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NEWS RELEASE · 14th December 2011
MP Nathan Cullen - Ottawa
Cullen asks how Enbridge Pipeline can go through, in light of Commissioner’s findings.

The Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development tabled his report yesterday, and findings were not good. Scott Vaughan pointed to major problems with compliance verification, enforcement and emergency response procedures.

“We have several pipeline proposals in front of us and a government that is failing to ensure that pipelines are safe for the environment and Canadians,” said NDP MP Nathan Cullen (Skeena-Bulkley Valley). “How can any of these projects get approved under these conditions?”

One of the proposals, the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline, would carry unrefined oil from Alberta’s tar sands through Cullen’s riding. At Kitimat, the goods would transfer to super tankers for transport to Asia.

Enbridge faces fierce opposition from locals, including 130 First Nations. Last week, Cullen met with Gitxsan hereditary chiefs days after they promptly overturned treaty negotiator Elmer Derrick’s unexpected agreement with Enbridge for a $7-million stake in the project. The community remains divided.

“We’ve already seen how Enbridge is willing to tear communities apart,” said Cullen. “Now the report tells us that this government has no strategy for issues of environmental concern.”

Problems mentioned were risks of leaking and bursting pipes, no follow-up on safety deficiencies and the absence of a clear plan of action for emergency response when accidents happen.

“These pipelines are transporting dangerous goods,” said Cullen. “In light of this report, I have zero confidence in this government’s ability to force companies like Enbridge to protect the salmon fishery, the water supply, and First Nations’ land.”

Cullen will appear as an intervenor at the project’s Joint Review Panel in 2012.
offshore foreign $$ talks
Comment by ernie wilson on 16th December 2011
this entire pipeline deal smells worse than a sewage plant, the folks who want this pushed through is a pipeline company with history of leaving behind environmentaldisasters wherever they go, a mega-tanker outfit from the US that wants to destroy our BC coastline waterways & channels for the sole purpose of running bigger tankers to save $1.50 per barrel shipping the oilsands to China & theres the Chinese corporate mining interests throwing their muscle behind these destructive plans... wheres the boots on the ground Canadian citizens interests, after everythings done we have to live in the mess they created making all that $$ for offshore interests
The National on Dangerous Goods.
Comment by R1chard Jenn1ss on 15th December 2011

CBC had a segment on the National regarding dangerous goods. 2.5 minutes.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 14th December 2011
Which part of this report don't the pipeline supporters understand. There are no safety measures in place to respond to spills and the govt.isn't even watching what is happening to the environment. Of course they will call you a hypocrite Mr.Cullen because you fly back and forth to Ottawa. You should take some thing a little more green than an airplane.