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Cambria Gordon owners Dave Gordon (Left) and Linda Zurkirchen with MMC Founding Director Jon Hopper (Right).
CONTRIBUTION · 15th December 2011
My Mountain Recreational Cooperative received another financial boost today from local Terrace business Cambria Gordon Ltd. A check for $10, 250 dollars was received at the MMC office on Highway 16 West on December 15, 2011.

“We recognize the importance that Shames Mountain has to the region and are proud of the operation in its new business structure of a community service cooperative. We encourage other companies that do business in the region to support My Mountain Cooperative” said Cambria Gordon owner, Linda Zurkirchen.

“The ski area is set to open doors for the 2011-2012 ski season tomorrow, with one of the best opening day snowpacks and a great deal of excitement from the regional community – who are the cooperative members” said MMC Director Jon Hopper.

Friday December 16 is opening day at Shames Mountain and anyone who brings a non- perishable donation for the food bank or an article of lightly used winter clothing will receive a lift pass for free.

Lifetime memberships in the Cooperative are still available at the ski hill and the MMC office located at 4805 Highway 16 West in Terrace BC or on the website at
I'm an old record...
Comment by R1chard Jenn1ss on 16th December 2011

I'm sure some people have heard me say this already. I've done a lot of digging into this.
You can make a "charitable donation" to the City and have that given to the My Mountain COOP. Why? It's a community benefit. Donations over $5000 do require councils approval.
You simply go to City Hall and ask to make a donation to MMC.

From the amount 0f 10,250 as a donation you'd get a tax credit of: $4,431.97

Charitable donation tax credit calculator:

Qualified Donees: (you can find Municipality)

Qualification: I would think Community Benefit is justified.

How do you claim this?
Schedule 9 (federal):
(15% on first $200 and then 29% after that up to 75% of your income)

And you claim it again on Page 1 of our Provincial tax form:
(5.06% on your first $200 and 14.7% after that up to 75% of your income)