefit of all.